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Acosta got what he deserved

Posted by Troy on 8th November 2018 in Current Events, Political

I would have banned Acosta a long time ago.  My break moment would have come at the White House Easter Egg Roll.  Acosta sought conflict on a day that was meant to be a fun day for children at the White House, and I would have pulled his credentials and had him escorted off the grounds.

Acosta was acting with a total lack of decorum.  As soon as he touched the intern, he sealed his fate.  That was inexcusable.  That girl was only doing her job.  While the touch was slightly more than incidental, it is inexcusable.  The Press is there as a courtesy to them and to the American people.  They have no right to be there.  They do not.  You want to believe they do, maybe, but you would be wrong.  Freedom of the press means they can write and say whatever they want.  They have no right to access.  That is something that Presidents give to them.  It can be taken away.  With that as a background, Acosta should have passed the microphone.  His tone was a total lack of respect, as it always is.  Trump tolerated that.  He should have passed the mic, but he persisted, and Trump tolerated that.  The intern went in to take the mic, which is akin to giving someone the hook.  As soon as he pushed her arm away, that was something that Trump could no longer tolerate.  His body language changed and he stepped away from the podium.  The look on that intern’s face said it all.

The White House Correspondents Association is wrong to take Acosta’s side.  What they are basically saying is that their members should be allowed to act asinine, hog the mic which is a disrespect to the other journalists there, and commit light assault with no repercussions.  This stance means that they condone such behavior.  They are on the wrong side of this argument, and they demean their other members by supporting a member who had crossed the line.  And before you say “All for one and one for all!” or any other stupidity, I would like to remind you that they all came down hard when Daily Caller’s Neil Munro interrupted Obama.  But I guess that’s different.  That was Obreezy.  A’ight?

I guarantee, if any reporter from Fox had treated Obama with anything approaching the way Acosta treats Trump, they would have been GONE and there would have been universal condemnation.  Don’t pretend that this is anything other than Trump hate.

Long Live the Constitution!

Obama lets you keep your old plan

Posted by Troy on 14th November 2013 in Current Events, Political

How gracious of him to ALLOW you to keep the plan you picked out on your own and paid for on your own.  For Obama is oft merciful.

I pity insurance professionals.  They had to listen to that broadcast and got that eye-twitch, you know…the twitch you get right before you snap.  They were villainized before the Affordable Care Act.  They they did as they were supposed to do to comply with the law.  Then they were blamed for cancelling the policies that Obama told them had to be cancelled, and now they are being told to reinstate these plans…but next year they will have to be cancelled again…unless Obama changes his mind again…twitch twitch twitch…

This will explode in Obama’s face.  Those plans are gone.  The insurance companies either won’t bring them back or, if they do, will bring them back at much higher costs.  Either way, people are going to be pissed.

This is like if you go to your favorite hamburger joint and order the same burger as always.  However, now it has truffles and, instead of $3, they charge you $10.  You complain to the manager, and he agrees to give you the old burger you ordered just yesterday at $3, but now he charges you $5.  Do you think you’re going to be happy because you got your old burger?  Hell no!  You wanted the old burger you enjoyed at the price you enjoyed.

I will say, I am enjoying watching Obama age right before my eyes.  That’s always fun.

Long Live the Constitution!