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The Second “Debate”

Posted by Troy on 16th October 2020 in Uncategorized

I did not watch the Biden Town Hall.  In hindsight, it lived up to my expectations (Didn’t pin him down on court packing, didn’t ask about Hunter’s laptop, etc).  But the Trump Town Hall was a joke.

Trump has denounce white supremacy over and over and over and over and over again.  How many times does a man have to denounce something.  Even after he flatly denounced it, Savannah said, “That sounds like a dodge.”  What the F___ are you taking about?!!!!

Why must Trump denounce people all the time?  How many Q-Anon members are there?  Who are they hurting, exactly?  Must the Left denounce Wiccans who were supposedly hexing Trump?  What about Antifa?  Etc etc etc.

Honestly, I think Trump did pretty well, but the vast majority of questions from Savannah (either upfront or as follow up to the actually people where were the ones who were supposed to ask the questions) were trivial, misleading, or of malicious intent.

Long Live the Constitution!