Why Obama has a Point on the Budget and Government Shutdown

Posted by Troy on 30th September 2013 in Uncategorized

In a recent speech, Obama made the allusion to “What if the tables were reversed and the Democrats refused to fund the government unless a tax of $1,000 per bullet were passed.”  That wasn’t his exact quote, but there we go.  Let me say that I think Obamacare is a cancer that will destroy this country.  It will particularly destroy our national character.  I think stopping it is very important.  However, ours is a system of checks and balances.  While Congress does own the power of the purse, they have to come up with a budget that can pass the Senate.  Those are the rules.  A complete defunding of Obamacare will never happen any more than if the Democrats managed to put forth a complete defunding of the military.  What is incorrect is the media’s coverage of this.  They lay the blame 100% at Republican feet.  However, if the Senate rejects this current bill, the blame should lay with Democrats.  All the Republicans are offering is making Congress subject to Obamacare (they are currently exempt) and delaying individual mandate by one year.  Obama has exceeded his Constitutional powers by arbitrarily amending Obamacare a total of 14 times.  He’s not king.  He can’t do that.  If businesses have one year off, shouldn’t the rest of us get one year off as well?

I believe Obama will play hardball.  Unlike in international affairs, at home he can stand toe to toe vs opponents and know that the news media will be on his side completely.  I also think that the Democrats will love a government shut down.  If the government shuts down for one hour, they will say that is why the economy has not recovered and why Obamacare will be the complete, unmitigated disaster that it is going to be.  I laughed when he said he wished his staff was able to concentrate on creating jobs instead of this debate.  Yeah.  They’ve done an AWESOME job the last 5 years.  ha ha ha.

Fox had a Democrat senator talking to Chris Wallace.  The senator, in a nice “oh silly children, do not worry,” voice explained that Obamacare will lower costs while increasing choices.  Yeah, that sounds right.  That sounds like life right there…you always pay less to get more choices.  Here’s the reality, it will cost a TON more.  Yes, more people will have access to health insurance…but these are the leeches of the system already.  Merely another entitlement to those who live on entitlements.  While I do agree that some people deserve and need these entitlements, there are plenty that are just lazy.  I was recently talking to someone whose old job was signing people up for disability.  She estimated 75% were capable of work and were just lazy.  I have always estimated that number at 33%, but I don’t doubt her.  Consider this, subsidies hit at $49,000 for single people.  Why do you need subsidies at $49,000?  If you want healthcare and you make that much, cancel your cell phone and cable.  You can easily afford health insurance if that’s what you want, but they want to make sure that enough people are getting this “free money” to ensure that it has enough popular support to continue until it completely collapses under its own weight.

Also, they say they all of this is to make our healthcare system more fair.  First, life isn’t fair.  Suck it up.  Second, what is fair about gouging the young and healthy and making them pay twice what everyone else is paying just so you can get AARP to talk old people into supporting Obamacare?  Hey, College Kids that thought it was so cool to vote for Obreezy.  Enjoy reaping what you sow.  That’s assuming you ever are able to get a job in the Obama economy.  At least mommy and daddy can carry you on their plan until your 26.  You know…I looked forward to graduating and standing on my own two feet and never having to depend on my parents.  It’s a shame that’s dead now.

Long Live the Constitution!

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