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Glenn Beck is a Moron

Posted by Troy on 21st January 2016 in Current Events, Entertainment, Political

My father used to refer to him as a monetary patriot.  I always sort of agreed.  Of late, he has been trumpeting Ted Cruz and demonizing Donald Trump.  This is all fair game.  Clearly, he believes that Cruz is the better choice, and he has a lot of suspicions when it comes to Trump.  Again, this is all well and good.  However, it would appear that he has gotten tired of not being able to convince anyone based on the merits of his arguments.  He had a call-in show where-in he wanted to talk to Trump supporters.  So how did he spend the entire show?  Ridiculing Trump supporters.  How is this supposed to win people over?  It was rather disgusting to hear three people ravaging ordinary people.  How is this any different than what the Left does?  They always ridicule those who disagree with them such as calling climate change deniers “flat-earthers.”

Then Sarah Palin endorses Trump.  So what does Glenn Beck do?  Ridicules his “one-time” friend.  Again, this makes him look odious.  I’d never be friends with Glenn Beck at this point.  That boy would stab you in the back as soon as you are of no use to him or disagree with him.

In full disclosure, Rand Paul would be my first choice followed by Dr. Ben Carson.  Then I’d say Cruz, then Trump.  After that…eh…

I think that Glenn Beck would have been better served to talk about his ideas.  Or at the very least, have the balls to come out and say, “I endorse Ted Cruz.”  However, he doesn’t want to hurt his chances of getting the other candidates to come on his show, so he pretends like he is neutral.  As my dad said…a monetary patriot.

I will tell you why people like Trump: it’s because he says what people are thinking and he never backs down when he’s called out.  People that believe that way are used to being cowed by the media (etc).  What Trump is showing them is you can stand up to that, and it won’t destroy you.  Ridiculing them or Trump rather than discussing issues calmly and rationally is only going to drive people away and make them more adamant about Trump.  If he were to whine, “But I’ve been dooooing thaaaat!!!!”  I would say, “No matter.  Better to lose acting nobly than to resort to the tactics which you have hereto despised.

Long Live the Constitution!

Orlando Jones calls for the death of Sarah Palin

Posted by Troy on 25th October 2011 in Current Events, Political

I wonder how funny ANYONE would find it if Rush Limbaugh made a joke about how the Tea Party should lynch Obama.  Of course, there’s always been a double standard.  Leftist entertainers can say whatever they want and duck behind “I was joking,” and no one says anything about it.

I do not get the absolute hate for Sarah Palin.  She isn’t in power!  Unless you’ve lived in Alaska, it is very doubtful she has done anything that has actually impacted your life.  However, people on the left absolutely hate her.  I don’t get it. 

In fairness, I absolutely hate Michael Moore, and he doesn’t have power, but I can list reasons why I hate him.  I think that he is a dishonest man that actively takes things out of time frame and out of reference to support his world view and convince stupid people of his Leftist propaganda.  Here’s the thing, the boy is an admitted socialist, but he’s rich.  I can never respect a well-to-do socialist.  If he were to give away all his riches and only keep what he needs to get by by living in government housing or, at the very least, a trailer (but that shouldn’t count as it is private ownership of land, which is a sin for those on the Left); then I could respect him.

Say what you will about Sarah, her viewpoints are consistent.  I can respect that.

Why people like Sarah Palin

Posted by Troy on 1st June 2011 in Current Events, Political

A comedian recently commented that people want to vote for her just because she looks cute in a pair of glasses.

Of course, he was just hating.  I don’t think she should be President.  While I do think that she’d be better than Obama, I don’t think she has the experience for the job yet.  I think she should hit the Senator circuit some, maybe build her knowledge base, etc etc.  But the reason why some people want to vote for her is obvious: she actually loves this country.  You can feel it when she talks.  I have never felt love of America from Obama.  When he professes such love, it sounds hollow and empty.  The most telling fact is that Michelle Obama commented, “For the first time in my adult life, I am proud of my country.”  Wow.  There is no way I would put up with such speech from my spouse.  You cannot marry someone whose views are that different than your own.  If she feels that way, it’s a safe bet that his view fall reasonably close to hers.