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Tim Ryan and Others and Their Reaction to the Shootings

Posted by Troy on 5th August 2019 in Current Events, Human Nature, Political

Without even missing a breath, Democrat contenders blame the shootings on Trump for saying we should send illegal immigrants back to their home country.

First of all, nothing I am to say is to excuse the actions of the shooters.  When Columbine happened, I remarked the fact that no one talked about the bullying those kids received prior to snapping.  That didn’t justify them.

Second, the Ohio shooter was a crazy leftist and hated Trump.

Third, the El Paso shooter said he was that way before Trump.

Fourth, likewise with the Columbine shooter, the failure of our government to secure the border created an environment that created frustration and other negative emotions that set this off.

Fifth, we don’t discuss how social media or the political statements on both sides may have played a factor.  They say Trump saying “send them back” causes it but don’t consider how promising healthcare or citizenship or open borders may have fed into this man’s actions.

Finally, it is a damn shame that the Left is so gung ho to blame Trump.  They appear MUCH more interested in using it politically than addressing any problem.  They would have been better served to come out and say, “The only one to blame for this is the sick individual who pulled the trigger.  But we must come together and figure out how we can prevent these kinds of attacks.”  Come at it as an open invitation to a discussion instead of a perfunctory statement of blame and a push for the same requested gun control measures that would not have prevented such an attack or would have merely made the shooter choose a different gun as the only difference.

Long live the Constitution!

Roseanne Barr Will Not Get the Opportunity to Apologize

Posted by Troy on 31st May 2018 in Current Events, Entertainment

Samantha Bee calls Ivanka a “cunt.”  No one really cares.  Sammy comes out and says “Sooooo sorry…” which she is not, and all is forgiven.

Roseanne will not be given the same courtesy.  She has been labeled a racist.  That’s the end of it.  Bill Clinton says of Obama “A few years ago, this guy would have been getting us our coffee.”  No problem there.  Biden says he is a light skinned, well-spoken negro…no problem there  (okay, I threw in the negro word, but seriously…).

Frankly, I don’t think Roseanne mean anything racial  by the comment.  I looked at picture of Valerie Jarrett and Dr. Zira, and I gotta say…separated from birth, yo.

Here’s my thing.  Roseanne is a living, breathing human being, as are all her co-stars.    We have deprived them all of their livelihood…over a tweet.  I’m sorry.  I didn’t even want to crack down on Michael Vick over the dog fighting.  Humans win.  Sorry, but that’s the truth.  I don’t want to destroy anyone’s life because I truly believe that we all need and deserve a chance for redemption.  They could have demanded that Roseanne make a donation to the NAACP or done community service in the intercity, or pretty much anything, and that would have have been a more desirable outcome.

I believe both people have said something deplorable.  However, one gets to say “Dude, like… I’m like…totally sorry and junk…” and all is forgiven.  The other is DESTROYED.  Roseanne will probably never get serious work again.  Why?  Because of a tweet.

Long Live the Constitution!

The argument for and against the racist society

Posted by Troy on 28th April 2015 in Current Events

People look at the happenings of Baltimore, and there are two conclusions: 1) Either the entire system is racist or 2) there are reasons for these events which are irrelevant of race.

The argument that the entire system is racist is based upon a mathematical construct.  The baseline belief is this: if blacks make up 40% of the population, it would be expected that they would also make up 40% of the prison population.  Since the prison population is much greater than that, it mathematically proves that the system is racist.  This logic is also applied to proportion rich, proportion educated, etc.

The other side would argue that there are independent factors which cause this skewing.  They would bring up economic background, the lack of fathers, the prevalence of gangs, etc.

So which side is right?  The reality is that neither side will convince the other.  For instance, the “racist system people” might try to control for some variables and mention conviction rate for those arrested for drugs.  The “other factors crowd” would inquire about what type of drugs?  Locations?  Ages?  Were they repeat offenders?  What about the other factors mentioned earlier?  Were the white defendants able to afford better lawyers?  etc etc.

