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Unfair Campaign – An Experience in White Guilt

Posted by Troy on 26th June 2012 in Current Events, Human Nature

The University of Minnesota is doing something truly despicable in promoting a culture of white guilt.  Check out the advertisement below.

Of course, we could argue a “Why now?”  I suspect that we are seeing a dramatic decrease in the effectiveness of using race as a bargaining chip.  Hacks have been “playing the race card” so long that no one really cares anymore.  Also, the majority of the Americans now have grown up after the civil rights era, and people are just not feeling guilty enough.  As such, they are trying to remind whites that they should feel guilty.

Feeling pride or shame because of your skin color is asinine.  Could you imagine the hellstorm it would call down if someone said that blacks should feel guilty for the color of their skin?  That person would be burned alive.  And yet, we put up with people going around touting “Black Power” and either accept it or ignore it whereas someone saying “White Power” is seen with shock and horror.  Regardless of which side of the coin, both sides are being racist.  I can say I’ve never heard someone say “Asian Power!”  This brings me to my next point.

This country was founded (mostly) by white men.  The argument goes that only whites, therefore, can triumph.  You know who makes the highest salaries?  Asians, and by a far margin too.  Asians were just as maligned as blacks, used as a source of cheap labor on the railroads, robbed, raped, murdered, etc.  So why is it that Asians, who were oppressed, now have the highest earning potential?  This comes down, utterly and completely, to the fact that they throw themselves into their studies at school and typically far outpace their white and black classmates.  This is not out of any racial superiority which I will discuss further below.  There were two leaders for the black community.  One was Booker T Washington.  The other was WB Dubois.  Washington pressed for separate schools for blacks, envisioning schools where black children would be pushed towards excellence (I assume that he wanted them separate because he believed, probably correctly, that white teachers would ignore the black children at the time).  With excellence so achieved, their labor would be so valuable that white society would be forced to accept blacks and give them full status.  WB Dubois, however, demanded that people just instantly change their points of view.  While I can see his point, such a thing is not possible.  WB Dubois won the most supporters, so his route was taken.  Asians followed a strategy that Booker T Washington wanted to take.  I view this as the difference in focusing on the future and the now, the children or yourself.  I believe that Booker T Washington was correct.  Focusing on the now is wrong, as is focusing on race as the overarching issue.

If you teach your children that the society is inherently racist, they are going to see that.  If I go to a diner and a black waitress is rude to me, I do not assume it has anything to do with race.  I could be wrong.  She could be spitting in my food and calling me “White Devil” behind my back, but I will just think that she’s having a bad day.  However, if I was trained to see racism, I would instantly assume that her behavior is racist, cementing that belief in my mind further that all of society is racist and out to get me.  This is not to say that racism does not exist and that you will not run into it in life.  However, if you wish to see racism, you are going to see it.  As the saying goes, those who seek to be offended will be offended.

Anyone who says that the races are equal are foolish idealists.  I am sure a biologist can tell you the differences in bone structure, muscle composition, brain weight, propensity for diseases, and the like.  However, these are the equivalent of the differences in world class sprinters.  The fastest time in the race might be 9.8 seconds by the Jamaican and fifth place at 10.5 by the Englishman.  Could it be that race made that .7 difference?  Eh, perhaps.  I don’t know how we’d ever test that, but regardless, both men are damn fast.  If there are any racial advantages, they are completely negated by training and dedication.  That goes for athletics, economics, and intelligence.  That is my point.  Any differences in the races are trivial at best.

This ad is also misleading on another point.  The fact of the matter is that Americans are culturists, not racists.  I guarantee you that a white, neo-nazi, leather-clad, prison-tattooed behemoth is seen with much more fear than Theo Huxtable from the Cosby Show.

The sad thing is that we cannot have rational discussions about such things.  I am sure that I will catch fire for some of this, but there ya go.  That is how the White Guilt thing works.  Whites are not allowed to defend themselves without harassment.  They are expected to shut up, sit down, and feel guilty.  Any that defend themselves are instantly branded as racists.

All men are created equal.  It is what we choose to do with what we are given that makes us exemplary or deplorable, and this choice can be made at any point in someone’s life.

Long Live the Constitution!