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Sequestration: We are doomed

Posted by Troy on 13th March 2013 in Political

Sequestration has proved we are doomed, at least if the Democrats stay in power.  Do you realize that by the end of Obama’s term, we will be spending more money than we were last year?  And yet, the Democrats say that this Sequestration is the death of the world.  If we can’t even hold spending steady, we are doomed.  There’s no way around that.

This is on top of the fact that insurance rates are set to increase 20 to 100% in 2014 due to Obamacare.  Thank you Obama for giving everyone healthcare by forcing everyone to buy insurance.  Good one.  Finally, Obama has declared that he will not balance the budget just to have a balanced budget.  That’s insane.  Her’s the trick, and it’s what Washington told us, there is no excuse to use public debt except for in times of war.  That’s it.  I might make an exception for long term capital projects like dams and bridges and roads, but maintenance of this and all other programs must never be funded by debt.  If you do, you have made a recipe for financial ruin.

Long Live the Constitution!

Sequestration – A work of fiction

Posted by Troy on 27th February 2013 in Political

People have wanted to know why I haven’t commented on sequestration.  Here is the real reason:  It’s a lie.

Did you notice we “Went over the fiscal cliff?”

Nothing happened.

They are talking about cutting 2% of a trillion dollar budget.  Hell, if this is the only way we can agree to cut the debt, lets do it every year.

This is just political bullshit.  It doesn’t matter at all.  Obama is trying to demonize the Republicans in an attempt to gain total control in 2014 (and God help us if that happens).  That’s why the Left is pushing all kind of stuff with great names.  I am sure they will have the “Save Our Kids” act and the “Violence Against Women” (a real thing that undermines State’s sovereignty).  That way in 2014 they can say “Why did vote against saving kids’ lives and stopping violence against women, and the voters will be so out of touch they won’t know that “Save Our Kids” is an outright gun ban and the “Violence Against Women” act destroys states rights and turns several legal aspects on its head.

Here’s a tip: when anyone in the government is demanding immediate action or we will face total destruction: it is a trap.  If this was the case, it would get done, and Obama wouldn’t have had the time to play golf with Tiger.

That’s why I haven’t talked about sequestration.

Long Live the Constitution!