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Captain America: The First Avenger

Posted by Troy on 28th January 2011 in Entertainment

It has come to my attention that Marvel Studios is changing the name of the movie to just “The First Avenger” so that it might not hurt international ticket sales.  Unless there is a huge rewrite, is this not a practice in futility?  He’s still going to be called “Captain America” throughout the movie.  Also, I understand that he is going to wear the traditional costume.  I think the international community is going to catch on that it’s about Captain America.  Why is it that we seem to be the only country that is concerned with how other countries view our patriotism?  Why do we seem to think that it is something of which to be ashamed?

Marvel Studios should release this as is.  Let it be a pro-American rant.  We the People would eat it up.  Constantly, we are subjected to movies and shows that declare that Americans are an undesirable lot.  While there are dark moments in our history, there is still a lot of which to be proud.  Captain America is supposed to symbolize that.  He is a hero what believes in the rule of law.  He believes in the Constitution.  He believes in our country and the American spirit.  Above all else, however, he is a hero of deep moral convictions and virtues.  Marvel should not bastardize the franchise just for the sake of international ticket sales that will end up being weak regardless.  Hurting their own brand hurts their credibility, and that will hurt their overall ticket sales for other movies.  Also, changing the name and declaring that Captain America will not be a jingoist flag-waver is going to turn off their most important fans, patriotic Americans.