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Waiting for Superman

Posted by Troy on 24th June 2011 in Entertainment, Political

I highly recommend the documentary, Waiting for Superman.  This is a documentary about our public schools.  We have doubled spending on our students since 1970, but scores have remained steady.  The director tries to determine why this is.  There are a lot of reasons why our students are not doing so well, but this is about like saying that there were a lot of reasons for the Civil War.  When you get right down to it, the Civil War was directly caused by slavery.   The problems with our schools are directly caused by the teacher’s unions.  A couple of years ago, one of the Union’s presidents said, “I’ll care about students when the students vote in Union elections.”  That says it all.  The Unions collect dues from their members and pay off politicians (mostly Democrats) to ensure that their members are secure.  They do this by tenure.  After a teacher has worked two years, they cannot be fired.  They could sleep all day in the classroom, and the schools still cannot fire them.  In addition to this, they get the governments of some states to make it mandatory that you join the union.  It basically becomes an incestuous relationship.  But there’s one thing that they did not consider.  We out number them.  We are the ultimate special interest group, but we have to get mad as hell.  The time for taking it easy has passed.  It is time for war.  We have got to get mad as hell and scream “We’re not going to take it anymore!”  This isn’t about kids.  This isn’t about parents.  This isn’t about teachers.  This is about all of us.  This is about our country.  This is about the future of the world.  America is the only benevolent superpower the world has known.  If we ever fall, I fear for the fate of the world.  Write your representatives.  Watch this movie.  Educate yourselves.  Share this movie with every single person you know.  Stand for what’s right or be prepared to live on your knees.