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In Defense of Donald Sterling

Posted by Troy on 28th April 2014 in Current Events

In the proud tradition of defending the unpopular for ratings, I shall defend him.  How could I?  How dare I?  Oh, do read on!

I awoke this morning with all kinds of yelling and snapping on my radio alarm clock talking about this guy and his racist comments and that the President himself commented on it and all kinds of stuff, and I was like… “Dude, what this guy say that the President had to step away from the Ukraine situation and the Palestine situation and the taking away all our rights situation to comment about this?!”  So I went and found out!

Having listened to the whole exchange with his “girlfriend,” here is my take on it:

The chick took a picture of herself with Magic Johnson.  She posted this on the internet.  This guy’s friend started calling him up and razzing him about it.  Cool or not, that’s probably what started this argument.  Apparently, they were talking about going to Europe, and he cancels the trip because of the fighting with the girlfriend.  Now, bear in mind, he didn’t forbid her from hanging with MJ or anything else…just don’t post it on-line so he doesn’t get razzed by his friends.  She refuses to let matters drop and keeps needling him and needling him because she WANTS him to say this.  Things are falling apart with this rich guy, so this is the next thing for her to do.  Get a little fame, do some interviews, make some money, etc…  The whole time, she is calling him “Honey” like she reeeeeeeally cares for him, all the while setting him up.

So, why am I defending the guy?  Because I’m sick of it.  People are talking about taking away his team (which he paid for) for what?  Because he holds views you don’t agree with?  Fascist!  What gives you the right?  If it offends you, don’t go to the games.  The team will go broke, and he will sell the team.  That’s it.  You are upset because an EIGHTY year old white guy has some racist beliefs?  Well, hell, lets just execute everyone with views not congruent with the mainstream.  Fascists!  Is this it?  Shall the ownership of property be based on how people think of you?  Hell, that does sound like what Democrats want.  I do like all the athletes saying they wouldn’t have played in the playoff game.  Easy to say when you didn’t get there.  Of course, it is important to note that the Clippers players didn’t care enough to forego their wages for the game and quit.  That would have earned them a lot of respect in my eyes, but they declined, so their protests fall on deaf ears for me.

Between Donald or his girlfriend, I have more dislike of her.  She is a whore.  No more, no less.  Oh, she’s under a long term contract and very well paid, but she is a whore none the less.  She is only dating this guy because of his money, and she only had a problem with him when it looked like the gravy train was coming to a close.  I am sure that some people can fall in love with someone 50 years older than them.  However, if you really loved someone, you would never set them up and purposefully betray their trust the way she did.

The biggest reason I’m against all of this talk is simple: it is de facto thought crime.  He is going to be punished for the way he thinks.  To hell with that.  And for the record, I’m a white guy married to a filipina.  Doesn’t matter.  I don’t demand everyone think the way I do.  Also, this was a lovers’ spat.  Query: has anyone said something offensive or unfortunate when in a fight with a loved one?

Long Live the Constitution!

Westboro Baptists and other low-lifes

Posted by Troy on 17th December 2012 in Current Events, Political

First of all, the Westboro Baptist church members need their asses kicked as they are protesting the funerals of the dead children at Sandy Hook.  Several people in the past cautioned at becoming “overly civilized.”  I think we’ve reached that point.  There is no way in hell that people in the 1950s would have put up with this crap.  Freedom of speech is one thing, but this goes far too far.  Your speech has consequences.  No one in their right mind would go to Harlem and start yelling the N-word.  Why?  Because they would be beaten or killed.  Do they have the freedom of speech?  Yes, but we all know that there are levels of provocation.  If you are seeking to provoke someone, you reap what you sow.  This is not to demean the freedom of speech but merely to state the unspoken obvious: what you say has an effect on others and may elicit a response.  Freedom of speech is against the government, not against other citizens.  The government cannot discriminate against you just because you are critical of the government.  If you are critical of someone, they will probably discriminate against you in retaliation.

I also want to chastise the media.  They tell us that we should help the victims of Sandy Hook.  How?  There is no property damage.  Not all the money in the world could replace what was taken, nor would any parent have traded their child for all the money in the world even if there were left alive.  No, there is nothing that can be done except to stop talking about it.  Allow them to grieve and move on with their lives.  However, they will not let them do that.  The media loves plastering the pictures of the victims and the killer all over television because it’s great for ratings.  It’s so sensational.  Politicians are loving turning this tragic event into gun control propaganda.  I wonder if when they first heard about the shootings if their first thoughts weren’t about the poor children or the motives for such a senseless crime.  Instead, they probably thought about how great their ratings were going to be or how they could get their precious legislation passed.

I don’t believe that people are going to call for gun control any more than those who already do.  People have made up their minds on that issue.  I believe that most people understand that this was an isolated actions of a madman.  I should never wish to give away our freedoms at each such offense.  Millions the world round have suffered due to the Communist Manifesto.  Obviously, we should not have freedom of speech as what we write or say may cause the deaths of millions of innocent women and children.  See how this works?

Long Live the Constitution!