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The Real Cost of Obamacare

Posted by Troy on 25th October 2016 in Current Events, Political

Obama has announced that rates are going up by an average of 25%.  This is interesting considering there are a good number of states that are going up between 50% to 92% [that's the expected range].  I suspect there is some statistical magic and they used the lowest baseline.  However, what really annoyed me is that Obama had the gall, the unmitigated gall, to tell us “Look…no one is going to pay all that much more…because you get credits.  So, it costs more…but you get more credits, so…it’s okay.  If you have an employer plan, you’re not going to have these rate increases.”

Yeah…right.  One, we will have a rate increase due to taxes.  Where do you think those credits come from?  They come from tax dollars (or more appropriately…debt).  So, when they increase the tax credits, they also must increase our taxes.  It’s that simple.

Insurance companies are being forced to sell plans to people with pre-existing conditions.  They are also limited in the amount they can charge for these plans.  Since they have no choice but to offer these plans, the way the insurance companies make up the difference is by charging healthy people more for their plans.  Do you think that they won’t charge “employer plans” more if the other option is bankruptcy?

The main driver of increasing medical costs is the third-party payer system.  When you have a third-party paying, there is little incentive for patients to be price adverse.  Why should they haggle on the price when they are not the one paying?  Why should they question if they need this procedure more than another procedure?  Third-party payer systems remove the mechanics that set a market efficient price.

The cold fact of the matter is that Obamacare has also increased the demand for medical services without increasing the supply at all.  With more patients chasing the same supply, this forces the price upwards.  Since medical services increased in price, the insurance must also increase in price.

Of course, the Democrats will say that the only option is to go to a single payer system.  Yes, of course!  Government meddling has done a fantastic job so far.  Surely, more government interference is just what we need.  Here’s the truth: it may feel like you are not paying for insurance, but it’s just that the costs will be hidden from you.  It will come out as withholding and surtaxes and decreased defense spending and death panels and all kinds of things like this.  Mark my words: don’t buy the poison.

Long Live the Constitution!

Obama, Kneeling before Iran

Posted by Troy on 24th August 2016 in Current Events, Political

It is obvious, at this point, that Obama was willing to do anything to “achieve an Iran deal.”  I’m not entirely sure what kind of achievement this is…

Let’s just look at the facts:

1 – We made nuclear deal that pretty much just legitimizes what the Iranians were doing anyway.

2 – We gave them 400 million dollars.

3 – Realizing that he would look like a total douche if he gave away 400 million while they held prisoners, he demanded the prisoner release be made in conjunction with the money transfer, turning it into a ransom situation.  We have seen an increase in American kidnappings since this deal.

4 – Afterwards, we gave Iran $1.3 billion dollars.  This was paid in 13 payments of $99,999,999.99.  In other words, if they had paid 100 million dollars, he probably would have had to tell Congress about it.

5 – Realizing that the US is a joke, Iran has been talking trash and have been buzzing our ships with their little row boats.  Obama can’t make a fuss about anything because “Hey, I harbored in a new period of cooperation with Iran.”  Iran has also been pretty much ignoring all the rules set out I his precious “Iran Deal.”

So, in summary: Iran got a bunch of money, economic sanctions lifted, and increase prestige on the world stage, and we got nothing.  Worse than that, we paid handsomely.  Well…at least we got the 4 Americans back.  We did get that.

Here’s how a strong leader would have done things.  “We are willing to negotiate on the sanctions.  Release the prisoners first, and then we can see about working out our differences.”  The prisoner release should have been the precondition to the negotiations, not as a final demand to prevent Obama from looking like the weak, feckless President that he is.

Long Live the Constitution.

Iran Ransom

Posted by Troy on 3rd August 2016 in Current Events, Political

When we were negotiating the Iran Nuclear Deal, Obama delivered 400 million dollars.  His cover story was that the 400 million was money the sheik paid to America in exchange for arms in the 1970s before the Iranian Revolution and Iran taking our embassy hostage.  We feared that the international court would find against us and charge u s ten billion dollars, so we decided to settle for 1.7 billion.  This 400 million was merely the down payment.

First, this was clearly a ransom.  We pay the money right before the prisoners were released?  Even if it wasn’t a ransom, the timing, de facto, made it a ransom in the eyes of Iran.  If it’s viewed as a ransom in the criminal’s eyes, it’s a ransom.  It’s a ransom.  It’s that simple.  So, by paying this amount, we have set a precedence that the US gives money for US hostages.  As such, do not travel abroad.

Second, this is exactly my point about international organizations.  What the hell do we care what an international court says?  “You need to pay a terrorist nation 10 billion dollars.”  The only acceptable answer is: “____ you.  We are NOT paying a country that sponsors terrorism any money, especially considering they took our people hostage.  If you don’t like that, maybe the UN’s army should try to come take it… oh wait… WE ARE the UN army.  Ha.  Go ____ yourself.”

