Obama’s Scandals

Posted by Troy on 19th September 2011 in Uncategorized

It’s amazing how many scandals that Obama has managed to survive without too much difficulty:

1) Arlen Spector’s Election – Bill Clinton takes the blame, and everything’s all good.

2) Libya Conflict – It appears that it has lasted longer than expected will have a decent ending (unless extremists take cover…which is almost a guarantee).  This was still Unconstitutional.

3) Fast and Furious – Underlings are going to step down to be given jobs elsewhere.

4) All of their personal expenditures and trips – I don’t think he should be getting away with all this crap during a recession.

5) ACORN’s practices

6) Revernd Wright

7) Bill Ayers

8) Solyndra’s Loan – The DOE says that they will be bankrupt in September 2011…we lend them money, and they are bankrupt in 2011.  Huh.

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