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All in

Posted by Troy on 22nd March 2011 in Current Events

I don’t understand how we can be bombing targets and troops in Libya and still maintain that we are only over there for humanitarian reasons.  Here’s the thing:  If you’re going to fight a war, fight it to win.  If it’s worth doing, go all in.  If it’s not worth doing that, then don’t do it at all.  This is how we end up getting into endless quagmires.  As a Southerner, I was brought up to hate General Sherman, but I have to agree with him.  War is all hell, and it is a general’s job to make the prospect of war so unbearable that it breaks the spirit of his opponent.  In the end, all wars are decided by which side’s spirit breaks first.  Vietnam suffered more deaths and destruction compared to the United States.  In all categories, they were defeated… except for we lost the will to fight, and came on back.  That is another example of a war in which we weren’t prepared to do what it took to win.  We drew a line and said “We’re not crossing this line.”  It’s all but impossible to win a war when this is how it’s conducted.