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Does McConnell’s Victory Signal the Death of the Tea Party?

Posted by Troy on 21st May 2014 in Current Events, Political

No.  Thank you.  Oh…elaborate?  Fine.  The “Tea Party” is basically a loose affiliation.  That is to say, there are no membership dues.  For the most part, there are no newsletters.  Contrary to popular opinion, there is not even a true cohesiveness of thought.  If you were to actually go to a Tea Party meeting (rather than get your opinions from TV as they like to control what ideas you are exposed to), you would discover that it is a mish-mash of several different philosophies ranging from Conservative to Libertarian.  However, they are all decidedly small government people.  The concept that they are anti-government is ridiculous.  Instead, they are for a small, limited federal government.  They want roads and police…they just want them provided by their state and local governments as the Founders envisioned.  That being said, no “Tea Party” candidate would ever win in Nancy Pelosi’s district.  Does that mean that mean the Tea Party is dead?  No.  It just means that her district is for bigger government with unlimited taxation powers that provide massive social programs (we generally call this “communism,” but we’ll call it “progressive” as they prefer that label when force feeding it to you on national TV).  Likewise, for whatever reason, Kentucky seems to prefer Mitch.  However, I do have some hope for Kentucky as they did elect Rand Paul, a libertarian.  That being said, the true test for Mitch McConnell is if he can maintain his position as the Republican leader in the senate after this next round of elections.  I have a feeling he will be replaced.  In so far as that goes, that is a national choice.  I have always advocated the right leader for the right people.  Ted Cruz would suck if he was representing Nancy Pelosi’s district and vice versa.  We all deserve to be represented…even if you are bat shit crazy.

Long Live the Constitution!

Odds are Lugar’s Defeat is None of Your Business

Posted by Troy on 16th May 2012 in Political

Poor Lugar.  Defeated unjustly!  Oh, how foolish of Republicans to bow to the Tea Party.  This surely means that the Republicans will lose everything.

Isn’t it funny how people who are not Republicans are so concerned about the future of the Republican party?

Why is it so important that Republicans have people that reach across the aisle, but it’s okay if Democrats do not compromise?

The fact of the matter is that most of this criticism is coming from outside of Indiana.  As such, they have no business in who the Indiana Senator is.  I despise Nancy Pelosi for so many different reasons, but she is a good Representative of her people.  They adore her.  I can only assume that her district is as wacked out as she is, but she represents THEM, not ME.  Ergo, she should continue to win re-election.

Obviously, Lugar was not representing the Republicans of his district, and thus he was defeated.  It could have been his vote banning “assault” (really cool looking) weapons, his vote for the Brady Bill, his vote for gun lock requirements, his vote to hold gun manufactures responsible for gun deaths, his vote against concealed weapon laws, his vote for amnesty, his vote for the Dream Act, his vote to allow illegal workers the right to receive Social Security, his confirmation of Ginsburg (who believes South Africa’s Constitution is great and ours is a relic) or Sotomayer (who is a proponent of judicial activism and social justice through the court system) or Kagan (who was Obama’s Solicitor General), his votes for unreasonable energy standards (as though you can legislate technological advances) which will cost American companies fortunes in R&D that might not pan out and cause our products to be more expensive, his commitment of climate change (which many do not believe is man-made), his support of cap and trade (which is a method of global socialism more than anything),  his votes for TARP or the auto bailouts, his insane START treaty support, his support of the Law of the Sea Treaty, or his refusal to repeal Obamacare.  I don’t know.  I’m sure they have their reasons.

Senators do not have tenure.  They don’t get to keep their job regardless of their actions and votes.  He voted for these things, and he was held accountable.  Maybe Mourdock will win, maybe he will lose.  Personally, I see no point in electing someone who is willing to sell out our national sovereignty to international organizations.  I don’t think the Democrat could be much worse.  Regardless, once a Senator or Representative stops representing the interest of his people, it is time for them to be replaced.

Long Live the Constitution!

Romney Vs Paul in Virginia

Posted by Troy on 27th December 2011 in Current Events, Political

Only two people managed to get on the ballot for the GOP primary in Virginia: Romney and Ron Paul.  Gingrich is furious that such a thing has happened and has said that this is evidence that the system is broken.  Personally, I view it as a sign as to just how incompetent everyone has become.  There is no excuse for this.  The fact of the matter is that there is one single most important task of a campaign manager: to ensure that your candidate’s name is on the ballot.  If it is not, then is is highly unlikely that they will be elected, isn’t it?

I am unfamiliar with the primary rules in Virginia.  I will assume that they allow for write-in votes.  If this is the case, one of three things will happen.

1)  Mitt Romney will win.  If this happens, Ron Paul can probably pack it up.  No one likes Romney.  If he wins, that means that NOBODY likes Ron Paul and that all the commentators on Fox News are right.

2)  Ron Paul will win.  If this happens, commentators will probably point out that Romney is through.  Rather than use a Ron Paul victory as a sign of Ron Paul’s viability as a candidate, they will say that “If Romney can’t even beat Ron Paul one-on-one, this is a clear sign that the majority of Republicans do not want Romney as a candidate.”

3)  A write-in will win.  Now, if this happens, both should drop out of the race because if a write-in wins, then that surely means that both are through.

I’ve been flopping around, but I am leaning towards Ron Paul.  I believe the type of Presidency he describes is more in line with what the Founders had in mind.  Look, the President is the Commander in Chief, but I don’t think that the Founders wanted the President to launch attacks on foreign soil without Congressional approval.  Doing is is an act of WAR, and declaring war is the job of the Legislative Branch.

Long Live the Constitution!