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Posted by Troy on 26th February 2012 in Human Nature

This is the final installment of the Seven Deadly Sins, and I saved the best for last.  They say that the root of all evil is greed.  It is not.  It is Pride.  Pride is the most deadly of the sins, and it is the one that dragged the highest of the angels, Lucifer, down to Hell.  A greedy man will seek more and more possessions, but a proud man will not be satisfied until he is the richest man in the world.  What most people mistake for vanity is actually pride.  A vain woman will spend hours every day on her appearance because she wants everyone to think she’s pretty.  A proud woman will think herself pretty and demand others agree.

Pride is the one sin that we are all guilty of but cannot abide in somebody else.  Sadly, someone who is totally devoid of all pride is a sad person as well.  However, I would say that one can know their worth, have self-confidence in their abilities, and not be proud.  For instance, a man may know that he can dead lift 600 pounds but have no inclination to show off this ability and feel proud of his strength, but he may quickly use his strength to lift a wooden beam that has fallen on somebody, knowing that he has the ability to do so.  If he is a humble man, he would probably say something to the effect that his strength is but a portion of God’s strength, given to him so that he could best do God’s will.

There are limits for all the other deadly sins.  There are only so many sexual partners someone can have.  There’s a limit to the amount of food someone can eat.  There is no limit to Pride.  In the endgame, one can be like Satan himself, rejecting God’s law and God’s will and supplanting their own, placing themselves in greater importance than even God.


Posted by Troy on 5th February 2012 in Human Nature

This is a sin that the Leftists in the 99%/OWS crowd and get behind.  As Milton Friedman said, “Of course, we’re not greedy.  It’s always the other guy that’s greedy.”

The most popular reason that greed is a sin is because there will not be enough to go around if people just take and take and take.  This stems back to when we were hunters and gathers and the early days of agriculture when famine was a prominent threat.  However, there is another reason why this is a sin.  Greed corrodes the soul.  There is a law of diminishing returns.  The more of you have of something, the less good it does you.  The first car you have gives you the most utility.  If you have a fleet of 20, you’re probably not getting much use from the 20th car.  When you continue to accumulate, you appreciate what you have less and less.  Most people would continue to accumulate, not understanding why their money fails to make them any happier.  They will focus on earning more and more possessions, hoping that the next thing they own will grant them happiness, but it fails as well.  In the end, this leaves the soul vulnerable to despair and attack from evil.