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Susan Rice’s Payoff

Posted by Troy on 27th November 2012 in Political

Okay… we have a nominee for Secretary of State that has a KNOWN controversy (the September 11th Libya attack) hanging over her head, and yet the administration is willing to go to the mat for this person.  Common sense would dictate that this person should be dismissed.  Yet they fight to keep her.  Why?  Because the Obama administration told her what to say.  She’s part of the cover up, and the price for her silence is this position.

Long Live the Constitution!

Hillary Takes Responsibility

Posted by Troy on 15th October 2012 in Current Events, Political

Hillary Clinton takes full responsibility for the lack of security in Libya.  Does this absolve Obama of any wrong doing?


I do not expect the President to know what is going on throughout his entire administration.  That would be impossible.  However, as head of the Executive Branch, he would be ultimately responsible.  In order to alleviate that responsibility, he basically has to fire Hillary.  He, of course, would never do that because liberals LOVE anyone with the last name of Clinton.  Also, Hillary would turn on him faster than a rattlesnake if he did that.

Regardless, I don’t really care about the security in Libya.  That’s minor.  That’s a mistake.  It’s a stupid mistake.  It shows utter incompetence, but it’s largely unimportant.  What’s important to me is that Obama knew that it was a terrorist attack, and for nearly a month, he told us it was all about a video and degraded the Freedom of Speech, until the American people jumped all over his case.

If Hillary’s responsible for the security issues, fire her.  However, it will not absolve Obama for his lying to the American public just to try to save his chances at re-election.  That was the only reason to lie to us.

Long Live the Constitution!