On the other side, the “other factors crowd” can never convince the “racist system people.”  If they bring up all of these other factors, it only serves to cement in the “racist system people’s” minds that the “other factors crowd” has racists beliefs, and these beliefs are so ingrained that they can’t even SEE that they are racist.

So what is the point of all of this?  Well…I think my point is that the only point of view that doesn’t end badly is the second view.  If you believe the racist society view, you will be prone to riot and etc etc etc.  These actions reinforce the beliefs of the other factors crowd (as well as the truly racist).  Note that Martin Luther King Jr never turned over cars.  There was a REASON for this.  If the protesters of the 60s had done what the “protesters” of today were doing, it would have reaffirmed that Jim Crow laws were a good and necessary thing (and the townspeople would have shown up with guns).  However, seeing peaceful people being hosed down or beaten is what caused the Civil Rights Act to pass.  Also, believing the racist society mantra will lead only to one of two conclusions: either a violent race war or a system whereby blacks must be judged on a separate standard from whites.  This would be completely asinine (although the racist society crowd believes that blacks are already judged on a separate set of standards).

Accepting the other factors/personal accountability belief, on the other hand, demands that black teens NOT riot.  They demand that individuals act respectfully.  And if one wishes to be respected, they must act respectfully.

This is similar to the belief that voting matters or that voting doesn’t make a difference.  If you truly believe that voting doesn’t make a difference, there is only one option left: a violent, armed rebellion leading to the deaths of thousands in the initial battles and the slaughter of all those who dare speak in opposition if successful (see history books).

I prefer the path of non-violence in both cases.  Only by the solidification of mind and purpose can things be changed for the better.  Anything else is only a lie by those who seek power for themselves at the expense of the blood of the innocents.

Long Live the Constitution!

Mark Cuban’s “Bigoted” Remarks

Posted by Troy on 23rd May 2014 in Current Events

First of all, if you come out and say you’re a bigot, go ahead and expect people to jump on it.  Can’t say that I feel sorry for him.  However, Mark Cuban did not say anything racist.  He is a culturist (as I have said in the past…we are culturists, not racists).  A racist would cross the street if Wayne Brady was walking down the street.  What he is talking about of prejudice, and there is nothing wrong with prejudice (to per-judge, typically based on past experience and perceptions).  Prejudice keeps ya alive.  It is also a matter of facts and circumstances.  Let’s take his argument:

Black youth in a hoodie is walking down the street.  Mark Cuban crosses the street to avoid the youth.

Maybe.  I would think if it was late at night and there was no one on the street except the two of them and the kid was looking shady, yep.  But on a crowded street in broad daylight?  Hell no.  Same kid.  Same hoodie.  Difference?  The calculus of personal safety was changed with the various factors.

If you want to say all prejudice is bad, let me ask you the following spectrum:

Low risk: A black kid dressed like a Jehovah’s witness, carrying a bible, and singling a hymnal at noon on a crowded street.  High risk, a group of black adolescent males dressed like gangsters at 1 AM in a bad neighborhood carrying weapons and shouting “Let’s kill whitey.”  At what point along that spectrum are you allowed to prejudge?  You can roll your eyes at the high risk scenario, but it’s still jumping to conclusions.  They could be filming a movie.  They could be playing a prank.  They could be doing a project for their Harvard sociology degrees.

But hey, we can play the same thing on the other side.  If you’re a black person walking down the street:

Low risk: A white kid dressed like a Jehovah’s witness, carrying a bible, and singling a hymnal at noon on a crowded street (does it get safer than this?  Maybe if the kid’s in a wheelchair?).  High risk, a group of white adolescent males dressed like bikers with white supremacists tattoos all over themselves at 1 AM in a bad neighborhood carrying weapons and shouting “Let’s kill all n_____s.”

Racism is judging someone solely for their skin color.  Mark Cuban is judging someone for their culture.  And, honest to God, that is valid.  If you don’t want to be prejudged on such grounds, do not adopt violent cultures as your own.

