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The Lie of White Privilege

Posted by Troy on 2nd June 2020 in Uncategorized

It’s the term that gets thrown around all the time.  Now, if you were to ask someone who uses the term what it means, they would tell you something along the lines of the following:

1 – It is the preferential treatment that you get from all fronts (store owners, waitresses, loan officers, police officers, etc).

2 – It is the financial advantage you have over minorities due to unfair hiring practices and practices such as “red lining.”

3 – It is the educational advantage you have due to being in better school districts.

These are just a few things they may rattle off.

However, this is not what white privilege is.  White privilege is emotional blackmail that plays off white guilt over the aforementioned items.  While there is some legitimacy to the above (and other) arguments, the concept of white privilege is meant to shut down your opinion.  If you do not believe what they believe in, you are blinded by white privilege.  If you don’t understand that, your opinion has no value.  It is circular logic that only allows their own opinion to have legitimacy.

Everyone should work together to try to improve black schools and economy, but do not allow anyone to silence you by accusing you of white privilege.

Long Live the Constitution!

White Privilege & Ferguson

Posted by Troy on 26th August 2014 in Current Events

Bill O’Reilly and Megan Kelly debated the existence of “white privilege.”  Bill said that the plights of the black community are caused by culture.  Megan said that the numbers suggest that white privilege is a thing.  Of course, numbers never lie except for the fact that they are frequently misinterpreted.  Megan looked at only one single variable: race.  If you do not control for other variables, then statistics are utterly meaningless.

Here are some additional variables, Megan:

1 – Are they from a single parent household?  Follow-up, if so, were the parents ever married?  Is the father still around?  Are the multiple children from multiple, unmarried, absent fathers?

2 – Do they partake of music and other entertainment that glorifies drug use and criminal activity?  Does their entertainment objectify women?  Do even the female entertainers objectify women, thus increasing the odds and probability of number 1?

3 – How many books do these kids read in a year?

4 – How long do they study?

5 – How much emphasis and involvement do the parent(s) have in the child’s education?

Other questions could be asked, but you get the drift.  Show me statistics with all other variables minimized or eliminated, and then we can talk statistics.

But let’s just assume that white privilege is actually real (God knows, every time I go into the bank to cash a check, they try to give me free money…crazy, right?).  The interesting thing about that white privilege is the only way to fight it is to pretend it doesn’t exist.  It is to tell your kids that they can succeed and push them to work twice as hard as anyone else and to do so happily.

Megan Kelly talks about white flight.  The blacks move in, so the whites move out.  Everyone forgets the community, and poverty (etc) happens.  When I moved into my neighborhood, I had white neighbors.  They sold their houses to black families.  I didn’t move.  Why?  Because they are good people.  One of them walked across the street and asked if he could pick my loquats.  I told him to take as many as he pleased as I had too many for five people to eat.  Had he not asked and said “He has more than he needs,” I would have shooed him off my property.  So why do these whites move out?  Probably become the crime rate goes up.  Believe it or not, whites don’t start feeling scared just because there are…black people around.  Actually, whites (like every other group of people) start feeling scared when they start hearing sirens all day and gun shots and the 6:00 news.  That’s when they move out.

The other issue that the white privilege crowd does not want to admit is that Asians earn more and have better success than whites.  If we made a system rigged for the success of whites, we royally messed up.  How did Asians do it?  By promoting a culture that values education (and by conjunction, hard work).  Al Sharpton claimed that we have money to militarize the cops, but no money for the schools.  You can spend all the money you want to in the schools.  You can hire one teacher per student.  If the student does not value education and does not put for the effort, they will fail.  Naturally, one would assume a personal tutor would increase the likelihood that the student will try, but it is the student’s efforts, not the teacher’s efforts, that creates a scholar.  If you have a class of 100 dedicated students and one teacher, those students will succeed.  If you have a class of 10 students that just want to cut up in class and don’t study when they get home and don’t care, there is nothing the teacher can do.

White privilege does not exist.  Where the blacks of the 1960s succeeded was they didn’t make their fight about themselves.  It was always about the future generation.  It was about their children.  White privilege is an argument about themselves.  It is an argument about NOW.  They want the world to be fair for THEM.  Only a dedicated approach to improve your children’s lives can build a better future for them and for the race as a whole.  Say what you will, but the birth statistics regarding absent fathers shows that this care for the future is lacking.  That is the real problem.

