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State of the Union Address Review

Posted by Troy on 30th January 2018 in Current Events, Political

For the past few years, I would take down notes and refute the State of the Union speech point by point.  But tonight, I think I’m going to do something a little different.

I am going to laugh my ass off!  Oh my God, Trump found the loophole that no one else even knew existed!  He delivered line after line that gave Democrats two options: either applaud or look like assholes–your choice!  Again and again, he delivered lines like giving terminally ill the right to try.  I want to make prescriptions less expensive.  Together we can accomplish anything.

I will say that his speech was very middle of the road.  It was a listing of issues and challenges facing this nation.  His remarks were sensible.  They were the types of remarks that most people would hold.

The Democrat rebuttal was pretty much an emotional tirade with little substance and much rhetoric.  I swear to God, every time I see a politician fake cry/get choked up, I wish I could reach out and slap the ____ out of them.  I really do.  Don’t the rest of you get sick of the fake cry already?  It’s so demeaning.

Long Live the Constitution!

State of the Union Address 2016

Posted by Troy on 12th January 2016 in Current Events, Political

I wasn’t going to watch it.  I mean, I knew what he was going to say beforehand, but here we go.

I do like the sectional approach he used, using 4 segments.  He also kept it close to an hour, which did make it one of his more bearable addresses.  If you watched it online, you were treated to graphics and pictures on the right-hand side of the screen, which gave it a near “Pop-Up Video” appeal.  Maybe VH1 can sue?  Children under 25, google what I’m talking about.  Now, the take down.

I loved how he started off talking about our commitment to the rule of law.  This guy has no right to ever say that.  He has refused to enforce so many laws and makes laws up on his own, so it seems.  That’s a joke.   He acclaims the reduction of troops in Iraq and Afghanistan as a victory.  Of course, he fails to account for the fact that ISIS (not ISIL, ISIS) was allowed to grow because of his “out at any cost” policy.  We never should have gotten involved, but you have to deal with reality.  We got involved, and we should have left a peace keeping force.  Oh well.  Next he talked about the uninsured rates dropping.  Of course, the vast bulk of those are Medicare and Medicaid inductees.  Past that, it is those with pre-existing conditions.  These are the people that willingly signed up.  This is also why health care rates and insurance costs are continuing to skyrocket despite what he claims.  Ask anyone that buys insurance about their insurance costs.  He talks about the unemployment rate without bothering to mention the labor participation rate, which is lower than it’s ever been.  I also loved how he talked about the choices we make together: i.e., the choices he rams down our throats for our own good.  He says we have cut our deficit by 3/4.  He never bothers to point out that he starts the high mark with the 2009 stimulus.  Our debts continue to climb.  Slowing the rate of increase doesn’t help.  We need to start paying off debt.  He touts graduation rates without bothering to comment how our standards have slid into the gutter.  He wants to make college affordable without understanding that it is government programs which have led to the spike.  Do you think colleges could charge what they charge if not for all the scholarships?  When the state will foot the bill, there is no need for the college to compete on price, after all.  Finally, he thinks that wages are set in the board room.  He doesn’t understand even the most basic premises of a free market economy.  Wages are set by the free market.  You want to raise wages?  Make the economy stronger so that there are not enough jobs to go around.  This is what forces employers to raise wages.  Wages aren’t based on altruism or fairness.  They are based on what you are worth.  How many workers would be willing to be paid in company stock when the company is starting out.  Facebook did that, and it worked, and the workers shared in the profits.  Of course, if Facebook had tanked, they would have been out of luck.  They took a risk.  However, most workers wanna be paid in hard cash.

He speaks of the power of innovation without understanding what drives innovation.  What drives innovation is the desire for profit.  Nothing more, nothing less.  He thinks that government can throw money at a problem, and people will just make something.  It’s unreal.  I also like how he thinks that all immigrants are innovators.  I mean…that’s just so stupid a comment I don’t know what to even say about it.

Then he goes on a long tirade about how we’re the most powerful nation on Earth.  Yeah…for how long though?  That’s the issue.  Taking your own power for granted is a way to wind up powerless.  And he keeps talking about how he shot Osama.  I mean.  Seriously.  How often is he going to make out that he found him, planned the hit, and took the shot?  He equates foreign assistance as security, which it is not.  We give Pakistan a lot of money.  They still hate us.  We shouldn’t be giving any country any money.  They should stand on their own or fall.  As should all nations.  Make no mistake, making peace with Cuba was the precursor to giving Guantanamo back to Cuba.  He complains that it costs $3.8 million to run it for a year.  That’s the cost of one trip for he and his family to Hawaii.  I’m not ____ing kidding.  Seriously.

