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Tim Ryan and Others and Their Reaction to the Shootings

Posted by Troy on 5th August 2019 in Current Events, Human Nature, Political

Without even missing a breath, Democrat contenders blame the shootings on Trump for saying we should send illegal immigrants back to their home country.

First of all, nothing I am to say is to excuse the actions of the shooters.  When Columbine happened, I remarked the fact that no one talked about the bullying those kids received prior to snapping.  That didn’t justify them.

Second, the Ohio shooter was a crazy leftist and hated Trump.

Third, the El Paso shooter said he was that way before Trump.

Fourth, likewise with the Columbine shooter, the failure of our government to secure the border created an environment that created frustration and other negative emotions that set this off.

Fifth, we don’t discuss how social media or the political statements on both sides may have played a factor.  They say Trump saying “send them back” causes it but don’t consider how promising healthcare or citizenship or open borders may have fed into this man’s actions.

Finally, it is a damn shame that the Left is so gung ho to blame Trump.  They appear MUCH more interested in using it politically than addressing any problem.  They would have been better served to come out and say, “The only one to blame for this is the sick individual who pulled the trigger.  But we must come together and figure out how we can prevent these kinds of attacks.”  Come at it as an open invitation to a discussion instead of a perfunctory statement of blame and a push for the same requested gun control measures that would not have prevented such an attack or would have merely made the shooter choose a different gun as the only difference.

Long live the Constitution!

Ohio to repeal public worker union bargaining bill

Posted by Troy on 8th November 2011 in Current Events

What the?!

Read through the basic principles of this bill.  As a taxpayer, how can you be against this?  Basically, it bases pay on merit, not seniority.  It limits some of the juicy benefits that public employees have been negotiating for themselves in some states.  Need I point out that currently employees in the public sector are currently making twice what private sector counterparts make?  Forcing non-union workers to pay into a system they don’t approve of is downright un-American, especially when they know their dues are going toward buying off politicians of an ideology they oppose.

Finally, unions are supposed to protect against bad employers.  Are we saying our governments are bad employers?  If so, should do a better job at elections.  Also, the state and federal government are supposed to provide essential services such as police, primary education, and firefighters.  How can any of these be allowed to go on strike?

If the law is overturned, I will view it as a sign of the incredible strength of these extremely Leftist organizations and the general dumbing down of the American citizen.  We can’t allow ourselves to become too stupid to vote like they are in Greece.

Long Live the Constitution!