China, Doping, and State Sponsored Athletes

Posted by Troy on 29th July 2012 in Human Nature, Uncategorized

Ye Shiwen, Chinese swimmer, just outswam Ryan Lochte (based on time).  So this means one of two things: either 1) the Feminists should rejoice!  Obviously there are no differences between men and women, and all men and women sports should be merged into one classification.  Or 2) (more likely) the Chinese are doping.  Have you noticed that the Chinese have been fielding more and more tall people?  The Chinese have, historically, been the smallest people on the planet.  Of course, forced growth can be caused by merely introducing Zinc to the young.  This could be done in a number of ways.  I still don’t believe their gymnasts were old enough in Beijing.

A government with an agenda is a scary thing.  We should always be concerned when we see goosestepping.  It’s disgraceful when an individual athlete decides to cheat.  It’s a shameful thing, but it is disgusting when a State sponsors cheating.  It is disgusting because, typically, they are forcing the athletes to destroy their bodies to advance their propaganda goals, and it is disgusting because any government that is willing to destroy the health of their citizens merely to advance such propaganda has completely lost sense of their humanity.

Even if they are not doping, I abhor all State sponsored athletes at the Olympics.  It is unfair to compare those who sacrifice their spare time and other things to those who are paid by their State to train.

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  1. Jim Lin Says:

    First, Sun Yang is male swimmer. Second, We never thought something wrong with Phelps winning 8 medals in Beijing 4 years ago. He seemed never tired. We never doubt about his many performaces. That is because we asian see good in people no matter what race he or she is. Not like some sore losers who always think they are better than others. This is totally double standards. period.

  2. Troy Troy Says:

    Ah, there ya go, Jim Lin! Way to bring race into it. So you believe that Asians are morally superior then? I’m sure the Chinese government would agree with you. Still, you’re pretty bigoted there, assuming that I am not Asian as well. How do you know that I am not? Though my last name is English, I could be half Asian or even 15/16th’s Asian, and the name is a flow down from when the English settled in Hong Kong. I’m not, but it’s nice of you to jump to that assumption. I am not Asian…but I am married to an Asian immigrant, as a matter of fact.

    I do appreciate the correction. That was a terrible error on my part. The report referenced him, and I picked up the wrong name by mistake. Fortunately, this isn’t my day job, which I won’t be quitting anytime soon.

    The difference with Phelps is that he had a history behind him. He had been training for years and was in his prime and swam times that people were expecting. He never jumped 5 seconds on his best time. He was never going to get faster. If you take Schwin’s performance and extrapolate out, she’s going to out-swim dolphins when she is in her prime. Also, if she hasn’t been doping, this means that we have been wrong for the last several thousand years in assuming that there is ANY difference in men and women for athletics, and women sports should be absolved immediately.

    When did I ever say that America should have won? Last time I checked, America hasn’t won all the events, so why have I not complained? By your logic, every time we lose, I should be hootin’ and hollerin’ that the others cheated.

    I want to be clear, I have nothing against the Chinese people. I should imagine that they are just like every other person on the planet. I imagine the vast majority of them want to live their lives in peace, have plenty of food to eat, raise their kids, and enjoy their lives as best they can. The Chinese government, on the other hand, I do not trust at all. You’re right though. Why should I suspect them of doping? Just because they have laid out that it is a national goal to win more medals than all other countries? Just because they have state sponsored athletes? Just because this combination in the past has always lead to state sponsored cheating? Just because the Communist Manifesto gives them the obligation to do everything possible to promote their ideology? Just because they embrace their female genocide? Just because they control all information going into and going out of the country? Just because they censor the internet? Just because they won’t even allow our embassy to report the condition of their air? Just because they have infiltrated our power grid and could shut us down at any time? Just because they sold us hacked microchips we were smart enough to install in our military institutions? Just because of their currency manipulation? Just because of their blatant human rights violations? Just because of Taiwan? Just because of their unfair trade practices? Just because their infringement of freedom of speech? Just because of their military buildup which has a remarkable resemblance to German’s pre-WWII? Just because of Tiananmen Square? Eh…it’s probably just because they slaughtered fifty million of their own citizens. That’s probably it, actually. Here’s a question: Do you really think that a government with no concern with human life gives a damn about the health of a 16 year old girl? I am accusing the Chinese government of doping. Shiwen could be completely ignorant. What if she was given these substances when she was ages 3 to 10? Pure speculation, but I don’t think it’d show up when she was 16. Of course, no one uses these substances until later…but that is when someone is choosing to cheat. If cheating is pressed upon you by someone who probably controls what you eat and your medication, how would you even know? Of course, no one knows what that would do because no one has been that monstrous, but this is a government that willingly slaughtered fifty million people.

    Last I checked, Japan has won a good deal of medals. They, too, are Asian. Yet, I have voiced no suspicion. Why? Because their government does not have the agenda that China does. If you don’t think that China has an agenda, you are either lying or willfully ignorant. They are playing the Art of War, and they are doing an excellent job of it.

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