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Why Oprah Will Never Be President…If She’s Smart

Posted by Troy on 10th January 2018 in Current Events, Political

If she were to run and get the Democratic nomination, I believe she would win.  She would win as she would have the same wind at her back (a lackey media and pop culture just spewing sugar all day for her) without the anchor of being the most unlikable person on the planet (i.e. she’s not Hillary Clinton).  So she would win (unless the economy is just exploding under Trump, in which case, there is nothing Democrats can do but cry… more money in your pocket always wins on election day).

1 – Oprah’s brand is her fortune.  Look at her empire.  Say what you will for Trump, his product is his fortune.  He builds real estate.  He has other little side ventures, but his name (as much as he would cringe at hearing this) is not really his fortune.  No one buys a building because Trump built it.  No one buys a wine because of Trump on the label.  They do for Oprah.  She may have some manufacturing of some sort in her portfolio, but her main income is from endorsing things.  Selling things.  Marketing things (including herself in her show).  If she gets into politics, she will instantly have 40% of the nation pretty much hating her.  This would destroy her brand and her fortune.  But let’s assume she doesn’t care about any of that.

2 – Being President means you are Commander in Chief.  That means you have to give orders that cause people to die.  Or withhold orders that cause people to die.  Their deaths are on your shoulders.  Could Trump give those orders?  Yes.  Could Hillary?  Shit Hillary could send 100,000 men to their deaths without batting an eye.  This is not a sexist remark.  Women can do it just as well as men (Queen Elizabeth, Margret Thatcher, Angela Merkle, Hillary Clinton…).  Could you imagine Oprah giving those orders?

If she were to become President, this country is pretty much toast.  While I am generally a non-interventionist, every country in the world is going to assume that she is unwilling to see men die at her command and would instantly start running roughshod over weaker countries.  We would have open borders.  Her way of dealing with every crisis would be to open the coffers either in aid to poor countries or as bribes to evil countries.  Trying the techniques she used to gain her status in the world: be likable.  Be generous.  Try to talk things out.  All these sound great.  But it’s one thing to talk things out with your friend who is mad at you.  It’s another to talk things out with an MS-13 member that’s about to kill you or Rocket Man.

Long Live the Constitution!

Why Hillary Should be Disqualified for President

Posted by Troy on 29th April 2015 in Current Events, Political

Hillary has emerged as the front runner for the Democratic ticket.  Of course, she was in 2008 as well, but hey…

Hillary should in no way be eligible to run for President.  Let me break it down for you:

1 – No on can list a single accomplishment of hers in the public sphere.  Her role as Secretary of State is marked only by failures and a general decline of opinion for the US around the world.

2 – She obviously covered up stuff regarding Benghazi.  She kept her own e-mail servers.  When asked for access, she provided a few emails, and then wiped/destroyed the servers.  Could you imagine doing this?  Could you imagine a judge issuing a subpena for your records, you give him 2% of the records, and burn the rest?  Your @$$ would be in jail for destruction of evidence.  I mean, you’d be toast.

3 – She received (and continues to receive) money from foreign governments.  This is expressly forbidden by the Constitution and by the agreement she signed in order to hold the position of Secretary of State.  Then she covered it up by not reporting these sums on their 990 tax return.  Since this came to light, they are filing amended returns.  Why?  Because foreign transactions are a big deal with the IRS.  They can yank her tax-exempt status and possibly throw her in jail for failure to disclose foreign bank accounts and transactions.

4 – This points to a couple of things.  1) She believes she is above the law and 2) she believes she is untouchable/”the people” are stupid.  And she is probably right.  People are defending her despite the fact that the evidence keeps mounting, and I have no doubt in my mind that she will never have any penalties set upon her for all of her lies and all the times she broke the law.

I don’t understand the fandom of Hillary anyway.  As best I can tell, it’s the transitive property.  “I like Bill,” “Bill is married to Hillary,” sooooo “I must like Hillary too!”  That really seems to be the depth of thought.  If her name was Hillary Smeckle, I don’t think ANYONE would be talking about her at all.  It is the same political royalty BS that we saw with the Kennedys.

Long Live the Constitution!

Governor Chris Christie

Posted by Troy on 29th July 2013 in Current Events, Political

Originally, I think everyone (well…not everyone) liked Chris Christie.  When people opposed his cost saving measures, he would cut them off and wouldn’t allow them to take it to some ridiculous, emotional level that denied the merits of what he was doing.  Everyone cheered this, as I think most people are tired of being lead around by the heart and having us go further and further in debt for it.  However, over time, it turned out that his bombastic attitude did not extend to just the issues.  He isn’t the no-nonsense leader that we have all be waiting for.  Instead, he is an imperial leader who doesn’t like to be questioned.  Of course, who likes to be questioned?  Still, in our system of government, you do not get to have your way and override your opposition just because they disagree with you.  One has to ask, isn’t that a lot like Obama himself?  In fact, Christie supports global warming, cap and tax, gun control measures, and the NSA spying on Americans.  How can we trust him?  I sincerely hope that we, as a country, do not fall for his sales pitch and see him as he really is.

