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Occupy Oakland

Posted by Troy on 31st January 2012 in Current Events

Here’s another telling story.  The Occupy Oakland is demanding the right to occupy public property as though they owned it themselves.  This vacant building is first off another example of wasteful spending.  The government should sell buildings they no longer have use for.  However, the premise that this building belongs to them because it was paid for by taxpayers is pretty funny since most of these people do not pay taxes.  Finally, property that is “publicly owned” is not for the enjoyment of “the public” but to further the public good.  We have a court house because the people need a known place to dish out law.  I have a right to go in there and use it for its intended purpose.  I do not have the right to camp out on the nice marble floors.

I also think the “laws” of Occupy Oakland is pretty telling.  No photography?  No video?  My, what would they say if the cops said that?  It is obvious that they want to hide what is really going on in these places.  Take a video camera into a Tea Party meeting.  No one will care because all they are talking about is writing Senators and the various laws that are in the works to steal our freedoms.

Is the Occupy protesters the “Revolution?”

Posted by Troy on 27th October 2011 in Current Events

A friend of mine asked me this today.  My answer is, no.  No they are not.  There are plenty of ringleaders inside the movement that want them to be, but they are not.  The media wants them to be (see 2084 about how the Leftist infiltrated the news, entertainment, and education to erode our values and supplant their ideals), but they are not. 

1)  The longer it goes on, the less the media is able to hide the truth behind this movement.

2)  The majority of people do not believe what these people believe.  If they did, we would be in real trouble.

3)  Given facts one and two together, they will fail.  They will eventually turn to violence to push the point, and we still have our guns.  The Left has been foiled in that regard, and until the citizens are unarmed, they cannot be forced to do anything that is not to their liking.  You have to get rid of the guns first, then comes the mass graves.  Check out your history (Germany, Russia, China, etc).

Occupy Oakland

Posted by Troy on 26th October 2011 in Current Events

As I predicted, violence erupted. 

The protesters claim that they are being oppressed.  They are not.  They have no right to “occupy” public property after hours.  This would be akin to me breaking into the post office at night.  It’s illegal.  It is nice that at least one city is finally taking a stand.