Letter to my representatives regarding the immigration bill

Posted by Troy on 20th June 2013 in Uncategorized

Do not vote for the current immigration bill.  Already, lawmakers are contradicting every promise that they made.  We are going to legitimize them first and then worry about the border.  Translation: we will never do anything about the border.  Illegals will have to pay back taxes and learn English.  So you expect them to be truthful about the amount of money they owe the system?  What are we going to do if they don’t learn English?  We don’t deport them for DUI and serious crimes, what makes you think we will if they don’t learn English?  This doesn’t even mention the fact that legalizing them will draw down wages for everyone, influx workers into an already weak economy that is lacking in jobs, and will eat up tax dollars in social services (regardless of whatever anyone says…the next step will be to grant them these benefits).  Again, vote no.  This is a horrible idea, and its only selling point is that the politicians can garner favor with a minority of voters which are threatening them if they do not grant Latinos favors.  And make no mistake, this is a pleading to the Latinos.  This has nothing to do with European or other immigrants.  Also, any Republican that thinks they will gain favor with this giveaway should think again.  Republicans will never be able to offer the amount of freebies the Democrats do.

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  1. Kyle Says:

    The immigration bill will offer a lot of people a chance for the good life in America. Besides how many Mexicans do you see holding up signs at the side of the road asking for money? I have seen none so far in my lifetime. All I see is just a bunch of drunk white guys holding up signs panhandling. The Latinos stand in front of hardware stores panhandling for jobs that we legitimate citizens will not do. I will vote yes on this bill. I believe that these people know the value of a United States Citizenship more than most so called citizens. I think the majority of these people will make this country better by working hard. Just like our legal immigrants who came here. Latinos are one of the most hard working people I have worked with. They do the work that American citizens would be crying and whining about. Bunch of cry babies if you ask me. Anyhow my point is this is not such a bad bill. There are pros and cons to everything I think this one has a lot of pros.

  2. Troy Troy Says:

    Query then: Why bother having borders or immigration laws? Shall the only test be: “Do you want a better life for your family? If so, then come on in!” There is a mix of people who are over here for a variety of reasons. Regardless, if a man cheats on his girlfriend and then starts dating the the girl he was cheating with…it’s arguable that he will cheat on the second girl too. Likewise, those who do not respect laws then those laws are not conducive to what the wanna do will likewise ignore laws that are also not conducive to what they wanna do.

  3. Kyle Says:

    I understand what you are saying of having an immigration law. My point is undocumented workers work just as hard and are going to be here no matter what, so might as well show them mercy and legalize the ones that have been here for a while. In your analogy it takes two people to cheat. In the case of undocumented workers there are tons of business owners that prefer to hire undocumented employees. Saves them money on taxes and payroll by paying them cash and below minimum wage. In this case both parties are breaking the law. I think we should give these illegal immigrants a chance and bring them on board. I personally think our country would be better for it. I’ve been around people who came in the country in the 80s and became naturalized via amnesty. 100% of these people that I personally know are hard working, honest and good citizens. I also have a few friends that were born and raised in the United States and they take for granted what they have. One of them has recently even become homeless because he has depression and could no longer hold down a job. Never heard this excuse from any of my immigrant friends.

  4. Troy Troy Says:

    “People you know” are a lousy sample pool. Do you hang out with a lotta bums then and just these previously undocumented workers are the only hard working ones? The fact is that the 80′s amnesty only encourages illegal immigration. The talk of legalization created an influx now. This will only continue. We’ve already decided that we will not enforce the current law. Personally, I have no sympathy for those here illegally making less than minimum wage because I have to assume that it’s better than what they had back home. Another option that would have worked equally as well is to start a new class of visa for migrant/visiting workers which will be temporary in nature. If you want to do Amnesty, here is how it has to work: 1) they have to have a clean legal record past the fact that they are here illegally. 2) They will have to pay 3x the fees associated with green cards and citizenship tests. 3) They get processed only after all legal immigrants. You forget that you are screwing over all those people who filled out the forms and went through interviews and paid a lot of hard earned money to come here legally, as my wife did. Ask her about Amnesty and she’ll rip your head off, yo.

  5. Kyle Says:

    I agree with your idea regarding Amnesty it should not be for everyone and it should not be easy to qualify. Like I said the ones that have been here for a while should get the opportunity. They have already paid there dues. Your wife paid a lot of hard earned money to be part of this country I am in no way putting that down. I’m just saying the illegal immigrants that have been here for a while have paid there dues and need to be shown some sort of mercy.

    Your wife could rip my head off from here to eternity. It won’t change my mind on how I support the amnesty program. I didn’t mean to rattle your cage after all this is your soap box I’m threading in. I just wanted to share with you my point of view. The amnesty bill is probably going to pass anyways.

  6. Troy Troy Says:

    Obviously you’ve never had your head ripped off by my wife. ha ha.

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