The Hobbit

Posted by Troy on 16th December 2012 in Uncategorized

Going back to my geek roots, I checked out The Hobbit in 3D today.  First I would like to comment on the 3D aspect.  There were reports that the 3D hurt people’s eyes.  I did not notice any ill effects.  However, there are not many places where the 3D effects occur, so it really didn’t add anything to the experience.

When they make a movie on such a fan favorite classic, one of the main things people are concerned about is “Did they stay true to the book?”  On the storyline, they stayed pretty true.  However, they added a lot of material to the story.  You see, The Hobbit falls into that category of “It’s a great little story.”  What Peter Jackson has attempted to do is make an overarching storyline that connects each part to the next part.  They are very successful in the attempt.  If you had not read The Hobbit, you wouldn’t even notice that it had foreign material in it.  I did miss having Gandalf say to Bilbo that his story had “the ring of truth,” thus revealing he knew about the ring.  But that’s a minor point.

So, the verdict is as follows: If you aren’t a total fanboy who demands ultimate fidelity to the book, then you will enjoy this movie.  However, don’t spring for the 3D unless you just really like 3D environments.  There are some gorgeous sets, but not a lot of arrows flying at your face.

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