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To the Trayvon Supporters and Zimmerman Haters

Posted by Troy on 14th July 2013 in Current Events, Political

Okay, you are being mislead.  Seriously.

I have thought long and hard.  If the situation were reversed, (ie, the black guy was Zimmerman), I would still support this decision.  Your side cannot say the same.

Could you imagine if Trayvon pulled up in his car and saw a skinhead acting suspicious in his neighborhood.  Trayvon called the cops, and the cops tell him to stay in the car.  Trayvon disobeyed the order and gets out.  The skinhead, who had just went out for a pack of cigarettes and nothing more, jumps on top of him because he is pissed off that Trayvon is following him.  He’s on top of him beating the crap out of Trayvon.  Trayvon pulls a gun and kills him.  The state tries Trayvon for second degree murder…and wins!  Do you think Al Sharpton would praise the courts for upholding justice?  Hell no!  This is exactly what he would say:

“A black man!  A Ba-Lack man was pinned down by a Wa-hite man.  He was getting beaten by this white man.  He defended himself, and we put him in jail!  A black man isn’t even allowed to defend himself in his own neighborhood!”

That’s exactly what would be said.  This isn’t about the facts.  This is only about skin color to those who wish to capitalize on it either for monetary or political gain.  Everything you said about Zimmerman, you can attribute to Trayvon.  You say Zimmerman shouldn’t have gotten out of the car.  Fine.  We’ll assume we live in a police state where the cops can tell us what we can or cannot do at all times.  Trayvon could have avoided the confrontation by: 1) keep on walking, 2) run like hell, 3) talk calmly to Zimmerman until the cops arrived and sorted things out, or 4) just not jumped on top of Zimmerman and beat the snot out of him.  You say Zimmerman is racist (despite any explicit proof provided that I know of), but Trayvon called Zimmerman a cracker, so he was just as racist.

Finally, when someone is on top of you beating you senseless, you are not in a thoughtful frame of mind.  That is survival, and that’s that.  There is no, “Huh, I’m being beaten up.  What would be the best way I should handle this?” ability.

Long Live the Constitution!

God has more in store for John Edwards

Posted by Troy on 31st May 2012 in Current Events, Political

He actually said that about himself!  Yes, God does have more in store for you… you cheated on your wife as she was dying with cancer.

No one likes John Edwards.  He’s a social pariah now.  He is guilty as sin…but there is that whole reasonable doubt thing.  The fact of the matter is that he has that little margin of error.  There is a reasonable doubt that he didn’t know, but it was a slim margin.  I personally believe that a few people on the jury heard his daughter’s testimony, and it broke their hearts.  The mother is dead.  Are the children better off with their dad in jail?  Did his crime really hurt society?  Is it worth the $100,000 to keep him in jail every year?

No, this was the right decision, but take heart!  He is never going to hold public office again.  He will be the butt of every joke.  He is a social pariah when once he was a contender for the highest office in the world.  Finally, as he told us…God still has more in store for him.

Long Live the Constitution!