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Trump: Generals Have Been Reduced to Rubble

Posted by Troy on 8th September 2016 in Current Events, Political

Trump is coming under fire for this remark.  I don’t see how.  Let’s look at the facts: sequester has cut the military budget tremendously.  We do not have the funds for necessary repairs and the military has resorted to salvage to keep planes going (etc).  This sounds like a military in decline.  Now, as for the Generals: not all Generals are made the same.  I’d put Patton or Washington or Lee up against any of the modern day generals under the Obama administration.  Interestingly enough, generals that didn’t get in line with the Obama administration got gone fast.  The ones that are left are a bunch of sycophant yes-men, picked for their ability to justify the king’s fancy.  Nothing that we have been doing has made any sense.

I don’t believe that Trump has more knowledge about ISIS.  That would be almost impossible.  But he probably does believe he has a better understanding of ISIS because, from the outside looking in, the way we have been fighting them is just asinine (such as dropping warnings that we were about to bomb their positions).  Trump probably does think that he could devise a better way to fight them based on these insanities.

In regards to Trump’s plan:  Maybe there is no plan, but it equally likely that he has a STRATEGY in mind but will still need military minds to take that strategy and formulate a plan of execution.  This is actually the way that a military is supposed to work.  The commander (the President) makes goals, the military leaders develop ways to accomplish those goals, and the soldiers (etc) make it happen.

Long Live the Constitution!