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My thoughts on Trump’s impeachment

Posted by Troy on 30th September 2019 in Uncategorized

First of all, the phone call is nothing.  That isn’t me being a Trumper.  That is my objective stance.  If Trump said “I need dirt on Biden.  I don’t care if you make it up, just make this happen.”  I would have a problem with that.  Biden is not his opponent yet and probably would never be anyway.  Even if he was, Trump is investigating possible corruption in connection to a 1999 treaty signed by Bill Clinton.  Unless you want to say all politicians are exempt from investigation, you can’t say too much about it.  If you want to throw a fit about it, you have to defend Hillary and Obama and Senante Democrats going to foreign intelligence agencies for dirt on Trump.   As far as withholding funds, Trump always does this, and the money got paid.

People say that everything Biden did was on the up and up.  Why is it that Ukraine is the only country Obama played hardball with?  Drop off billions in cash to Iran, a mortal enemy, nail an ally to the  wall?

Everything about this is dirty.

1- They changed the rules 30 days out from the complaint to allow second hand information as whistleblower.

2 – They allow hersay as evidence.  That is so messed up!  I heard Bill Clinton likes to have sex with eight-year-olds.  Better investigate him.

3 – The complaint was not written by a whistleblower.  No one talks that way.  It was written by someone with the statutes in front of them.

4 – It was written to attempt to get Bill Barr to recluse himself.

5- Why would they demand to see the complaint when they had the transcript? Because thtranscript proves nothing is there.  They wanted to build the case on the complaint and us Trump withholding the transcript as a cover-up.  Trump blew that up by releasing it.  That is why Schiff made up his “parody.”

6 – The media and Democrats are using the same tactics over and over.  64,000 repetitions make a truth.

7 – A source document with unsubstantiated sources and based on news reports?  This is the Steele dossier all over again.

8 – The firm representing the whistleblower is connected to the Clintons and offers money for leaks on Trump.

9 – Nancy Pelosi initiates impeachment without taking a vote.  That is just wrong!

10- Trump doesn’t have his Constitutional right to confront his accuser?  That is just wrong!

11 – This is doomed to failure and will only serve to further divide our country.

Long live the Constitution!

The Genius of Donald Trump’s Debt Ceiling Deal

Posted by Troy on 7th September 2017 in Political

The Left and Media is crowing about their win.  Conservative Pundits are spitting fire.  Never Trumpers are spewing “Told ya so!”  And most Trump supports are saying… “Meh.”

I think “Meh.”  Sums it up.  I often look at Trump’s actions and think “He’s either insane or genius.”  As he is fabulously wealthy, I have to assume that he is not insane.  So let me explain why the move was genius.

The debt ceiling was going to get raised.  Let’s just be honest about this for once.  We all know it.  We can have this “Oh, we’ll shut down the government,” spiting contests which are little more than roosters preening.  At the end of the day, the debt ceiling gets raised.  Trump knows this.  He knows it’s a waste of time.  He has hurricanes to deal with.  He knows that, if he takes too long getting the aid to the hurricane victims, the media is going to roast him (unfairly, but they don’t wish to be fair or impartial).

Trump wants to use energy on useful things.  There is nothing business people hate more than being stuck in some stupid meeting that is mandated by some out of touch bureaucrat.  That’s all this fight is.  Trump knows what’s going to happen.  Why bother wasting time and effort?  Far better to get it out of the way so that his people can work on more important things, like tax reform.

It also is a backhand to the Republicans.  The republicans are proving all small government lovers’ worst fear: that the Republicans are just as in love with big government and what the Democrats are doing.  They want to be able to rant and rave and get elected but never actually slow or stop that big government agenda.  They want a big government too.  The only thing that Republicans love to do is have pointless, meaningless stands.  The debt ceiling is the best fight of all!  They can get up and gnash their teeth and then capitulate because they can’t very well let America default on the debt, can they?