Racism will always exist for the same reason that rape will always exist and murder and child molestation and a whole host of other evils.  True racism is MOSTLY a thing of the past (ie, he’s black so he’s sub-human).  If anything, I say the Left are the true racists now as they seem to believe that blacks lack the capability to succeed on their own merits.  I have a friend in education, and the government issues guidelines for what is considered acceptable educational standards which are based on race, lowering the bar for black students.  That is unacceptable.  Black students have the same unlimited potential as any other student, and all students should be judged equally.

Long Live the Constitution!

In Defense of Donald Sterling

Posted by Troy on 28th April 2014 in Current Events

In the proud tradition of defending the unpopular for ratings, I shall defend him.  How could I?  How dare I?  Oh, do read on!

I awoke this morning with all kinds of yelling and snapping on my radio alarm clock talking about this guy and his racist comments and that the President himself commented on it and all kinds of stuff, and I was like… “Dude, what this guy say that the President had to step away from the Ukraine situation and the Palestine situation and the taking away all our rights situation to comment about this?!”  So I went and found out!

Having listened to the whole exchange with his “girlfriend,” here is my take on it:

The chick took a picture of herself with Magic Johnson.  She posted this on the internet.  This guy’s friend started calling him up and razzing him about it.  Cool or not, that’s probably what started this argument.  Apparently, they were talking about going to Europe, and he cancels the trip because of the fighting with the girlfriend.  Now, bear in mind, he didn’t forbid her from hanging with MJ or anything else…just don’t post it on-line so he doesn’t get razzed by his friends.  She refuses to let matters drop and keeps needling him and needling him because she WANTS him to say this.  Things are falling apart with this rich guy, so this is the next thing for her to do.  Get a little fame, do some interviews, make some money, etc…  The whole time, she is calling him “Honey” like she reeeeeeeally cares for him, all the while setting him up.

So, why am I defending the guy?  Because I’m sick of it.  People are talking about taking away his team (which he paid for) for what?  Because he holds views you don’t agree with?  Fascist!  What gives you the right?  If it offends you, don’t go to the games.  The team will go broke, and he will sell the team.  That’s it.  You are upset because an EIGHTY year old white guy has some racist beliefs?  Well, hell, lets just execute everyone with views not congruent with the mainstream.  Fascists!  Is this it?  Shall the ownership of property be based on how people think of you?  Hell, that does sound like what Democrats want.  I do like all the athletes saying they wouldn’t have played in the playoff game.  Easy to say when you didn’t get there.  Of course, it is important to note that the Clippers players didn’t care enough to forego their wages for the game and quit.  That would have earned them a lot of respect in my eyes, but they declined, so their protests fall on deaf ears for me.

Between Donald or his girlfriend, I have more dislike of her.  She is a whore.  No more, no less.  Oh, she’s under a long term contract and very well paid, but she is a whore none the less.  She is only dating this guy because of his money, and she only had a problem with him when it looked like the gravy train was coming to a close.  I am sure that some people can fall in love with someone 50 years older than them.  However, if you really loved someone, you would never set them up and purposefully betray their trust the way she did.

The biggest reason I’m against all of this talk is simple: it is de facto thought crime.  He is going to be punished for the way he thinks.  To hell with that.  And for the record, I’m a white guy married to a filipina.  Doesn’t matter.  I don’t demand everyone think the way I do.  Also, this was a lovers’ spat.  Query: has anyone said something offensive or unfortunate when in a fight with a loved one?

Long Live the Constitution!

