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Iran Deal

Posted by Troy on 21st July 2015 in Current Events, Political

Are we crazy?

I think we are crazy.  Our Founding Fathers told us not to get involved with other countries’ problems.  This changed with Woodrow Wilson, and was succeeded by Theodore Roosevelt.  What followed what a series of escalating foreign involvement that we never should have gotten involved in. War World II was the last war we really had any business fighting.  Political involvement has lead to the Korean War, the Vietnam War, our meddling in Iran in 1953, our setting up Sadam in Iraq, our toppling Sadam in Iraq, the evolution of ISIS, the toppling of various dictators and supplanting of Muslim extremists in several countries, and etc etc etc.  Query: when has our meddling ever ended in OUR favor?

For the record, I am against the UN.  What sense does it make to be a part of a group that allows enemy countries to have a say?  Then for us to fund said group?  And to give up control of our military to said group?  And to defer the Constitution to the will of said group?  I would vote for ANYONE that said “**** the UN.  We quit.”

I believe we have been sold this deal because Russia and China have said, “Sign up, or else.”  China’s economy is is the toilet right now.  Cheap oil might bring them around.  Russia’s economy is in the toilet right now; they want to sell arms to the Iranians.  Britain and France also would benefit from cheaper oil.  In all cases, none of of these countries are dealing with a country that espouses “Death to” their country.

Iran is like Russia or China.  They will break any deal.  They will agree to whatever terms that benefits them, and then they will ignore the treaty as soon as it suits them.  We gain NOTHING in this deal.  There is no benefit for America.  There is benefit to Iran and to other countries that want more oil.  That’s it.  And that’s all well and good, if we felt like Iran can be trusted, but right now, Iran is saying that they are not going to honor the treaty with America.  Bleep, so why sign?  Are we crazy?  We must be.

The funnest part is that after 15 years, Iran has the green light, under this treaty, to make nuclear weapons.  However, Iran has told us that “We’re not gonna do that.”  Oh, well, at least we have that.  It’s not even in writing or anything, but their assurance means the world to us.

This thing is going to end badly.  Look for Iran to have nuclear weapons in 15 years (maybe sooner since I’m sure that they will not abide by the treaty anyway).  The Saudis will also have nukes.  They will have to.  It’s just like India and Pakistan.  When you’re mortal enemy has nukes, you gotta have nukes too.  Heaven forbid that ISIS manages to take over these places.  Iran is also a large sponsor of terror.  Letting them make nuclear material just begs for dirty bombs too.

I don’t know what the answer is.  We messed up as soon as we decided to the policemen of the world.  It’s too vast a job.  All we’ve done is expended resources needlessly and generate hate for our own country.  We should have just minded our own business and maintained our strength and said, “If you wanna blow yourselves up, fine, but don’t come over here.  We will kick your @$$.”

That’s why I’m voting for Rand Paul in the primary.  Isolationism rules.

Long Live the Constitution!

Bleep the UN

Posted by Troy on 14th November 2012 in Current Events, Political

The UN has determined birth control to be a human right.  To this, I say BLEEP the UN, and to that end, this contraception could come in handy.  This is the same people that want to take away the right of countries to declare war without going through the UN.  They also want to take way the right to keep and bear arms from private citizens.  Why should the UN or any other country care if we have guns?  What business is that of theirs?  They also wish to limit freedom of speech in regards to Islam.  Infringement of speech is infringement of speech.

There are precious few rights.  These are the rights that exist free of other people.  You have the right to your own thoughts.  You have the right to own the fruits of your labor.  You have the right to protect yourself.  You have the right to procreate.  You have the right to do anything to your own body, as who could stop you?  You have the right to speak.  You have the right to associate yourself with whomever you want.  You have the right to worship whoever you want.  You have the right to read and cultivate any ideas you may wish.  In addition to this, the Constitution grants us the right to trial by jury, freedom not to incriminate ourselves, freedom from quartering of troops, freedom from excessive fines and punishments, and a few other points here and there.

Not everything is a right.  The only things that are rights are those things which are provided to us for free by nature.  I have the right to bear arms, but I do not have the right to demand someone provide me with arms.  You have the right to be able to buy contraception, but you damn sure don’t have the right to force someone else to buy it for you.  Ya dig?

Why are we even in the UN?  It’s an organization that fights us every step of the way.  They hate us.  They use us.  Worst of all, they give our enemies a direct say in our affairs.  Can we just get out of this stupid club?

Long Live the Constitution!

