Why does anyone support Obama

Posted by Troy on 27th April 2012 in Uncategorized

His approval rating is back up to 50%, and for the life of me, I cannot understand why.  He has accomplished little or none of his campaign promises.  He has sunk us into unimaginable debt.  He neglects real duties and assumes extra Constitutional powers that are not given to him by Executive Orders.  He sells out our national sovereignty.  He acts more like a Comedian in Chief than a Commander in Chief.  He’s been on vacation and on tour for the vast part of his first term.  Nearly every piece of legislation he has signed into law eats up more of our Constitutional rights.  He is destroying the value of our money.  He is dividing us along sex, race, age, status, and location–playing us against each other at every turn.  The economy is still in the tank.  There is nothing that is better now than it was three years ago.  So I just want to know why.

Is it the image?  Do you like having a younger President?  A hipper President?  A darker-skinned President?  Is it idelogical?  Does it not matter the effects of his policies as long as they are in line with the ideology?  It’s it because we’re told that he’s just likable?  Is it because you don’t like the Republicans?  If so, specifically, what is so God-awful that you would be willing to subject us to 4 more years of Obama’s rule?  Bear in mind, if you don’t approve of his destruction of the Constitution, he will be completely unfettered in his second term.

Just tell me why.  I don’t understand.  I just do not understand.  I could understand if you disapproved of him but wanted to vote for him over Romney.  That’s just the old “lesser of two evils” thing, but why, how on Earth, can you approve of his job performance?  What has he done?  Which of his policies do you actually approve of?  You can’t support someone on just sound bites, can you?

Long Live the Constitution.

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