Communists and Greater Power

Posted by Troy on 2nd June 2013 in Uncategorized

It occurs to me that Communists hate all of those things which are supposed to be exalted over that of the individual.   They despise God.  In truth, they hate country.  If you read the Communist Manifesto, Communism is a global scheme that is supposed to transcend nationality and only focuses on class.  They despise the family, which they tell people subjugates  the individual’s own happiness to raise a kid and traps them in a never ending cycle of oppression.  They even hate any sense of morality and ideals which are rooted in any kind of classical thought on the subject.  In all of these things, Communists lay the charge that these greater ideals, these greater powers, rob the individual of their own happiness.  Of course, a stupid person may agree.  In the short-term, adhering to a moral code that is required by a religion might prevent someone from having an affair which might make them happy for a few moments.  The constant sacrifice of money and time that children involve no doubt takes their toll, and a parent might wish that they could run off and do some of the activities they enjoyed when they were younger.  In all of these things, however, someone is foolish if they believe this to be the case.  In truth, only by devoting your life to things that are grander than yourself can you achieve any true happiness.  If you live a life that is devoted to yourself, you wind up with a shallow thing that has no worth.  You look back with bitterness and see that the fields that you have walked all your life are but a barren wasteland.  It is far better to die a young death in a meaningful life than to reach old age and have nothing worthy of mention–a mish-mash of random encounters and events that have no real meaning other than the fleeting pleasure that it gave.  However, the goal of Communism is much more sinister than even that.  It tries to drag you away from those greater powers, those powers that have existed since the dawn of man, and attempts to shackle you to an artificial one.  It tells you that those old powers oppress you and steal your happiness, and in turn, they offer you a new power, a new master.  In this, they have an almost Satanic glee.  You see, you give up these meaningful powers and take on the endless and meaningless power of the collective.  You will be enslaved to providing to your fellow man regardless of their own worth or merit.  If you choose not to participate, you will be punished until you do or be killed.  Understand what Communism really is.  It is the Devil luring you away from God with temptation.  After all…what is a soul?

Long Live the Constitution!

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  1. Modjo Says:

    Capitalism just externalises it’s costs thurogh war. i.e. the USA, the alleged beacon of capitalism has been at constant war, next you keep forgetting about all the people employers killed during the period of industrialization.Next suicide, mental illness, are just as toxic effects on markets on human beings, being in an unnatural economic system.The market is BS, the invention of money is flawed because of geometric properties that allow it to be abused.People are only rich because there is no checkes and balances on how much money one can acquire, that is one of the major reasons why their is poverty in industrialized nations.There isn’t any scarcity in canada, yet there are over a million people in poverty, this poverty is artificially maintained by the monetary system.

  2. Troy Troy Says:

    Check suicide rates in post-revolutionary countries after Communists take over. Also, check their poverty rates. And those are REAL poverty (not enough to eat) rates. Assuming you can get any reliable figures from their command and control governments.

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