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Occupy Wall Street – the Left’s Tea Party

Posted by Troy on 11th June 2012 in Current Events, Political

After seeing the Tea Party’s effectiveness in Wisconsin, Van Jones and Bill Maher want Occupy Wall Street to become the Tea Party.  This is, of course, what the Democrats have been hoping for.  However, OWS has been less than forthcoming in the transformation from rabble to political powerhouse.  First of all, this is against their nature.  OWS is not interested in becoming a voting block for the Democrats.  The “leaders” have already expressed a concern that that would happen and want to operate “outside the electoral process” as it were.  Of course, since that’s the only legitimate way to effect American politics, you really gotta wonder what they have in mind.

I have another question, do you really think that OWS occupying the primary process the way the Tea Party does would help the Democrats?  You have gotta be kidding me.  The Tea Party is considered extreme for demanding Constitutional government and fiscal sanity.  Of course, all the media people will only talk about OWS’s stance on crony capitalism, so they completely ignore the insane levels of socialism the bulk of the protesters want.  So, let’s see…the Republican candidate  get up there and talk about the American Revolution and our Founding Fathers, and the Constitution, and the Democrat candidate gets up there and talks about the French Revolution, Marxism, and Revolution.  Gee, I wonder who would beat the cold crap out of who?

America would always choose the Constitutional candidate against the Revolutionary.  The Tea Party’s dream candidate talks about balanced budgets and Constitutional limits on governmental powers.  The Occupy Wall Street’s dream candidate talks about taxing the rich and making everything free.  The Democrats might as well drop this little pipe dream.  It’s a lost cause either way.

Long Live the Constitution!

Occupy Wall Street is against affecting election

Posted by Troy on 2nd May 2012 in Current Events

Supposedly, Occupy Wall Street has a civil war (the few people who are left in it).  Some people are wanting them to affect the election, and others want to avoid that as they believe it will mean they are only a tool for the Democrats.  Naturally, the Democrats want Occupy Wall Street to be the left wing Tea Party.  However, despite the fact that the Tea Party and OWS are both against corporate cronyism, the similarities end there.

The Tea Party was instantly a political movement.  If you talk to a Tea Party member, they are less excited about the general election.  Instead, they are interested in watching their Senators and Representatives, writing letters, and defeating them in primaries if they act in bad faith or do a bad job.

By fighting becoming a voting block, OWS shows their true colors.  There is only one legitimate way to change things in our system, and that is voting.  How else are they supposed to change things?  Well, that comes back to what I’ve always said about them…they are a revolutionary group.  They wish to overthrow the Constitution.  What they want to have cannot be supported by the Constitution.  They are a youth movement, which means they are being manipulated by the old revolutionaries of the 60′s that failed to overthrow the capitalist system back then.  It appears that the movement is dying out.  If they have the numbers though, they will eventually be given the order to riot.  It’s just common sense.  If you want to change the system and you’re not interest in voting, what does that mean?  Isn’t that as suspicious as people learning how to fly a plane and not being interest in learning how to land?

Long Live the Constitution!

The braindead fascists in masks are back!

Posted by Troy on 20th January 2012 in Current Events

It’s a mixed group for sure, but for every one OWS person out there that wants to audit the Fed and go back to the gold standard, there are 9 puppet fascists being lead astray.  Yet the mass media exalts them while demonizing the Tea Party where it is more like 1 nut job for every 9 patriotic Americans.  Oh well.

Long Live the Constitution!

Peppered Protesters

Posted by Troy on 22nd November 2011 in Current Events

Everyone’s all upset that the cops sprayed the protesters.  Let me tell you something, when dealing with Leftists, you have to ask yourself “What happened right before the clip they’re showing me?”  Remember, the communists want to tear down the system by “Any means possible.”  The fact of the matter is that the cops tore down the tents and were trying to leave.  The protesters surrounded them.  The cops told them to let them through or they were going to get sprayed.  They then sat down and prepared to be sprayed as they knew they could put it on YouTube and idiots would see it and take their side.  You’re being mislead.  Be careful around these people.

Trouble in Paradise – Occupy Wall Street

Posted by Troy on 14th November 2011 in Current Events

This demonstrates the problem with Socialism.  The 99%ers want the rich to pay for their benefits.  Now, within their own group, they expect the 1% of themselves to pay for the other 99%.  Of course, it won’t take long for the 1% of them to have enough to this crap and quit.  Then the 99% that’s left will demand the NEW 1% pay.  And then that 1% will leave. Eventually they’ll wind up with the true dregs of society as all decent people with half a brain got outta there.

