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Hillary Clinton – Imperialist (What You Deserve)

Posted by Troy on 3rd June 2014 in Current Events, Political

Hillary is just another imperialist in a long line of imperialists.  I think many would say that George W. Bush was an imperialist president, but at least he didn’t demand that you not question him.  I cannot recall a single instance when he demanded detractors to sit down and shut up, but Obama has, repeatedly.  Not only that, but President Obama has flaunted the law.  He has ignored laws.  He has CHANGED laws.  He had flatly ignored Constitutional restraints.  And all the worse, he and his supporters DEMAND that you not question him.  They label any questioning of this president as racist or treacherous or un-American.

Hillary Clinton falls into this mold as well.  She has come out saying we “should not second guess” Obama’s hard decision on the swap for Bergdahl.  Like hell!  This country is founded upon questioning our leaders.  Any leader that demands not to be questioned is either corrupt or inept.  We had a president 1) make a swap of 5 known terrorists (as chosen BY terrorists) for 1 soldier of questionable merit and 2) ignored a law that would require the president get Congressional approval for such a swap.  If you can’t question this, what the hell can you question?  This is the president that has said that he has the power and right to drone strike you without due process of law!

If you vote for Hillary Clinton, you vote for an imperialist that believes that you, the unwashed masses, do not have the intelligence to decide what is in your own best interest.  Imperialists exist on both sides of the political fence; see Newt Gingrich and Chris Christie if you don’t believe me.

Left or Right, we need to pick lovers of liberty and those politicians that believe that the American people are capable of knowing the truth and making rational decisions, not politicians that believe we are stupid and must be mislead for our own good.

Long Live the Constitution!