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Rand Paul vs McCain on Drone Strikes

Posted by Troy on 9th March 2013 in Political

Senators McCain and Graham ridicule Rand Paul for suggesting that the government would kill American citizens with a drone all willy nilly.  So you are probably asking, what does the Swamp Fox think?

They miss the point.  If you were to ask me if I have the right to kill you, and I replied “yes,” what would you think of me?  If I respond, well, I might have reason to, such as self-defense?  That does not change the fact that I believe I have the right to kill you.  It’s about the perception.

If the government says they have the right to take everything you own if they view it as necessary, would you go along with it?  If they say you have the right to keep and bear arms unless they decide to take it from you, would you care?  If they say you had the right to free speech as long as long as they don’t disapprove, is that a big deal?

The government that says they can arbitrarily take anything away from you (especially your life) is tyrannical in nature.  Under such a government, you have no rights except for the ones they decide to allow you to keep.  In other words, you have no rights.

That is the point.  Any government that believes they have the right to kill you outside the proper context of the law believes they have complete power over you.

Rand wins.

Long Live the Constitution!