Then he comes to the biggest joke of the night.  He talked about politics.  He thinks people should be willing to compromise.  When did he ever compromise.  It was do it his way or he would demonize you.  If that didn’t work, he would slam it through on executive order.  That’s been his MO.  He rips all his rivals and dares to talk about the rancor between the parties?  He wants to reduce the role of money in politics, but he had no problem with his monetary advantage in the elections.  Ask Jeb about the effect of money on politics.  It’s overrated.  You can’t sway people just because you had more ad space.  You have to energize people to vote.  Did it ever occur to anyone that the one that gets the most money may have an edge because more people believe in them or are more excited about them or whatever?  It’s something to think about.  But if you really want to lower the effects of money on politics, return the power to the states.  When you centralize power, you centralize bribery.  It is much more expensive to bribe 50 states than it is 1 national government.  Just saying.  Then he played the race card.  Basically, accept socialism or we devolve into lynchings or Nazism.  He speaks of the duties of the citizens without ever talking about his own duties which he neglects.  Then he says that Americans need to stay active…except the Tea Partiers.  They should stay home and sit down and shut up.

So, basically, everything you were expecting Obama to say.

Long Live the Constitution!

State of the Union 2013

Posted by Troy on 12th February 2013 in Current Events

Fury.  Pure fury infused my veins when the President smugly announced, “Our rights are wrapped up in the rights of others.”  NO!  NO NO NO!  Oh, HELL NO!  Our rights are individual rights.  They are endowed by our creator.  What is a right?  Do we have the right to a well paying job?  No, for that comes from someone else.  However, we have a right to try to make a living for ourselves.  Do we have a right to housing?  No, for housing comes from someone else.  In order for us to have a right to housing, we have to have the right to make a timber company cut a tree, a contractor build the house, and everything else that goes with it, for free.  Do we have a right to find housing and pay for it in a free market?  Yes.  Get it?  Do you see how it works?  Collective rights must end with the destruction of individual rights.  The death of individuals rights must therefore kill the incentive for individual effort.  The destruction of individual effort means that the government must FORCE people to work for the good of the collective.  Our rights are NOT wrapped up in the rights of others.  Our rights are given to us by God and limited by the government.  The government cannot grant you any rights.  They can only take away the rights of others to bestow gifts onto you.  This is a bribe for them to stay in power until they eventually turn on you.  This is the most dangerous line in his speech.

Look, this is what he has said:  Let’s spend!  Let’s spend on us!  Let’s spend on illegal immigrants!  Let’s spend on other countries!  Let’s spend on the Muslim Brotherhood!  Let’s tax the rich.  Let’s increase regulations!  Let’s increase energy costs!  Spend!  Spend!  Spend!  Let’s tear down the Constitution!

This speech didn’t even test well among Democrats.

He wants to increase control over the internet.  That ain’t good.

He has a very vague “improvement” to voting.  Look, if you can’t spare a few hours to vote, do early voting.  If you’re too damn lazy to get your ass to the polling place, I don’t want you to vote.

His assault on the Second Amendment will do nothing to save the 15 year olds in Chicago from gang thugs.  You want to stop that?  Stop gangs!

He wants to encourage fatherhood by having a tax credit?  Yeah, like the Earned Income Credit isn’t the most abused credit in history.  If a father is only sticking around because of the damn tax credit, he’s not much of a father, is he?  Just more distribution wrapped as family values.  That’s all it is.

Roads and Bridges!  Bridges and Roads!

Query, if we didn’t have the minimum wage, do you think we’d still have 9% unemployment?  Or do you think the unemployed would offer to work for $6.50 to have ANY kind of job, and thus get more people working, which would decrease the labor force which would cause the wage to INCREASE back due to market forces?  Supply and demand, fools!  Look it up.  But NOOOOOO, lets increase the minimum wage, yo.  That’ll work great.  That won’t screw the economy and send us reeling back to the Recession.  That will bring the jobs back from overseas.

Finally, I don’t care if the rich are making more money than ever.  If you spend your high school years drinking and trying to get laid, you’re going to end up being a janitor, and the value of clean floors has not changed since the 1970s, and that is why their wages have not risen.  You don’t get a raise just because the company is profitable because they can hire any idiot to push a broom.  You should have tried hard in high school, not when you’re 40.

Long Live the Constitution!

State of the Union Speech

Posted by Troy on 24th January 2012 in Current Events, Political

Where do I begin?

For starters, his concepts about American manufacturing, American energy, and American Values.

