Now, that’s just a d**k move

Posted by Troy on 7th October 2013 in Uncategorized

When two parties refuse to budge, both are at fault.  However, The Republicans have issued many single spending bills which would fund parts of the government that people actually care about.  These will not even be considered because doing so will destroy the Democrats’ leverage, and this is all it’s about.  The Democrats would rather keep leverage than to fund those parts of the government which they are decrying the Republicans for not funding.  Now, that brings us to the Democrat (and Obama’s moves).  Let’s look at the WWII memorial.  This memorial is an open air attraction.  It’s open in the middle of the night with no guards or anything.  They knew that an honor flight of WWII vets were coming in, so they closed it.  Why?  So they could get a picture of crying WWII vets outside of the wire wanting to get in.  What they didn’t realize is that WWII vets faced down death and Hitler.  They don’t give a crap.  So the pictures of them crying because they couldn’t get in because of evil Republicans nearly became the evil Democrats dragging off WWII vets in chains.  Suddenly, WWII vets were allowed in the memorial.  So, how does this work?  States want to fund national parks (which has historic precedence).  DENIED!  The ocean?  CLOSED!  It actually costs money to enforce this whereas before it was open for free.  Private property on Federal land?  CLOSED!  The Feds even tried to close private parks like  Mt. Vernon.  Then they keep golf courses open on military basses.  They close down the Amber Alert website, but fund Michele Obama’s website.  They are trying to make things harder to gain more leverage.  The administration would gain a lot of ground if he did everything he could to LESSEN the pain.  By doing everything they can to increase the pain, they show where their real loyalties lie.  At some point, all of this becomes a real dick move.

Long Live the Constitution!

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