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Castle Doctrine Increases Homicides

Posted by Troy on 12th June 2012 in Current Events, Political

A Texas A & M study has determined that the Castle Doctrine increases the homicide rates…of course, they under play the fact that it is the “justified homicide” rate.  Let’s examine the claim.

First, I would question if this study was done without an agenda behind it.  I would imagine that that this is a liberal professor or student that wants to demonize the law in the face of Trayvon Martin.

Second, the study postulates that it does not deter crime (crime rates stay steady).  I don’t think that it would deter crime.  The fact of the matter is that it probably has not made things much more dangerous for a robber.  There is always a chance that a homeowner is going to say, “To hell with the law,” and defend themselves anyway under the “Better to be judged by twelve than carried by six” doctrine.  I don’t think that criminals have changed their outlook at all.

Third, the study postulates that criminals have armed themselves to defend themselves against homeowners defending themselves.  Yeah, because I’m sure that criminals have not considered getting a gun until the mean old homeowners armed themselves.  They were there to innocently rob a house.

Fourth, the study has no differentiation as to if the criminals were killed or if the homeowners were killed because of the Castle Doctrine.

Fifth, based upon the fourth reason and the fact that reasons two and three are merely postulations on the part of the ones in charge of the study, one has to assume that the answer to number one is that the researchers were bias and set out to prove a point.  As such, the entire study is trash.

Let’s assume that they are right though.  Let’s assume that all those who were killed were the homeowners, not the criminals.  If this is the case, my message to homeowners is to move up to a 12 gauge shotgun.  Most robbers carry pistols due to its size.  In battle of pistol vs shotgun, shotgun wins 95% of the time.  People have the duty to survive.  Not to retreat.  Not to stand your ground.  In the face of a criminal that may want to kill you, you need to do what you need to do to survive.  If that is run as fast as you can, then I suggest you run.  If it is fill him full of lead, then you should do that.

Long Live the Constitution!

The numbers don’t lie

Posted by Troy on 10th April 2012 in Current Events

In the aftermath of the Trayvon Martin case (which is getting more convoluted by the day), it occurs to me that it is interesting how much press time this case has gotten.  In truth, I don’t like to see any story of this nature televised.  It is mostly unimportant.  If you disagree, ask yourself whether this shooting is likely to affect your life or will inflation and the debt crisis have more of an impact on you?  This much media coverage poisons the case.  It is going to make it very difficult to have a fair trial.  Also, now there are reports of youths beating up old, white people in retaliation.  None of this is productive.  Regardless, many have pointed out that if Zimmerman had also been black, the media would not have cared.  Check out the attached link for some interesting statistics.

The real question I have is, why is is politically incorrect to bring this up?  While deaths involving two different races make for good TV, it is definitely not the case for most homicides of blacks.  It really makes no sense, when you think about it–both in why it is the way it is and why black on black crime is so high.  Why is it that we cannot have a grown-up conversation as to the causes of this phenomenon?  You would think seeking to reduce these statistics would be seen as good for the black community, but instead, bringing this topic up brands someone as a racist.  I do not believe that it is due to poverty.  There are communities all around the world as poor or much poorer than in America, and they do not have near the homicide rates.  We should be examining the situation and trying to come up with a realistic solution.

Culturist, not Racist

Posted by Troy on 25th March 2012 in Current Events, Writing

Geraldo Rivera has come under fire for saying that Trayvon Martin’s hoodie is partly to blame for his unfortunate death.  This goes back to what I have always said.  We are culturists, not racist.

If you see a man coming down the road in a white hood and gown, you are going to assume that he is a member of the KKK.  For all you know, perhaps he is an actor going to a gig where he is playing a KKK member, but you are going to assume that he is a KKK member for a couple of reasons: 1)  Why would he dress up in such a fashion to say to all the world that he has ill intent if it were not true?  and 2) It is far safer to assume that he is a KKK member.  The same would fall true for a white guy wearing a swastika or carrying the Confederate flag.  Living in the South, I know many people who are proud of being from the South and like the Confederate flag who do not strive to lynch any blacks on the weekends.  So that brings us to the question of the hoodie.

Hoodies are a convenient, warm garment.  You can quickly cover your head and help keep yourself nice and warm while outside, and, upon entering a warm building, remove the hood so that others can see your face.  Unfortunately, gang members and other criminals have also figured out that it is a quick disguise and very legal to wear.  As such, when they are about to rob a store, all they have to do is pull up their hoodie, and most of their face and hair is instantly hidden.  If coupled with a bandanna around the neck (to lift and cover the mouth and nose), a near perfect disguise is in effect.  This concept has been conveyed in the nightly news and movies.  As such, when people see someone in a hoodie, they assume they are up to no good.

