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Occupy Wall Street – the Left’s Tea Party

Posted by Troy on 11th June 2012 in Current Events, Political

After seeing the Tea Party’s effectiveness in Wisconsin, Van Jones and Bill Maher want Occupy Wall Street to become the Tea Party.  This is, of course, what the Democrats have been hoping for.  However, OWS has been less than forthcoming in the transformation from rabble to political powerhouse.  First of all, this is against their nature.  OWS is not interested in becoming a voting block for the Democrats.  The “leaders” have already expressed a concern that that would happen and want to operate “outside the electoral process” as it were.  Of course, since that’s the only legitimate way to effect American politics, you really gotta wonder what they have in mind.

I have another question, do you really think that OWS occupying the primary process the way the Tea Party does would help the Democrats?  You have gotta be kidding me.  The Tea Party is considered extreme for demanding Constitutional government and fiscal sanity.  Of course, all the media people will only talk about OWS’s stance on crony capitalism, so they completely ignore the insane levels of socialism the bulk of the protesters want.  So, let’s see…the Republican candidate  get up there and talk about the American Revolution and our Founding Fathers, and the Constitution, and the Democrat candidate gets up there and talks about the French Revolution, Marxism, and Revolution.  Gee, I wonder who would beat the cold crap out of who?

America would always choose the Constitutional candidate against the Revolutionary.  The Tea Party’s dream candidate talks about balanced budgets and Constitutional limits on governmental powers.  The Occupy Wall Street’s dream candidate talks about taxing the rich and making everything free.  The Democrats might as well drop this little pipe dream.  It’s a lost cause either way.

Long Live the Constitution!

Occupy Oakland

Posted by Troy on 31st January 2012 in Current Events

Here’s another telling story.  The Occupy Oakland is demanding the right to occupy public property as though they owned it themselves.  This vacant building is first off another example of wasteful spending.  The government should sell buildings they no longer have use for.  However, the premise that this building belongs to them because it was paid for by taxpayers is pretty funny since most of these people do not pay taxes.  Finally, property that is “publicly owned” is not for the enjoyment of “the public” but to further the public good.  We have a court house because the people need a known place to dish out law.  I have a right to go in there and use it for its intended purpose.  I do not have the right to camp out on the nice marble floors.

I also think the “laws” of Occupy Oakland is pretty telling.  No photography?  No video?  My, what would they say if the cops said that?  It is obvious that they want to hide what is really going on in these places.  Take a video camera into a Tea Party meeting.  No one will care because all they are talking about is writing Senators and the various laws that are in the works to steal our freedoms.

The braindead fascists in masks are back!

Posted by Troy on 20th January 2012 in Current Events

It’s a mixed group for sure, but for every one OWS person out there that wants to audit the Fed and go back to the gold standard, there are 9 puppet fascists being lead astray.  Yet the mass media exalts them while demonizing the Tea Party where it is more like 1 nut job for every 9 patriotic Americans.  Oh well.

Long Live the Constitution!

What Wall Street Protesters Have Right?

Posted by Troy on 19th October 2011 in Current Events

This is yet another article by the mainstream media portraying this bunch of wackos as salt of the earth people.  I will deal with Michael Brush’s arguments promptly.

1)  The growing disparity between the rich and the poor.  See my discussion on Wealth Redistribution from two days ago for a full discussion.  However, let’s use a simple example.  We have a a restaurant owner and a guy who makes hamburgers.  The guy that makes hamburgers likes to have an iphone with data, cable TV with HBO, and other niceties.  The restaurant owner worked like a dog, saved, and bought the restaurant that now pays the hamburger maker.  The economy grows.  The restaurant makes more money.  The restaurant owner buys another restaurant.  Now, the hamburger maker is still making about the same.  Why?  Because a hamburger is a hamburger.  The value of his services did not increase.  Also, he spent all his money on worthless crap instead of investing it.  Meanwhile, the restaurant owner’s income has doubled because he now has two businesses instead of one.  In addition, he has hired a second hamburger maker who happens to save his money and invests it.  Who knows, maybe hamburger maker number 2 will own his own restaurant one day.  The fact of the matter is that we used to be a nation of savers.  Now we spend every dime we earn.  And it’s all on worthless crap.  Look around your life.  How much of what you buy really is needed?

2)  The banking system needs reforming.  Well, duh.  The Federal Reserve is a bad system.  Well, duh.  End the Fed!  Okay, well, what do you want to replace it with.  uhhhhhh….  Most of them haven’t thought that all the way through.  If they have an answer, it would be to either replace it with a global currency (we’ll ignore the disaster of the Euro here) or to go back to the gold standard.  Okay, so we go to the gold standard.  Countries with fiat money will buy dollars and then redeem the dollars for gold.  This of course would absolutely bankrupt and destroy us in quick order.  I would hazard the best we can do at this point in the game is to link the money supply to the value of gold where $1,000 will buy 1 ounce of gold.  Even that would have problems, but it’s literally the best you can do with the rest of the world using fiat money.

3)  Crony capitalism destroys democracy.  Well, true.  However, I don’t see any campaign finance reform signs out there.

These people are backed by crazy left wing nut jobs.  Over 30% of them think that violence is okay.  This is because Revolutionaries think the system needs to be destroyed by any means possible.  These protests are going to end in violence, and it is what they want.

Long Live the Constitution!