Shame on Bill O’Reilly Regarding Miss Kansas 2013

Posted by Troy on 20th September 2013 in Uncategorized

You know, I’m really not a fan of Bill O’Reilly.  I don’t think he’s all that smart.  He frequently misses the win.  I find him too much of a stateist.  I also think he can be a bit of a bully and lacks class.  Take, for instance, his ending remarks on his show on September 19th, 2013.  He had invited Theresa Vail, Miss Kansas 2013, on his show.  She refused to come on unless she had  a list of questions that he intended to ask her.  He said that wasn’t how their show worked, so he didn’t contract her to to come on.  So far…so good.  She asked to know what he wanted to ask.  He didn’t want to tell her.  As such, she’s not coming on his show.  Fine.  Great.  No problems.  Then O’Reilly has to come on and whine about how she want do his show without knowing the questions up front.  Dude!  Have some class!  This is just you whining and trying to defame her because she wouldn’t play your game.  She’s not a public official.  She’s not anyone truly important.  She just wants to make sure she’s not ambushed and torn apart on national TV.  Hell, she probably watched his show and didn’t want to end up like some of his other guests.  However, Bill O’Reilly can’t stand not to have his way, and so he whined like a little baby and tried to make out that this lady was a bad person just for looking out for her own reputation.  She was up front with her requirements for her appearance.  She did nothing wrong.  You, O’Reilly, are a crybaby.  Grow up.

Long Live the Constitution!

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