If Trayvon had been wearing a suit, would Zimmerman felt the least bit threatened?  What about a nice polo and khakis?  As I mentioned before, no white guy in his right mind would ever consider wearing a KKK outfit, even in jest.  So why is it that black youths do not understand that how they dress affects people’s perception of them?  That is to say, if you dress like a thug, people will assume you’re a thug.  This argument offends people, right up there with saying that a rape victim invited trouble by the way she was dressed.  People should be free to dress how they like and say whatever they like and be friends with whoever they like without people rushing to judgement, but the fact of the matter is that they will be judged.  This is one of those cases where ideology does not match with reality.  For once, I agree with Geraldo, and I applaud his guts to say something so unpopular as the truth.  As my dad told me, telling people the truth will never make you popular.

People are much more afraid of the clothes you wear than the color of your skin.  If Trayvon had been wearing a polo and khakis, he’d still be alive.  It may be tragic, it may be unfair, but it’s true.

Trayvon Martin and the Stand Your Ground Law

Posted by Troy on 22nd March 2012 in Current Events

Recently a young black man, Trayvon Martin, was shot dead in Florida by George Zimmerman (white or Latino, depending on who you ask).  George Zimmerman was head of his neighborhood watch.  He noticed Trayvon Martin, followed him, and eventually slayed him.  While it is inconclusive that the slaying may or may not have had something to do with the fact that Trayvon Martin was black, this has largely been hailed as a racial slaying.

The first thing I would like to say is that Trayvon Martin’s death is a tragic one.  He appears to have been a nice guy, from what people have said of him.  Embedded hints in the stories suggests he was a nice guy.  The pictures of him show a young man of open face and smiling countenance–most street youths would not dare smile for a picture.  As someone said of MC Hammer, “The surest way to lose a rap career is to be caught smiling for a camera.”  Also, he stayed on the phone with his girlfriend.  This would suggest that he cared for her and was not dismissive of her.  Also, he walked away instead of running.  This is a trait of moral character…even if it is a very stupid instinct that can lead to a premature death.

The Left has already begun to attack Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law, which replaced the “Duty to Retreat” law.  Under the duty to retreat, you had an obligation to run away if at all possible.  This means leaving your home to be looted, if need be.  Also, it means running even if you think your best chance to survive is to stand and fight or even to ambush and kill.  I would replace all such laws with the Duty to Survive.  Nature’s law has always been one of self-defense.  If someone means you harm, you should have the right to defend yourself by any means possible.  As my father always told me, it is better to be judged by twelve than carried by six.

There are questions which are not being asked.  I think the first, rather insensitive question given the fact that an innocent man lays dead, is “How dangerous is this neighborhood?”  Is there a reason why Zimmerman felt paranoid?  Is Zimmerman insane?  After this, we have to ask if Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin because he was black.

Regardless of all facts and circumstances, this tragic slaying does not reduce the validity of the Stand Your Ground law.  If a man uses a car to run over someone because of the color of his skin, we do not question if cars should be made illegal.  However, we all know that the Left will soon start demanding tougher gun control laws in Florida (despite the drastic reduction of rape and other violent crimes that has happened since the right to carry and Stand Your Ground laws has passed).  Regardless, Stand Your Ground does not cover what Zimmerman did.  You do not have the right to follow someone you think could be a threat.  Even if Trayvon Martin had been a gang member, it would be irresponsible.  This is like when Ron Artest ran into the stands to beat up a fan because someone threw a plastic cup at him.  The sports announcers called it self-defense.  It is not.  It is revenge.  If someone attacks me and I fight back, it is self-defense.  If someone hits me and runs away and I chase him down and beat him up, that is revenge.  See the difference?  He did not stand his ground.  He gave chase.  That is the key principle difference.

I hope that this case is investigated.  On the surface, if sounds as though Trayvon Martin was killed wrongfully, and Zimmerman should face whatever consequences that are appropriate for his actions.  Trayvon Martin deserves justice, and it is my sincerest hope that he finds it.  However, I should never wish that the rights and liberties of the people at large should be sacrificed due to an isolated event.  Could you imagine what we would be allowed to do if they made everything illegal that led to a death?  Here’s a list!  Flying, bungee jumping, swimming, drinking, sex, over the counter drugs, driving, texting, talking on cell phones, showering, sleeping in a bed, sleeping, riding on trains, keeping an aquarium, eating, and a hundred other things.

Long Live the Constitution!