Long Live the Constitution!

State of the Union 2013

Posted by Troy on 12th February 2013 in Current Events

Fury.  Pure fury infused my veins when the President smugly announced, “Our rights are wrapped up in the rights of others.”  NO!  NO NO NO!  Oh, HELL NO!  Our rights are individual rights.  They are endowed by our creator.  What is a right?  Do we have the right to a well paying job?  No, for that comes from someone else.  However, we have a right to try to make a living for ourselves.  Do we have a right to housing?  No, for housing comes from someone else.  In order for us to have a right to housing, we have to have the right to make a timber company cut a tree, a contractor build the house, and everything else that goes with it, for free.  Do we have a right to find housing and pay for it in a free market?  Yes.  Get it?  Do you see how it works?  Collective rights must end with the destruction of individual rights.  The death of individuals rights must therefore kill the incentive for individual effort.  The destruction of individual effort means that the government must FORCE people to work for the good of the collective.  Our rights are NOT wrapped up in the rights of others.  Our rights are given to us by God and limited by the government.  The government cannot grant you any rights.  They can only take away the rights of others to bestow gifts onto you.  This is a bribe for them to stay in power until they eventually turn on you.  This is the most dangerous line in his speech.

Look, this is what he has said:  Let’s spend!  Let’s spend on us!  Let’s spend on illegal immigrants!  Let’s spend on other countries!  Let’s spend on the Muslim Brotherhood!  Let’s tax the rich.  Let’s increase regulations!  Let’s increase energy costs!  Spend!  Spend!  Spend!  Let’s tear down the Constitution!

This speech didn’t even test well among Democrats.

He wants to increase control over the internet.  That ain’t good.

He has a very vague “improvement” to voting.  Look, if you can’t spare a few hours to vote, do early voting.  If you’re too damn lazy to get your ass to the polling place, I don’t want you to vote.

His assault on the Second Amendment will do nothing to save the 15 year olds in Chicago from gang thugs.  You want to stop that?  Stop gangs!

He wants to encourage fatherhood by having a tax credit?  Yeah, like the Earned Income Credit isn’t the most abused credit in history.  If a father is only sticking around because of the damn tax credit, he’s not much of a father, is he?  Just more distribution wrapped as family values.  That’s all it is.

Roads and Bridges!  Bridges and Roads!

Query, if we didn’t have the minimum wage, do you think we’d still have 9% unemployment?  Or do you think the unemployed would offer to work for $6.50 to have ANY kind of job, and thus get more people working, which would decrease the labor force which would cause the wage to INCREASE back due to market forces?  Supply and demand, fools!  Look it up.  But NOOOOOO, lets increase the minimum wage, yo.  That’ll work great.  That won’t screw the economy and send us reeling back to the Recession.  That will bring the jobs back from overseas.

Finally, I don’t care if the rich are making more money than ever.  If you spend your high school years drinking and trying to get laid, you’re going to end up being a janitor, and the value of clean floors has not changed since the 1970s, and that is why their wages have not risen.  You don’t get a raise just because the company is profitable because they can hire any idiot to push a broom.  You should have tried hard in high school, not when you’re 40.

Long Live the Constitution!

Warning Signs of Fascist Totalitarianism

Posted by Troy on 16th January 2013 in Current Events, Political

Here’s a couple of warning signs of fascist totalitarianism.  Totalitarianists love to use little children to push their agenda.  This is because seeing children ramps up the emotional side of us and defeats our rational thought.  We will agree to destroy our freedoms to “protect the children” which represents the future.  However, these are false promises.  All that happens is we give up our own freedoms and rob our children the right to enjoy those freedoms.

That brings us to the second issue.  New York is forcing law abiding citizens to register their “assault weapons.”  If they do not renew this registration every five years, it becomes a felony.  Yeah, no one has forgotten to renew their driver’s license, and that’s something that they use daily.  I wonder if criminals are going to bother registering their weapons.  Nope?  Then, again, this is just a law that penalizes the law abiding citizens, and to what end?  In history, registration of guns always leads to confiscation which leads to mass graves (Germany, Russia, China).

