The Liberal Spin

Posted by Troy on 7th November 2014 in Uncategorized

What amazes me is how instantly the Left began to spin their losses.

The Daily Show chalked up the election results as money winning over ideas.  Wow, where was he with this talk when Obama outspent McCain 5 to 1.  Of course, that’s different because Obama had all the ideas.  right?  It’s not like Obama had advocated candidates using public funding only…until it benefited him.  Awesome.

The other spin?  The same one that Obama had.  ”All the good people stayed home.  Only idiots vote in the midterm elections.”  That’s an interesting proposition.  Not voting in midterm elections shows either total sorriness or a lack of knowledge on how our political process works.

Bill Maher claimed it was nothing but racism.  That’s so stupid that it’s not worth talking about.

Back to the Daily Show.  ”Why did Democrats lose?”  Obviously because people were pissed that the Democrats didn’t do a good enough job pushing their agenda.  Yes.  That makes sense.  People wanted the Left’s policy so bad.  They didn’t get it.  So what did they do?  They voted in people that would never pass the Left’s agenda because…um…because they want the Left’s…agenda… yeah.  Makes a lot of sense.

Fortunately for the Left, Obama believes himself to be a dictator.  He will do has he damn well pleases outside of Constitutional constraints.  He knows that he is safe from impeachment.  Any attempt to get rid of this president will be presented by the media and Hollywood as racist.  I personally believe that Obama wants to be impeached at this point.  His only relevance for history at the moment is that he is the first president of African descent.  Past that, he has accomplished nothing worthwhile.  The only way he will have any lasting significance is if he was impeached (either successfully or unsuccessfully).  As such, he will take illegal action to give illegal aliens status.  If the Republicans fight him, the Leftist media will paint them as racist.  If they don’t fight him, the Democrats secure their political futures on the backs of newly legalized voters.

Long Live the Constitution!

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  1. Brent Says:

    I think what you do not seem to understand about John Stewart is that he is neither Democrat or Republican. Sure, his main purpose is to make money making people laugh. He does this by watching the news and calling partisan BS when he sees it. He falls on the left of the political spectrum, but mainly in his acerbic attacks on the Republican propoganda machine (BS Mountain). The machine is huge and thank god someone is not listening to warnings to ignore the man behind the curtain. In the 80′s, Rush Limbaugh paved the way in the mainstream media for partisan spin masquerading as information, eventually leading to the Fox News phenomenon–fair and balanced, my ass. Democrats said “if we can’t beat em, join em,” and MSNBC evolved into the Democratic spin machine. I would have to say that they do not do it nearly as well as the Republicans, though.

    There have been so many myths constantly reiterated by the machine that a majority of US citizens believe them to be fact. This is a very sickening thought. That political media has planted these seeds into people I know and love and has had a very strong hand into shaping their identity.

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