Bundy’s Racist Remarks

Posted by Troy on 24th April 2014 in Current Events, Political

This is why it’s hard to make a hero out of someone.  You almost always end up learning that they’re not perfect.  However, choosing to support someone or not support someone based on their personality or beliefs is stupid.  If the government is persecuting someone, you shouldn’t care if they are a Muslim or a Christian, if they are white or black, if they are Republican or Democrat, or any other such thing.  It doesn’t matter if they they are a paragon of good or a racist.  Unless it’s related to their offense, the government has no right to persecute anyone, and you should never support their persecution at the hands of the government just because you don’t like them as a person.  I’ll take the most extreme example possible.  Let’s suppose you had a pedophile.  While this is a horrible trait in someone, it does not give the government the right to confiscate all that they own on premise that no one will care because the person in question is a pedophile.  Advocating that the government can ignore ANYONE’S rights and freedoms is the same as advocating that they can ignore EVERYONE’S rights and freedoms.  No matter how distasteful it may be, you must defend everyone’s rights against the encroachment of the government.

Long Live the Constitution!

Only Racists Own Guns

Posted by Troy on 12th November 2013 in Current Events, Political

You know, it’s rare I get pissed off, but this really pissed me off.  Now the United Kingdom and Australia are trying to link gun ownership to racism.  First of all, I don’t understand why the rest of the world thinks it’s any of their business if we own guns or not.  If they think we are killing each other off, they should celebrate as it would be weakening us.  So you know what, rest of the world?  ____ off.  We’ll do as we please, and you can do as you please.  So how did they determine that racists own guns?  Well, there is a very high correlation between scoring high on a “symbolic racism” scale and gun ownership.  Um…okay.  Well, like any rational person, I asked, “What the hell makes someone symbolically racist?”  Or more to the point, “What the hell is symbolic racism?”  It took some digging, but they asked eight questions and the respondent gave an scale of Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree (basically).  The questions?

1- It’s really a matter of some people are not trying hard enough; if blacks would only try harder, they could be just as well off as whites.

2- Irish, Italian, Jewish, and many other minorities overcame prejudice and worked their way up.  Blacks should do the same.

3- Some say that black leaders have been trying to push too fast.  Others feel that they haven’t pushed fast enough.  What do you think?

4-How much of the racial tension that exists in the United States today do you think blacks are responsible for creating?

5-How much discrimination against blacks do you feel there is in the United States today, limiting their chances to get ahead?

6-Generations of slavery and discrimination have created conditions that make it difficult for blacks to work their way out of the lower class.

7-Over the past few years, blacks have gotten less than they deserve.

8-Over the past few years, blacks have gotten more economically than they deserve.

You could replace all eight of these questions with one question: “Do you believe in personal responsibility and the ability to make your own destiny?”  Anyone that would rank high on this scale would rank just as high if you swapped “blacks” with any other group you please (Welfare recipients, Hmong, Asians, Native Americans, whatever – although in fairness the part about slavery would have to be edited out).  Naturally, anyone that believes in personal responsibility would also take measures to defend themselves (such as buying a gun) as they would believe they were personally responsible for their own defense.

Let me sum up what “symbolic racism” means.  “Look, we can’t call these people racists because they don’t hate black people.  However, we are unable to get all the stuff passed that we want because they just don’t believe there are any true, ‘lynch them’ racists out there.  They think that blacks can accomplish success on their own…we MUST convince them that the belief that blacks can succeed is actually a form of racism.”  Yeah, that’s about right there, isn’t it?  Tell me…how is it not racist to believe that a black person isn’t capable of success on their own?  Believing in the ability of a person is now racism.  That is where we are right now.  This in and of itself is a sickness of the mind and a perversion of the human spirit.  They are perverting the belief in work ethic and personal responsibility and calling it a form of racism.  That’s sick enough as it is.

However, what is sicker is that they are using this perversion of thought as a way of tainting one of our rights.  As though people are going to say, “Oh…I don’t want to be racist, so I guess I have to give up my guns.”  This tactic will fail.  However, I am sure that some politicians will try to use this study as a way of pushing forth additional gun control measures stating that there is some mythical connection between gun ownership and hate crimes and, if we could only prevent gun ownership, there won’t be any more racism.

God, they are so predictable and stupid.  It’s sad there are even dumber people that will actually fall for it…

Long Live the Constitution!

