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Time’s Person of the Year

Posted by Troy on 6th December 2017 in Current Events

The Silence Breakers/the #metoo movement.  I’m a bit of a stickler… the silence breakers is not a person.  They are either a group of people or a movement.  However, that aside.

I am glad that women (particularly in the entertainment industry where I believe such offenses are rampant).  However, I have less sympathy for many of these women.  As I’ve said in other posts, a lot of these women made a conscious choice to trade their virtue for a part in a movie or a single for the radio.  Now, you might could convince me that they did what they thought they had to do.  They could have shot down Harvey Weinstein, but they would have to give up the possibility of a career/of their dream.  Well, that’s fair enough.  But let’s look at one case in particular.

Ashley Judd came out HARD against Trump.  She gave some speech about being a NAAAAAAASTY Woman.  Well, ya know what?  You ARE a nasty woman.  You know why?  Not because of your blood stained sheets and blah the blah blah blah.  You are a nasty woman because you claimed that these events happened to you.  You claim that you were sexually assaulted by these people.  Then you remained silent.  Oh, sure, “I would have to have given up on my dreams.”  But what about after you had made enough money that you wouldn’t have to work another day in your life if you wanted to?  You could have waged a scorched earth campaign leaving nothing sacred as you did everything you could to bring these people down.  But you didn’t.  You left all these other young actors and singers (male and female alike) to be abused in this way.  And then you want to act pious!  The only reason you came forward is it suddenly became trendy.

You know what, Ashley?  Maybe you and the other “feminists” should send Trump a thank you note.  His election made standing up to sexual predators trendy, and apparently justice only appeals to you if it is trendy and has a cute hashtag.

Swamp Fox… OUT!

Long Live the Constitution!