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Rand Paul’s Epic Takedown of John Kerry

Posted by Troy on 3rd September 2013 in Current Events, Political

Thank you, Rand Paul.  You seem to be the only person in the government that actually cares about the Constitution.  Here’s a question for all of you peeps that say that the President can send our forces where ever, whenever.  If Canada fired some missiles into New York City, do you think we would buy it if they said, “Oh!  We didn’t declare war on you.  Our Prime Minister can just has the ability to do whatever he wants.”  Or do you think we would have the same caviler attitude if Obama was talking about shooting off some missiles into China for their numerous human rights abuse?  We are supposed to be outraged by the use of chemical weapons, but what is the difference between that and the human rights abuses of China?  The starving of citizens in North Korea?  All of the warlords and massacres throughout Africa and the Middle East?  Why do we seem to be so willing to get involved in this particular conflict and not any of the others?  1,400 people have died from chemical warfare.  Where was Obama’s outrage while 100,000 were slaughtered while he was busy pushing gun control and all his other pet projects?  The answer is that the only reason he cares about this is that he had to open his mouth and lay down this “red line.”  Now HIS reputation is on the line.  He doesn’t care about America’s reputation.  In truth, we should not view our reputation as in line with Obama’s reputation.  Just because you screw up and elect an imbecile for President does not mean you have to back every moronic stance he has.  Why are we determined to have innocent Americans and Syrians killed at our hands to save Obama’s reputation?  The Constitution gives Congress the power to declare war.  Presidents as far back as Kennedy have made the case that, as leader of the military, they can do whatever they want.  The fact of the matter is that an act of war is defacto declaring war.  Don’t believe me?  Have Obama throw a tomahawk down in China and try to explain the subtle differences to the Chinese.  It is clear from anyone that’s read the Federalist Papers, as Rand Paul obviously has, that Congress is supposed to declare war first before our forces are moved into foreign countries.  There is no upside at this point.  We can look like we chickened out or we can risk material and lives in war.  Obama can say that this is some sort of limited engagement, but will he still say the same thing if Russia sinks one of our war ships?  This situation is perilous and could drag us deeper into a bigger war.  And for what?  To help install Al Qaeda related forces to power?  Is that our big win then?  The other option is that the engagement is going to be so limited that it won’t accomplish anything at all.  If so, why do it?  If you’re not willing to actually fight a war, don’t fight it.  If you’re not willing to put boots on the ground and actually win the war, don’t fight it.  It’s that simple.

Long Live the Constitution!

Droning on and on

Posted by Troy on 8th December 2011 in Current Events

Iran now has our most sophisticated drone and is sharing it with China and Russia.  Great!  Obama had an opportunity to destroy it but opted not to because it would have been deemed an act of war.  Great!

It’s funny that the drone actually LANDED in one piece isn’t it?  I mean, I would have rigged all of those with a self-destruct mechanism where in, if they stop getting signals from the command center for more than ten minutes, it blows to bits.  It’s not that far fetch an idea is it?  So the question becomes: is this intentional and we have an active traitor in the White House or is he just that damn incompetent?  I honestly cannot say.  I think that the people BEHIND him are definitely for the fall of America, but I cannot say if he wants it or if he is just a very useful idiot.

Next, this is not the end of the world.  Remember, Francis Gary Powers LANDED a U2 spy plane in Russia despite a multitude of options and orders to destroy it.  He just walked away from it, allowing it to be captured by the Russians.  Control societies will always fall on the ash heap of history because it destroys the human spirit and creativity.  All they can do is steal innovation, not create their own.  In this way, they are like Satan, merely perverting God’s creations instead of creating their own.

Long Live the Constitution!

War Powers Act

Posted by Troy on 17th May 2011 in Political

The deadline for the War Powers Act looms.  If Congress does not approve of Libya, Obama must pull all military resources out.  This could be an interesting political show down, but I don’t think it will happen.  Congress never wants to be seen as against the troops, so they always end up approving it.  However, with the back drop of the budget crisis, the Republicans could deal a huge political blow to Obama and taunt him to see if he will break the War Powers Act and risk impeachment.

There is talk about how the War Powers Act is unconstitutional because it makes the military shared by the Congress and the President, but this is not the case.  The President controls the military.  He commands them.  However, Congress is the one that declares war.  If a President commits troops on foreign soil without Congress declaring war, it is the President who is going against the Constitution and should be impeached.  He has no right to do this.  In fact, the Founding Fathers would have viewed such behavior as tyrannical and jeopardizing the United States best interests by putting way too much power into the hands of a single man who could act on a whim.

I, for one, would like to see us go back to the Constitution on this.  We should only go to war if Congress authorizes it.  That way, we don’t end up in all these stupid police actions.  And if we go to war, we should fight to win.  Trying to make war moral is nonsense.  As General Sherman said, “War is all hell.”

Long live the Constitution!

Fuel up the jets

Posted by Troy on 2nd March 2011 in Current Events

If Obama wants a chance to prove himself, now is the time.  The Libyan dictator is attacking his people from the air.  If he wants to send a message to the world, we should be there.  We should be blowing planes out of the sky.  Our troops should be marching onto the capital with the understand that, as soon as he is dead, we will withdrawal immediately.  I think that this would do the most for our image for the average citizen of a Middle Eastern country.  Sure, the other dictatorships will absolutely hate us, but it’s not like they are really our friends anyway.  Tyrants have no allies.