I bet the allegory will be lost on 100% of them, however.

Long Live the Constitution!

Guy Fawkes Mask and Occupy Wall Street

Posted by Troy on 7th November 2011 in Current Events

Here’s the real significance of the Guy Fawkes mask:

First, these people have a juvenile mentality.  They saw a movie they thought was cool and are playing make believe like I did when I was six when Karate Kid came out and everyone in the playground went around doing  the stupid crane kick as though it were an effective method of fighting.

 Second, they are cowards.  The masks hide their faces as they are afraid to let the public know who they are.  Even if they come back with the “We don’t want to be persecuted,” argument, compare them with the Founding Fathers.  They knew that they could be hanged, but they didn’t hide themselves.  Compare John Hancock’s signature to this stupid plastic mask.  Which one garners more respect?

Is the Occupy protesters the “Revolution?”

Posted by Troy on 27th October 2011 in Current Events

A friend of mine asked me this today.  My answer is, no.  No they are not.  There are plenty of ringleaders inside the movement that want them to be, but they are not.  The media wants them to be (see 2084 about how the Leftist infiltrated the news, entertainment, and education to erode our values and supplant their ideals), but they are not. 

1)  The longer it goes on, the less the media is able to hide the truth behind this movement.

2)  The majority of people do not believe what these people believe.  If they did, we would be in real trouble.

3)  Given facts one and two together, they will fail.  They will eventually turn to violence to push the point, and we still have our guns.  The Left has been foiled in that regard, and until the citizens are unarmed, they cannot be forced to do anything that is not to their liking.  You have to get rid of the guns first, then comes the mass graves.  Check out your history (Germany, Russia, China, etc).

Redistribution of Wealth

Posted by Troy on 17th October 2011 in Current Events, Human Nature, Political

There are people calling for the redistribution of wealth in America.  They base this on the fact that the Rich have gotten richer while working wages have remained mostly constant (as adjusted for inflation) since 1970s.  Let’s look at this from a variety of areas.

1)  Why have wages remained mostly stable while the Rich have gotten richer?  Could it be that the value of sweeping the floors has remained about the same?  If the value of goods and services are about the same, one would suspect that the value of the wages used to create those goods and services should also remain constant.  The Rich, while getting richer, would have more opportunities to invest, opening new businesses and what not.  This creates more jobs, so there are less people who would otherwise be unemployed, but the wages for a janitor at company A would be similar to the one at company B.  Also, just because company A is making a lot of money does not mean that company A should increase the wages for the janitor just for the hell of it.  The company exists to make money.  They should pay the wage that they can get a janitor for.  No more, no less.  If you want a better paying job, move on to point two.

2)  The educational system has been on a steady decline.  We could point blame at a lot of things.  However, funding is not one of them.  We spend more than nearly any other country in the world per student but don’t get the results.  Why?  Well, this is up for debate, but I blame parents for not putting more emphasis on education, incompetent teachers which are protected by over-zealous unions, and a general feel good culture that emphasizes trying over results.  Particularly, if you drop out of high school, do you really think you’re going to get a better paying job?  Here’s your broom.

3)  Let’s chat, you 99%ers out there.  You do not represent 99% of the country.  You represent 99% of leeches, perhaps.  Right now, you want redistribution.  I believe a global government movement is underfoot.  So here’s a question, when this comes about, and the Ethiopians show up at your door holding signs that say “We’re the 99%!” are you gonna fork over your money?  Bear in mind, Americans (even our “poor”) are richer than about 99% of the world.  Are you only up for redistribution when it benefits yourself?  I bet you are!  How about that.  You’re just as self-interested as greedy fat cats on Wall Street.  It’s always the other guy that’s greedy, isn’t it?

4)  99%ers continued!  Do you really think that the Wall Street people are going to surrender their wealth willingly?  Do you think they are going to stop lobbying just because you get out in the streets?  At some point, your leaders (and yes, you have them even if you are deluded enough to believe otherwise) are going to incite the violence to start this Revolution.  It’s what they always wanted, and you are a tool for them to use.  Just remember, every Leftist revolution ends in mass graves.

5)  No matter how you cut it, redistribution is legalized theft.  You have no justification for taking it other than the fact that you want it.  Fairness is a matter of opinion.  Always is, always has been.  Life’s not fair.  Get your big girl panties on and play.

Long Live the Constitution!