Unless he wants to do away with the minimum wage, we are not going to have a lot of manufacturing jobs.  I suppose he could set out some prohibitive tariffs, but I doubt he has the guts, and it’s debatable as to the wisdom of that move.  He just shut down the Keystone pipeline and hasn’t allowed American companies to drill for oil, so he really loses a lot of credibility on this issue.  I suppose that he could say that he is very pro-American GREEN energy, which is not cost effective right now.  The fact of the matter is, if you agree that there’s a finite amount of oil in the world and we should be researching new energy to be ahead of the curve, then you should be for pumping as much crude as we can and use the profits to fund these projects so that we will use up the supply of a soon to be obsolete energy source.  As to American values, Obama’s perspective of American values runs counter to most of American.  Hell, his wife once commented that America was a “downright mean country.”  She also said that “for the first time in her adult life, she was proud of [her] country.”  Inferring Barrack’s beliefs should be fairly easy…he did marry her after all.

The President discussed everyone paying their fair share.  Here’s a quick question, what is a fair share?  How much of your own money should you be allowed to keep?  How fair is it for someone to take money from you and give it directly to another person for their own PERSONAL welfare?  The government is supposed to provide for the common welfare.  Do you know how taxes were supposed to be levied?  The Constitution said that the government could only take taxes directly from the states based on their share of the nation’s population.  It also only allowed for money to be in gold and silver.  Here’s a question, if the federal government only used gold and silver, was only responsible for those activities mandated by the Constitution, and could only tax based on the original schematics, would we be in this mess?  That’s Ron Paul’s point entirely.

I was sickened by Obama’s positive spin on some very dangerous acts.  He wants to do away with the filibuster.  Why?  Because it stops the Leftist agenda.  The fact of the matter is that his ideas are terrible, and that is why he needs a super-majority to win.  Of course, he wants the Dream Act passed immediately so that he can get the Latino vote.  Finally, there’s the takeover of the internet–all to control the information we see.  2084 isn’t too far away.

In another matter, what is with all the executive orders?  How can he wave a pen and make the military run on green energy?  How is he funding it without Congressional approval?  For that matter, when the hell is the Congress going to pass a budget?  Am I the only one that’s sick and tired of not having a budget?

Dear Lord, how many countries are we at war with or about to be at war with?  A thought occurred to me today…if the Founding Fathers could see how we were today, how would they feel about the constant state of war we find ourselves in?  I seriously doubt they would approve of us going to war without Congressional approval.  The fact of the matter is, none of these conflicts are popular enough with the American people where Congressmen would dare vote for a war.  This is why we’ve decided not to have the Constitution get in the way.  And here again, this is Ron Paul’s point.  I just wish he was better at projecting it.  Sadly, I think we are probably lock into some sort of conflict in Iran.  At least we are trying to use sanctions instead of military might (although they are typically ineffective).  As Sun Tzu said, it is best to deal with your enemies first by influence and the last resort is to invade them.

The last point I want to make is this: What is the deal with the lighting?  What, were they going for the “rays of light through a cloud”/God smiling upon Obama?  The only thing missing was a choir singing.  Bah!

Long Live the Constitution!

State of the Union Address

Posted by Troy on 25th January 2011 in Political

Needless to say, the State of the Union address has deteriorated into mere political hot air.  I personally blame live TV for this.  However, it is still worth discussing.

I find it very interesting that Obama speaks of solving the debt in nearly the same breath he talks about increasing “investments.”  I should imagine that the term “investment” has focus group tested as being more acceptable than “stimulus.” 

First, let’s discuss the comparison to China.  For instance, the super-trains.  In America, we do not invest in things that are economically unviable.  If there was enough demand for these new trains, we would surely build them.  The reason that they are built in China is because the Chinese government can order something built, and it doesn’t matter if there’s not enough demand for it.  It doesn’t have to turn a profit.  The fact of the matter is that any company foolish enough to invest in these new bullet trains would quickly go bankrupt.  Americans love cars.  Plain and simple.  Our economy works differently than the Chinese.  Eventually, economic reality is going to catch up to the Chinese.  It would catch up to us much faster as we actually live (at least to a certain degree) in economic reality.

Second, let’s discuss the deficit.  He talks a great deal about lowering the deficit.  However, he doesn’t discuss the only thing that will save the deficit: getting rid of entitlements.  Govenment programs all start out with the best intentions.  Welfare was intended to help war widows.  What happens is called mission creep, where the program just continues to grow.  As these programs grow, you have the unintended consequence of people choosing to partake of these entitlements rather than work.  In the case of Social Security, people will merely spend their excess money rather than put it into their retirement savings.  Each entitlement is a sinkhole. 

Finally, let us end with a discussion on illegal immigration.  Every attempt of “immigration reform” which involves giving a “path to citizenship” for any group here illegally only gives yet another incentive for illegals to come here, particularly with their children.  From where do you think the money to pay for college for students under the DREAM act will come?  I have a feeling that it will be from scholarships which could have gone to American citizens or our tax dollars.  I will say, students who are here on a student visa who excel in their field of study should be given a path to citizenship as a way of keeping top prospects on our side.