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Posted by Troy on 2nd October 2011 in Human Nature

The human population has gotten out of control.  It is going to continue to grow.  Originally, God kept the human race in check by means of plague and famine.  Modern medicine has beaten plague, and advanced agriculture has defeated famine.  However, the population has gotten to the point where we are seeing more drug resistant bugs and famine regardless, so that means we have a decision to make.  What is the best way to handle this population bomb?

1)  Continue to help those we can help.  We can grow more food and make more drugs.  We can start an education campaign to try to explain to overpopulated places that they need to stop having children.  Result:  We will have a larger population, they will not stop having babies, and the problem will grow worse.

This cannot work.  So there are really only two choices.  Option one will lead to making the following “real” choices.

2)  We allow nature to take its course.  Cold hearted as it may seem, we allow people to starve to death.  We allow plagues to wipe out large swaths of population.  Ideally, the most fit physically and mentally will survive.  They say that the Renaissance was a direct result of the Black Plague.

3)  Eugenics.  We pick and choose who may or may not reproduce.  We sterilize all those who do not have desirable genes.  We also sterilize people after a number of preset children.  No more “19 Kids and Counting.” 

So the question is, which is more evil?  Which is worse.  Somehow, watching people starve to death seems less evil to me than telling people who has a right to reproduce.  I don’t know why that is.  I suppose it goes back to how I define Evil in 2084 as anything which destroys freedom.  As I pointed out, not even the Devil himself can destroy freedom.  He can use freedom against you by tempting you to choose to do evil, but he cannot force you to choose to do evil.  To me, the image of someone starving to death is somehow natural whereas the image of people being dragged kicking and screaming into hospital rooms to be forcibly sterilized is something akin to a horror movie to me.  It is odd still because in one scenario the person is killed and in the other the person is alive, and yet I view the second scenario as being more evil.

People may disagree with me.  These are the only three scenarios that will work.  I believe that human nature will defeat option 1.  It would then come down to a choice between God choosing and Humans choosing who has a right to live or die….

I think that should be God’s choice.