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Hurricane Sandy and Global Warming

Posted by Troy on 7th November 2012 in Current Events

Hurricane Sandy is the product of Global Warming.  Yes, these powerful storms are a result of MAN MADE GLOBAL WARMING.

Hitler would agree.  He said pollution was the #1 enemy of Germany.  I’m so glad Obama agrees.

It was a crappy level 1 hurricane.  That’s a severe storm?  Hey, idiots, you’re just not ready for hurricanes.  You build on the beach?  You build on the riverbed?  God will wipe whatever you built off the face of the planet.  That simple.  They don’t get hurricanes, and they built on the beach.  The storm surge came in and wiped them out.  How about that!  Duh.  Get a clue, morons!

In the 1960′s, a massive hurricane hit Brunswick, GA.  Know what they did?  As soon as the storm passed, they started cleaning up, removing debris.  There was no FEMA.  HOWEVER DID THEY SURVIVE?  Because they DIDN’T DEPEND ON GOVERNMENT!!!!!  They knew that they were responsible for their own homes and their own neighborhoods, their own city, and they cleaned it up.  They didn’t sit around begging for help and asking where the government was.  They got their asses to work.  Now what do they do in New Orleans and New York and New Jersey?  They cry and beg and plead.  You know what you could be doing with your time?  Cleaning the ____ up!  Get to work!  What the hell else do you have to do?

This storm was not a result of global warming.  It was a stupid level 1 hurricane that just so happened to hit a bunch of people who were completely unprepared for it and lacking the inclination and ability to deal with the aftermath after years of dumbing down and becoming useless by relying on others.

Long Live the Constitution!

Sandy attacks the northeast

Posted by Troy on 31st October 2012 in Political

A lot of people are asking: How is this going to affect the election?

I think that it is difficult for a President to get a boost from handling a storm correctly.  Now, blundering it might hurt them, but doing the baseline of whatever it is they are supposed to do probably won’t help them.  I just don’t see people seeing the Federal government as their salvation.  Also, most of the states affected are going to vote for Obama regardless.

I would like to point out: Romney was criticized for politicizing Libya.  However, the media cheers when Obama politicizes a natural disaster!

For those who say: how dare you!  The President is helping those in need!  Okay… where was he when the entire state of Texas was burning?  Where was he when Memphis was underwater?  He didn’t seem to care.  Was it because those states are “Red States?”  Or does it have to be closer to an election for him to give a damn?

The President is doing nothing about this storm.  If he was put in charge of the relief effort, this thing would be a mess like you would not believe.  No, the head of FEMA and the Red Cross, and others are doing the relief efforts.  All Obama has done is shown up for photo ops and to take up valuable time from people actually doing work so that he can get said photo ops.  Meanwhile, when Americans were dying in Libya, he was no where to be found.  He IS Commander in Chief!  That is an actual duty of his.  Where was he?  Now they say that Obama didn’t order the stand down.  Their story is so convoluted that it cannot be believed.  So which option do you like?

1)  Obama knew nothing and the state department blew it.  Great, so a Commander and Chief that doesn’t know what’s going on?

2)  Obama knew of the attack, but thought it was a protest.  Wait, they said they knew it was a terrorist attack.

3)  Obama knew of the attack but didn’t order help.  So you have the balls to order a strike into an “ally” country to kill bin Laden but not to save our people?

4)  Obama ordered the rescue effort, but the order was cancelled.  This would be a lie unless Obama fires the person that gave that order.  The fired person would immediately turn and rat Obama out, so he can’t do that.

5)  Obama ordered the stand down.  Not good, and he just lied and said that he didn’t order it.

Notice, there are no “win” positions for the man!

Long Live the Constitution!

Why isn’t Libya and hiding the jobs numbers a big deal?

Posted by Troy on 29th October 2012 in Current Events, Political

For the life of me, I cannot understand this.  We have a case where American soil (our embassy) was attacked.  Our ambassador was murdered.  A massive cover-up of these events occurred.  The President knowingly lied to us for three weeks about the reasons for the attack.  An American was wrongfully thrown in jail over these events (the filmmaker).  And the only reason to lie is for political gain.  And no one cares?  As the man said, if he lied to you once, he’ll lie to you again.  We impeached Nixon over a silly little burglary, and we’re going to let this slide?  McCain is right: either they are lying or this is gross incompetence.  Since no one has been fired (specifically Hillary Clinton), we can assume that it’s lying.

And so now the Department of Labor isn’t going to release the job numbers Friday because of the weather.  The results have been computed since last week.  All they have to do is click the “Send” button, and we’re done.  So why won’t they release them?  I am going to say because it will so the last numbers were inaccurate.  In order for the last numbers to be correct, 342,000 part time jobs would have had to have been created.  In a good month, you might expect 20,000 such jobs.  Where did the other 322,000 jobs come from?  And now we’re not going to see the real number.  Why?

Of course, I guess if you don’t mind being lied to about Libya, maybe you don’t mind being lied to about the economy as well.  That’s fortunate.  Should Obama win, you will get to have four more years of lies about the economy.  Enjoy.

Long Live the Constitution!