We’ve come a long way since Martin Luther King Jr. was killed.  Now we have thugs get killed, and the media tries to make them out as martyrs.  Trayvon Martin may have been a sweet little kid once (hell, Hitler was probably a sweet little kid…all little kids are sweet!), but he changed.  People do not pin and beat down someone in self-defense.  Michael Brown robbed a store, threatened violence to the clerk, and then exploded a cop’s orbital socket.  You can say “unarmed teen” all you want.  When someone is 6’4″ and weighs 300 pounds (not fat), God has armed that person.  Have an NFL linebacker punch you in the face and see if it changes your mind.  Bruce Lee was 135 pounds.  If he attacked you, unarmed, he would destroy you.  The lack of a object as a weapon does not equate to defenselessness.

I believe in a world where you can’t stop someone from succeeding if they put their mind to it, regardless of their race.

Long Live the Constitution!

Toure, White Privilege, and Reparations

Posted by Troy on 28th May 2014 in Current Events, Human Nature

MSNBC host, Toure, has gotten into a lot of hot water with the Jewish community.  Apparently, Toure was discussing reparations, and a Jewish person responded that his family survived the Holocaust, came to America with nothing, and made it.  Rather than make some sort of intelligent response about this, Toure decided to write it off as “the power of whiteness.”  Which is basically Toure claiming that only white people can succeed in America, that their path is paved and all other races are barred (except for Asians…those crafty white people made sure that at least one race would surpass them so that they can hide behind this fact).

First of all, not even Toure is stupid enough to say that Holocaust survivors are privileged.  All he was commenting on was that he believes that white people can make it if they try and blacks (and other races) cannot.  This is because the deck is stacked.  So if a poor white person makes it, it is nothing to be really proud of.  The way was paved for them.  If a black person somehow makes it, they cannot be held up as an example.  They are merely an exception.  They were one of the few that somehow slipped through the cracks of the institutional racism that whites put in place to maintain the white power structure.  This really is how they view the world.

First of all, let me dispel a few myths here.  People like Toure claim that hard work will not let the other races get ahead.  I say that this thought DAMNS the other races to NEVER get ahead.  If you do not believe hard work is what it takes to succeed, you never will succeed.  This applies to school, at work, at your family life, at everything.  Nothing worth anything in this life is easy.  It all takes effort, and the more effort you put into something, the more God rewards you.  There was a story my dad once told me about a famous piano player.  After a concert, a woman told him “I’d give anything to play like you.”  He responded, “I did.”  We all start out with different advantages and disadvantages.  However, no advantage from birth can triumph over human will.  The talented musician who never practices will always pale against the musician that practices eight hours a day, every day.  Just ask Chet Atkins.  As far as reparations go, I’ve always said I would be in favor of it…as long as it comes with the following conditions: they forever renounce their US citizenship and they are banned from living in America.  If these terms are not accepted, then they are just after free money.  That’s it.

Reparations are based on the assumption that slaves should have been paid for their labor.  As such, their offspring should be paid (we’ll ignore the statute of limitations, naturally).  News flash: if they had been paid, they likely would have done what every other person does with their money: spent it.  As such, there would have been no inheritance.  Even if you think they would have saved it, then the majority of the savings would have been wiped out during the Great Depression.

Of course, what their side will say is that white Americans were only able to build their wealth due to slavery and that all whites have inherited that privilege.  As such, modern day white Americans owe modern day black Americans because modern whites are CURRENTLY benefiting from slavery.  Yeah, well…so are modern blacks.  Would any modern black American opt to move to Africa right now instead of America?  If they did, they are fools.  Their lives are infinitely better and full of infinite possibilities because of what their ancestors suffered.  Sorry, but that is true.  In fact, that person wouldn’t even exist if not for slavery.  Hell, they should get on their knees and thank God that slavery existed, for without it, they would not exist as their ancestors would not have met and born children which eventually lead to the existence of Toure himself.

And that brings me to my final point.  Black Americans invented peanut butter (Honey Roasted Peter Pan…yum), the cell phone, traffic lights, and other things.  They invented jazz and rock and roll.  They came up with Southern BBQ.  Anytime you want to get a chip on your shoulder about the past…be it the Holocaust or slavery, know this: you exist right now due to the fact that those evil things happened.  A million sperm vying for a chance to fertilize an egg.  We are each one in a million…more so given generations and generations it took for God to create us.  For whatever reason, he sent plagues and Holocausts and wars and slavery and disease and everything else imaginable because he wanted YOU to exist.  After He went to so much trouble, I just got to ask… what are you doing with your life?

Long Live the Constitution