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Cops Shot in Dallas

Posted by Troy on 7th July 2016 in Current Events

So, two black men were shot by police in other cities.  These shootings are currently under investigation by police.  The obvious response is for someone to shoot two cops who had nothing to do with the situation.

There are going to be two groups of people.  There is going to be a certain part of the population which will say that this proves that we need to do something to end the systematic racism and murder of blacks by police officers.  And the others that view these incidents as unfortunate rarities.  What this is to say is that there are people that believe that this is the reality of the world, and there are others that do not believe this reality.

I am not going to debate this reality question.  I think that people have pretty much made up their minds on the matter one way or another, and I don’t want to waste my time either way.

What I want to say is: arm yourselves.  Either one of two things will happen.  Either the first group of people will win and cops will stop doing their jobs (as they have done in Baltimore and other big cities which have since seen murder rates skyrocket) or this group will become more militant, and we will begin to see more situations like Dallas.

Of course, the major concern on my mind, and one that I will be watching in the coming months, is if our Dictator in Chief will declare martial law.  Remember, he ran in 2004 saying that we needed a domestic peacekeeping force as large and equally funded as the US Military.  As I’ve always said…who is such a force going to fight?  Last time I checked…Americans are the only people here…well…also illegals, but Obama would NEVER send police forces after them.

Long Live the Constitution!

Muslim Clock Maker – It’s a bomb!!!!!

Posted by Troy on 23rd September 2015 in Current Events

A 14 year old Muslim student brings a “homemade clock” to school.  To be funny, I suppose, he made the clock look like a bomb.  The police come in and arrest him and check out the clock…which was not a bomb.  And everyone went crazy.

If I tried to board a plane and cracked a joke about “Oh, must be my bomb,” no one would bat an eye if I got tackled, strip-searched, etc.  Why?  Because I kinda brought it on myself by being a dumbass.  Don’t tell me, “He’s just a kid.”  Fourteen is plenty old enough to know how to build a bomb (check out terrorist training camps).  It’s also old enough to know that you’re being an ass.

It’s also important to note that this kid’s parents are Islamic political activists.  Also, the kid had to try multiple times to get in trouble for the “bomb.”  As such, they WANTED him to get in trouble.  This was the equivalent of intentionally spilling coffee in your lap so you could sue.

To everyone that’s upset by the cops’ treatment of this boy or thinks that it was racist…here’s a question.  If a white kid came to school with something that looked like a bomb, would you want that looked at?  Here’s another question: if you were the principal, wouldn’t you want the cops to come verify that it’s not a bomb, etc?  Of course you would.  Why?  Because if it WERE a bomb, and hundreds of school kids died, how would you like to be the one out there saying:

“Well, I heard there was a student with something that looked like a bomb, but I figured he was just joking around because he’s just a kid.  Besides, he was a Muslim, and I didn’t want to look like a bigot.”

How well do you think that would play at the next PTA meeting?

Long Live the Constitution!

Joe Biden – It’s only temporary

Posted by Troy on 20th October 2011 in Current Events

Joe Biden got hot in the face at the proposed “temporary” decrease in police forces.  It’s nice to see Joe actually present for once.  Usually he looks bored, disconnected, and about to fall asleep.  If he spoke this this much passion usually, I might be forced to change my opinion on him somewhat. 

His entire point is that Congress doesn’t know what it’s like to be at the end of a gun, waiting for police to come in and save the day and save us from being rapped or robbed or murdered.  If this is their big deal, then why don’t the Democrats promote gun-ownership and carrying permits?  Criminals are opportunistic.  They will always target those who they can get the most from with the least risk.  Crime rates usually decrease dramatically when right-to-carry laws are on the books.  So why not promote the right of the people to defend themselves?

I grew up in the country where police help was a good twenty minutes away.  Even if you live in the city, police help is usually twelve minutes away (that’s even assuming that you are able to call the cops in the first place).  If a criminal is intent on raping, robbing, or killing you, you probably have five minutes.  If you live in a state where you are actually allowed to own a gun, I highly recommend you do so.  Besides, you may need it in the future to protect yourself from self-entitled “Revolutionaries.”

Long Live the Constitution!

Gestapo – Indiana revokes Fourth Amendment

Posted by Troy on 16th May 2011 in Current Events, Political,0,6950521.story

It would appear that the Indiana Supreme Court has completely overturned the Fourth Amendment.  Now a cop can enter your home for any or no reason, and you have no right to refuse him.  I should suppose that it also gives them the right to go through all your stuff and your computer too.  I might have to become a cop and move up to Indiana.  Let’s take it one step further…if a cop enters your home and your wife is in the shower, does the cop have the right to go into the bathroom and watch her shower?

Okay, here’s what I advocate.  Screw the Indiana Supreme Court.  Ask the cop: “Do you have a warrant.”  If they say, “No,” the appropriate response would be: “Then you cannot search this house because of my Fourth Amendment rights.  Are you prepared to kill me to deny me my Fourth Amendment rights?  Because I am prepared to die to defend them.”

We have to draw a line.

Long Live the Constitution!