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Anthony Weiner Steps Down

Posted by Troy on 16th June 2011 in Current Events, Political

It was inevitable.  Again, I don’t think he should have stepped down.  His district wanted him to continue to serve them.  Theirs is the only opinion that matters in this case.

When he quit, someone yelled out “Good-bye, pervert!”

Ordinarily, I would disapprove of such an outburst.  However, Weiner was trying to sell his stepping down as something virtuous.  He needed to stand up and say, “I did wrong.  I betrayed my wife.  I lied to all of you.  I am disgraced.  For the good of my district, I must step down.”

Since he tried to pretend he was quitting out of virtue and not due to shame and disgrace, it’s all fair that the heckler brought the truth to bear.

Andrew Breitbart Strikes Back at Antony Weiner and the Soros Media Machine

Posted by Troy on 8th June 2011 in Current Events, Political

Love this soundbite.  This is exactly what is happening out there, particularly from the Left (as they control the main medial outlets).  Even with Weiner’s confession, they are still attacking Breitbart.  This is pretty incredible.  Every journalist has their slant on things.  Few people are truly objective.  In fact, a truly objective newspiece would be incredibly boring to read, but this is just inexcusable.