No lives are going to be saved by any of these measures that the President took.  If you banned all assault weapons, criminals will just use whatever weapon they can find.  A shotgun will kill ya just as good as an AR-15 any day and twice on Sundays.  Making doctors tattle on their patients will have the possible side-effect of preventing these people from seeking help in the first place.  Doctors have an obligation to notify police if they feel their patients pose a real threat to someone.  Right now, I’m recommending that people lie to their doctors and tell them that they do not own a gun if they are asked.

I’m sick of how this President operates.  Mark my words, when they start marching out kids that have been coached by party liners to advance the agenda, there’s trouble brewing.  Don’t be fooled.  Let’s let our kids be kids, and we’ll be grown-ups and actually deal with the problem.  If you ask a kid, they might tell you we should end homelessness by giving everyone a house.  Kids aren’t equipped to solve grown-up problems.  However, I can understand why Obama would want to surround himself with children.  It must feel like a Democratic National Convention.

Long Live the Constitution!

Obama Re-elected: This fact says all you need to know

Posted by Troy on 8th November 2012 in Current Events, Political

The day after Obama was re-elected by the uninformed masses, something amazing happened!

The stock market, WORLDWIDE, fell.  The margins are different wherever you go, but they were all down.  Here in the United States, our markets (pretty much across every index) were down 2.25% or so.  Of course, a lot of the more informed people would say, “They were just selling off positions to re-position themselves based on his re-election.”  This fantasy involves ignoring that Obama had been the President for the last 4 years.  If they were re-positioning themselves, they must have already re-positioned once, so sure they were of his getting kicked out of office.  Nope, this is just good ol’ fashioned, “Oh crap!” selling.

What’s more telling, however, is that the 10 year US Treasury dropped 6.11% IN ONE DAY!!!!!  US Treasuries are supposed to be the most stable instrument.  Okay, so the value of the US Treasury bond for a 10 year period dropped 6.11%.  Question:  What does that tell you about the outlook for our debt?  People think that in 10 years, it’s not going to be worth crap.  Ouch.  Of course, what happens when the outlook for our debt becomes so bad that no one will hold it?

You elected him, America.  Well, half of you did.  Our half has to survive what your half did to us.  Be forewarned, when our debt becomes worthless, and we actually do have to live within our means, your free Obamaphone, birth control, and other freebies stop.  Medicare will stop too at that point.  Social Security MAY stop, or they will give you the option of moving into “free” housing with “free” food…just like in Soviet Russia.

To all those “social” voters out there:  When the Democrats had full power did they: Fix immigration?  NOPE!  Deal with gender inequalities?  NOPE!  Provide for gay marriage?  NOPE!  Legalize pot?  NOPE!  Get rid of the Patriot Act?  NOPE!  Close Gitmo?  NOPE!  Did they actually do any of the “hallmark” crap that Democrats love to give lip service to?  NOPE!  Gee, do you think all that talk is just to string you along and make you think that they have your back so they can get your support so they can go about doing whatever it is that they want to do which is rewarding their financial supporters and taking control of everything like health care?!  How about that!  What makes logical sense, don’t it?  Huh, you know, that’s what actually paying attention to what’s going on and actually THINKING about it will do for ya.  Give it a try.

Long Live the Constitution!

Marine Gary Stein dismissed over Obama Comments

Posted by Troy on 26th April 2012 in Current Events

Needless to say, this falls under stupid things to say.  However, his comments are 100% correct.  The enlistment oath is as follows:

“I, XXXXXXXXXX, do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of the Military Justice.  So Help me God.”

Any order that the President gives which goes against the Constitution would be void under this oath.  I should imagine that Gary Stein is concerned about the declaration of martial law.  Also, every serviceman has the right to deny an order if he believes it is an illegal order.  If an officer tells the soldier to shoot unarmed women and children, the serviceman has the right not to comply with that order.  He may be court marshaled for it, and the court would decide if the serviceman was justified in that decision.

Ergo, when Gary Stein says he will not obey all orders, he has a very defensible position.  That being said, don’t insult your boss on Facebook.  It’s not a wise move.

Long Live the Constitution!

Obama is NOT the most Christian President

Posted by Troy on 20th February 2012 in Political

A college professor has said that Obama is the most Christian President we have ever had.  Of course, this is in no way true.  The most Christian President we ever had was John Adams, who was very devoted to his faith.  I would say that George Washington was probably the second most Christian President, but this is neither here nor there.  The fact of the matter is, Obama cannot possibly be a Christian.  I can say that based on his comment that people cling to their guns and God.  That statement alone is enough to point out that he is not a Christian.  Children cling to things.  Clinging implies an irrational belief in something,  If, however, a Christian was so inclined to say that someone clings to God, they would mean it as a positive, such as, “You’ve been through so much.  I admire how you cling to God despite the ill-fortune that has befallen you.  Your faith is so strong!”  Even then, it would be an odd way to word this statement.  I believe that Obama pretends that he believes in God to get more votes and tries to evoke the Bible as a way as persuading the unwashed masses.

