South Koreans that Hate Americans

Posted by Troy on 18th July 2013 in Uncategorized

Recently, some bastard recorded himself humiliating a Korean girl in a club.  What is amazing is that quite a few South Koreans blame the girl for being into American men.  Okay…I understand that Americans are hated the world over.  We could make arguments all day long for every single country in the world to hate us…EXCEPT for the South Koreans.  I don’t care what we have done to them in the past or what we do to them now in some minor sense of the term.  All they have to do is glance over their northern border and realize that we saved them from that fate and, quite possibly, we are the only thing that is keeping them from that fate.  As such, I just don’t understand how any South Korean can hate America, and that goes for Psy who made a lot of money off of us as well.

Long Live the Constitution!

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