Defending the South from Ryan Murphy

Posted by Troy on 24th October 2013 in Entertainment, Human Nature

The following is my letter to Ryan Murphy regarding the new season of American Horror Story: The Coven, which has depicted the South as racist, incestuous, and ignorant.  It is high time Southerns complain about the unfair treatment we receive at Hollywood’s hands.

Dear Mr. Murphy,

I will be typing this letter to you in addition to hand writing a letter. You are probably old enough to know and remember that a handwritten letter is a sign that someone is very devoted to saying what is in the letter. It is a mark of personal attention. However, the latest vogue of thought is that handwritten letters are to be mocked as unprofessional and backwards. Given your recent portrayal of the South, I do not wish to risk you thinking that I am some mere backwards hick from the sticks, as it were.

I have enjoyed your show, American Horror Story. However, I must take great exception to the newest installment, The Coven. Being a Southerner, I have always known and been forced to tolerate the portrayal of the South by Hollywood. However, it seems that your show goes one step further than even the worst movie about the South I have ever seen.

In the past three episodes, you have painted the South as racist. You have shown Southern religious people as fanatics that burn women at the stake. You have depicted us as rednecks that point guns in people’s faces with no justification. You have portrayed us as incest mongers. At every turn, you have used every single negative stereotype of the South and yet somehow managed not to show the nice stereotypes (such as that we are helpful, polite, and hospitable). If a director had given the same level of stereotypical treatment to any other group (blacks, gays, etc.), you would have been personally appalled. It seems as though the only groups Hollywood can slander are the South and Christians.

Racism has always existed and will always exist. It is not a Southern thing. It is not even a white thing. You can have a racist black man in Atlanta, Georgia. You can have a racist white woman in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. However, Southerners get along nicely. There is no open animosity as depicted by Hollywood. If you want race riots or police brutality, I suggest you look to New York, Chicago, or your own home of Los Angeles. As far as guns go, we have far more guns and far less homicides than our brothers in the north. Why? Because we were taught to respect human life. Also, we can defend ourselves. As far as the incest charge goes, just like racism, this is part of the human condition and can be found anywhere you go.

So, why am I writing you? I am writing you to tell you that I am disappointed in you. That is all. You tout yourself as breaking down barriers and stereotypes on your show, Glee. But here you are selling the same shlock that Hollywood has shoved down the throats of Americans for the last fifty years. Hollywood is the reason why the rest of America views us as uneducated, backwards, racist hicks. Again, if the show was on any other group, you would never dream of using such a cliché portrayal. I would challenge you to spend some time in the South. Stay a couple of weeks in Savannah. After you eat our food, you probably won’t want to leave. I plan to continue watching your show. It’s still probably the best thing on at ten o’clock on Wednesday, but know that falling back on stereotypes is a sign of lazy writing and is offensive.


Troy David Newham

Is Obamacare Racist?

Posted by Troy on 16th July 2012 in Current Events, Political

You bet it is!  A tax on tanning beds?  What have whites ever done to you, sir?!   ha ha, but seriously folks!  They have now determined that the term, “Obamacare,” is a racist term.  Why is that?  Is the Monroe Doctrine racist against whites?  How about the Cy Young Award?  How about the Heisman Trophy?  FDR’s The New Deal?  Reaganomics?  Of this, Reaganomics is probably the closest one.  So why do followers of Reagan speak well of the term (although liberals do tend to treat it as a put-down of economic theories) and followers of Obama do not want his signature law named after him?  The reason is that Reaganomics worked and Obamacare will NEVER work.  If he were really proud of it, he’d be honored to have it called Obamacare.  The fact of the matter is that he has to distance himself from his very own signature law if he’s to have any chance at being re-elected.  And he can only be re-elected if people don’t understand what a wrecking ball this sucker is.  He needs people to smile and say “pre-existing conditions and adult children on their parent’s policies,” and end there and ignore the economic catastrophe this thing really is.  See my segments in the past posts or on YouTube about how Obamacare is going to destroy the economy in 2014.

Long Live the Constitution!