State-ists cannot believe in God.  God and family are the biggest competitors for authority to the State, as I point out in 2084: The Search for Love, Hope, and Faith.  This is why totalitarian governments have sought to undermine the family and religion–just like in Communist Russia or Nazi Germany.  Religion is persecuted and kids are taught to be more loyal to the State than the family, asking them to turn in their own parents to the secret police.

What the professor really means is that Obama believes in taking from the rich and giving to the poor.  He is mistaking Robin Hood for Jesus in this matter.  Here is a tip: Robin Hood carries a bow, and his beard is more of a goatee.  Jesus never intended for anyone to take from anybody.  ”Thou Shall Not Steal” sounds oddly familiar here.  Instead, he wanted people to give from their own heart, not at the tip of the sword.  To equate voluntary charity with compulsorily participation in a government run entitlement system is laughable.  There is no honor or morality in being forced to help others.  Also, there are plenty in the entitlement system who do not need help (cheats who scam the system) or do not deserve the help (those who could work but are too sorry to do so).  When a person is helping someone, they are likely to cut off help if they see the person they’re helping is just sitting on their butts, not looking for work.  Government agencies do not hold people accountable for leaching off the system.  This professor has clearly forgotten that Jesus also said, “He who does not work shall not eat.”  Jesus’ cry to give to those less fortunate did not extend to those who would only take, as this is just a form of theft and would lead to ruin.  You can never produce enough to support those who would take a free ride if you offer it to them.  When the Bible says “Give onto Caesar that which is Caesar’s” and “Give unto God that which is God,” what it is saying is that everything is God’s.  Whose claim is greater than God’s on anything that exists?

Long Live the Constitution!

Iowa Results

Posted by Troy on 4th January 2012 in Current Events, Political

Now I would like to give my two cents on the results of Iowa:

Romney:  He won by 8 votes after spending a fortune.  If Bachman had dropped out, then he would have lost to Santorum as none of her votes would have gone to Romney.  Despite Ann Coulter and others supporting him, I don’t think he will be the last man standing.

Santorum:  He’s my second choice.  I do think he’s forgettable.  He gives pretty solid answers to questions.  Overall, I like him best of the “Same old, same old” candidates.

Ron Paul:  I would have liked for him to do better.  I think he would do better if they just allowed candidates to discuss their platforms instead of doing debates.  Whenever they ask him a question on debates, it’s about Iran and newsletters and other things that don’t matter.  Really, compared to the impending demise of the dollar and our economy, whatever Iran does is meaningless.  If we go bankrupt, we can’t do anything about them having a nuke anyway.

Gingrich:  I think he may have shot himself in the foot by abandoning his “nice guy” act.  That was the only hope he had.

Perry:  I just think he’s too far down to have any hope.  I also think he’d be destroyed by the media and Obama.

Bachman:  It was her last gasp, and she quit.  I like her, but she’s not meant to be President.

Huntsman:  If you lie down with dogs, you get fleas.  He needs to drop.

I’m predicting Santorum will get the nomination, but I will continue to hold out hope for Ron Paul.  Stranger things have happened.

George Washington for President

Posted by Troy on 25th July 2011 in Human Nature

Someone posed that we needed George Washington to arrive again and run for President to save this country.

That leads to a couple of questions.  The first is, would we accept George Washington for President?  Michael Moore and other Leftist seek to discredit the Founders, particularly George Washington who can be looked at as the North Star–constant and indispensable.  In order to completely tear down this country, one must tear down George Washington.  So, that leads the question, could we follow George Washington again?  I say, yes, we can.  George Washington had such a love and devotion to this country that I cannot help but think that we would fall under his spell and follow him.  To some degree, that is what made Reagan such a popular President.  When he spoke, you could tell that Reagan loved America.  It is infectious, and no one had a greater love for this country than George Washington.

That leads to the other question.  Would George Washington have us?  We give up our hard earned freedom with the Patriot Act.  We enact in socialism.  We argue about petty things.  We revel in the trivial.  Our lifestyles are probably abhorrant to someone from 1776.  So, would he take us?  I would like to think that he would look upon us with great sadness, but, like Jesus, believing we are worthy and capable of redemption.  I cannot help but think that his total love and devotion to this country would cause him to lead us again.

But these are fairy tales.  Unlike Britain and Romania and other cultures, we do not have a king that vowed to return again in our hour of need.  Truly, George Washington would never want us to believe that this is the case.  He would want us to know we are on our own and handle our problems ourselves.  We need to start taking care of ourselves on the world stage and in our personal lives as well.

Long Live the Constitution!