It’s a wake-up call to the Republicans in Congress.  Now they know that Trump is not on the Republican side.  Trump is on Trump’s side (to which, I honestly believe that Trump believes that Trump’s side IS America’s side).  Maybe this scares them, which is good.

Along these lines, it is also a page out of Sun Tzu’s Art of War.    “Put them in a spot where they have no place to go, and they will die before fleeing. If they are to die there, what can they not do? Warriors exert their full strength. When warriors are in great danger, then they have no fear. When there is nowhere to go they are firm, when they are deeply involved they stick to it. If they have no choice, they will fight.”  In other words, if your army feels like they are in danger of being absolutely destroyed, they will fight like hell to survive.  This is pretty hardcore, but there it is.  Now the Republicans might understand that they have to get something done, or Trump will try to get his agenda done by any means necessary, even if its working with the Democrats.

Likewise, DACA was  a great move.  It takes a program and puts it on the bargain table.  In the end, I think Trump’s pitch will be this:  “If you secure with border with… oh… I don’t know… a wall, we can work out something for these ‘Dreamers.’”

This is good stuff.  This is how deals are made.  And what did he give up?  Nothing.  The debt ceiling was going to be made.  DACA was going to be overturned by the courts and would have eventually been saved by Congress due to media pressure.  This is why I say these moves are genius.

Long Live the Constitution!

Reid: Today’s McCarthy – Romney Has Paid His Taxes

Posted by Troy on 6th August 2012 in Current Events, Political

McCarthy ruined many people’s lives by claiming that he had evidence that they were Communist.  In many cases, the public jumped on board and presumed this person’s guilt because they could not prove that they WEREN’T a communist.  In some cases, they wouldn’t even try.  Now, Senator Reid is trying the same tactic.  I don’t believe that someone has told him that Romney hasn’t paid his taxes.  Of course, Pelosi came to his aid by saying, “What he said was true!  Someone did tell him that!”  What the hell is that?  Really?  Is that all you have?  Honestly, the fact that they used that as a defense leads me to believe they are lying.  If they thought they were telling the truth, they would stand by the statement.

Of course, the question then becomes: Why won’t Romney release his tax returns which will prove that he paid his taxes?  Of course, filing your taxes is not the same as paying your taxes.  If he didn’t file his taxes, he would be in jail.  If he filed and didn’t pay, there would be liens on his assets, and there would be a public record of these liens.  As such, he has filed his taxes, and he has paid them.  Still, why doesn’t he release his taxes?

I am a tax accountant.  I’ll tell you why he doesn’t want to do that.  The fact of the matter is that there is a ton of personal information in a tax return.  You can see where he works, the investments he has made, his medical records, and his charitable givings.  Every little detail that is in those returns could become another weapon.  The attacks would be ceaseless, so why do it?  Imagine if someone asked you for your e-mail password or internet history to prove some minor point.  Even if you had done nothing wrong, you probably wouldn’t want to give someone that information without due cause.

I’m not really sure why we have all this push about Romney being too rich.  Generally, being rich is a sign of intelligence, craftiness, networking, and other skills which would translate well to the office of President.  The Romneys are no more out of touch with America than the Obamas.  In fact, given the fact that Michelle Obama proudly proclaimed TWICE “For the first time in my adult life, I am proud of my country!” I can assume that their world view is vastly different than most of us.  I, for one, am damn proud to be an American.  I would rather be poor in America than rich in China any day.  Should we just put someone in the office who is Middle Class?  Why don’t we seek the most average joe and put him in there then?  Because it’s a stupid idea?  Yeah, that’s probably right.

Again, anyone demanding the release of Romney’s taxes should also demand the release of Obama’s school records.  No one remembers him from Columbia.  No one ever had a class with the dude.  It’s all very weird.  I’d love to see his records, and I would really love to read his thesis.  Perhaps it was entitled, “How I will change America from Capitalism to Socialism if I become President.”

Long Live the Constitution!