The Case for Democracy – Natan Sharansky

Posted by Troy on 23rd September 2011 in Current Events, Political

This book is an eye-opening experience.  Natan Sharansky grew up and lived in Soviet Russia.  He speaks about tyranny in ways that will take your breath away, and some of the passages nearly made me cry.  The basic premise of the book is that dictators and tyrants cannot be allies.  A tyrant will only have you as an ally until you are no longer useful.  A tyrant must convince their people that there are enemies inside and without their country.  The tyrannical government must keep a rifle pointed at the outside enemy and their own people.  When well intentioned nations try to deal with these countries and curry favor, they are propping up the arms that hold the gun.

Sharansky moved to Israel and discusses the Palestinian problem in this context.  Most people in the West do not understand the people who are ruling over Palestine.  According to Glenn Beck, who recently went there, most Palestinians want peace and want to deal with Israel openly.  However, if they speak out, the militants will kill or otherwise harm them.  I believe it.  This is the kind of thing groups like Ha-mas and Nazis do.  They make the outside world believe that the populace supports the party’s view, but in reality, most of their citizens hate these groups.

This book is especially relevant given the recent turn of events.  I think it is funny insofar as Obama is going to look like a total hypocrite.  He spoke of having a separte Palestine by now, and here we are.  Now he’s going to have to use his Veto power as one of the members of the Security Council.  He just cannot understand that words have meanings.  He thinks he can give a little speech, people will clap, his ratings will go up, and there will not be any other consequences.

The UN cannot create a Palestinian state.  The Israelis will not accept it, this will lead to pure fury in Palestine and the Muslim world, and there will be a war.  If Israel does cave in, then Ha-mas will be a beachhead to Iran, and Israel could be destroyed militarily.  Think of it this way, how would you like it if the Cherokee nation went to the UN and demanded the whole United States back?  Would we give in?  Would we say, “Oh, well…I guess that’s what the UN said so…okay.”  No.  We would never accept such a thing.  The whole Israel issue is a direct result of a multinational body declaring a group of people have the rights to property and granting statehood in the first place.

Sadly, if we veto it, such an act will cause much hatred of the United States in the Middle East and will unify the Muslim extremists against us.  However, they would hate us anyway.  The only way to win those people over would be to enact Sharia Law in America. 

Long Live the Constitution!

Fast and Furious

Posted by Troy on 30th August 2011 in Current Events, Political

Director Melson has stepped down from his position in the Department of Justice for his part in the failed Fast and Furious operation.  Of course, he has another job waiting for him, so it’s not like it’s cost him anything.

Isn’t it interesting that about two years ago, they started to report that most of the guns used in crimes in Mexico were coming from the United States?  It’s rather coincidental that the happened to crop up shortly after Obama was elected.  It’s also interesting that the criminal element would choose to buy weapons from America at several hundred dollars a pop instead of buying a AK-47 on the black market for about $8.50 a pop (no joke there).

All of this was a coordinated effort to manufacture a crisis so that Obama could push for “common sense gun laws” or Agenda-21 or the UN’s Small Arms Treaty.  It failed miserably.  Now Melson is trying to cover for him.  This is why he is stepping down and getting another Federal job.  It’s the payoff.  If this was “for real” and Melson really was responsible, he would be fired.

Hopefully Congress will continue investigating this.  It will go all the way to the top.

Long Live the Constitution!

Well, what do I know anyway?

Posted by Troy on 21st March 2011 in Current Events

It appears that the UN is actually blowing stuff up.  Imagine that.  However, as important as air superiority is, you cannot hold anything without men on the ground.  The modern era has shown that time and again.  Right now, the rebels are still in an unwinnable position.  Right now, I would hazard to say the best possible outcome is that one of Gaddafi’smen will take it upon himself to kill Gaddafi in order to set himself up to be the next dictator-in-chief.  I don’t understand the logic of the leaders of the world.  We do this silly air campaign and somehow claim that we’re not really involved somehow.  We also say that we won’t try to kill Gaddafi.  Why on Earth not?  Is that not what the rebels will do if they win?  There is no circumstance that ends with Gaddafi alive unless he actually wins.  I should hazard to say that any ending in which he still lives is a sign that we have failed.  This will end in blood.  It will either end with Gaddafi’s blood being spilt upon the ground or that of the Libyan people.

Too Little, Too Late

Posted by Troy on 17th March 2011 in Current Events, Political

For the first time ever, I will post twice in one day, but I really want to speak about Libya.  We waited for the UN to pass their resolution.  As for their style, they dragged their feet until their actions will be meaningless.  We allowed Libya’s air force to harass the rebels and round them up into a single stronghold where an organized military will smash them.  It was a waste of an opportunity and human life.  We could have liberated this country from the hands of a despot.  Instead, our leaders’ inability to take the lead wasted the opportunity.  If we had just moved, Gaddafi would have fallen and America would have looked like a hero in the region.  Instead, we will look impotent and dictators will be emboldened.  Such a waste.