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Government Assistance

Posted by Troy on 27th January 2013 in Human Nature, Political

In a world where we are going broke, we have proven Lyndon Johnson was an idiot.  He claimed that America could care for the poor of the entire world.  Well, hell, we can’t even do it for the American poor.  Not only that, but assistance offers an incentive to not work.  People live on margin.  If the difference between working and assistance is only a few thousand per year, then my labor 40 hours a week for 250 days a year is really only worth a few thousand, and I’m probably not going to do it.  So this is the way that ALL government assistance should work:

1 – Housing should be provided, but it should be scant.  It should be 300 square foot or less (additional space may be given if children are involved by way of another 8×8 bedroom).  There should be no television hookup.  There should be 7 foot ceilings.  There should be no windows.  If you want something better, get a job.

2 – Foodstamps should be replaced with a non-choice diet.  There are no chips.  There are no soda.  No pre-prepared food.  They should be given surplus food.  Eggs.  Potatoes.  Apples.  Powdered milk.  Dried beans.  Rice/Bread.  The bare essentials.  If you want more, get a job.

3 – In exchange for these benefits, you lose your ability to vote.  The reason is that it creates an incentive to politicians to buy the vote and for the poor to vote for someone just because they promise to steal money from someone else and give to them.

Like all Americans, I want to help the poor, but we cannot steal the incentive to try for a better life.  We have to balance these two.  We can keep people from being homeless and starving by providing them with the bare necessity and nothing more.  The goal is to make life so bland and boring and make them realize that they can have a better life if they just strive for it.

Long Live the Constitution!