Third, why does no one care?  Trump makes an off-comment about “a gold star mother,” and the news media goes nuts.  Trump’s comments don’t make any difference about anything really important.  Hillary “negotiated” the Iran deal.  In effect, she set a dangerous precedence that puts additional American lives at stake, fast tracks Iran’s nuclear capability, and gives the largest state sponsor of terror huge sums of money.  Hell, even Josh Earnest couldn’t deny that the money might be used to sponsor terror.  Just totally wrote it off, it it didn’t matter.

Long Live the Constitution!

What We Learned in the New Benghazi Report

Posted by Troy on 29th June 2016 in Current Events, Political

Per the media:  “Nothing new to see here,” or “No bombshell regarding Clinton.”

Here’s what we already knew:

She (either personally or those under her) did not give them the extra security they requested, even when every other country was pulling people out.

She knew it was a terrorist attack and continued to lie to us and to the families of those who died, claiming it was about a video.

What does this mean?  Well, it means that she has poor judgement and administrative skills.  It also means that she put her prestige over the safety of Americans.  It also means that she was more concerned about the presidential campaigns of 2012 and 2016 than telling us the truth.  It also means she thought she was smarter/slicker than Americans and would get away with it.  It also means that she believes the press has her back.  And they do, so yeah, I can see that.

Here’s the new things we learned:

The Secretary of Defense ordered the military to help.  And someone reversed that order.

The troops were ready to go, but the higher-ups were more concerned about how the troops would appear and had them change in and out of uniform 3 times as they were concerned that it would look too much like an invasion.

While our people were fighting for our lives, they were already looking to spin the attack and blame the video.

What does this mean?  Dear God, what does this mean?  That they are out of touch?  That they are cold and calculating?  No.  Originally, I thought that the reason they didn’t try to rescue them was because they were afraid of making the death toll higher.  Or that they might ruin our reputation in that part of the world.  But it’s worse than even that!  What it means is that they didn’t engage because they were too busy spinning it.  The story was more important than the reality.  They are more concerned about their personal reputation than American lives.

What don’t we know?

Who reversed the order to help?  They refuse to answer that question, and that is the most important question of all.

Of course, it had to be Obama.  Maybe, possibly, Clinton might have bullied her way, but Obama is my bet.

God help us if she’s elected…

Long Live the Constitution

Obama Using Grieving Families as Props

Posted by Troy on 16th June 2016 in Current Events, Political

This is a disgusting habit he has.  Someone dies.  He shows up, pretends that he cares, and uses the family’s pain to push his agenda.  I’m gonna be frank: I totally hate this guy.  Totally do.  I’m not sure if I’ve ever hated anyone in my life, but I totally hate this guy.  I don’t care if it was a politician I like.  I wouldn’t cry and say “Please…please do something to stop the gun violence,” which is what he is claiming.  No.   I’d tell him to **** off.  And the reason I would do so would be because I know that he DOESN’T CARE ONE BIT about my loved one and is USING their death.  It would PISS ME OFF.  Even if I LIKED the guy.  Even if I AGREED with them on the issue.  I would honest to God tell him to **** off.

Just a profanity laced rant tonight, gang.  Seriously, I find this crap offensive.

Long Live the Constitution!

Obama Using Human Tragedy to Push Gun Control… AGAIN

Posted by Troy on 15th June 2016 in Current Events, Political

Never let a crisis go to waste, right?  With every mass shooting, they make a new push for gun control.  Here are the facts:

An assault weapon is an effective weapon, but other weapons are available that would have had similar results (such as a sawed off 12-gauge).  If they can’t get an assault weapon, they will buy other weapons or make a bomb or poison gas, etc.  As such, an assault weapons ban will not work.  That’s not even assuming that they won’t go to the black market and get one anyway.  If you can buy crack, what makes you think you can’t buy an AR-15 after they are made illegal?

The Terrorist/No-Fly list.  The issue with this is that you get on this list by them just putting you on there.  You have no right to see the “evidence” facing you.  It makes getting off the list impossible.  What’s to prevent them from saying that right-wing bloggers, tea partiers, etc, are all terrorists.  Boom.  You’re done.  The NRA has said they support this assuming that the FBI investigates you and settles the case.  So I will go one further.  If you are put on a no-fly/terrorist list, they have to take you to court and they have to settle the case one way or the other after showing you the evidence they have against you.  They have 30 days in order to do this.  After this, they pay you a $75,000 a day penalty like the EPA charged a Wyoming man that dug a home-made pond on his land.

I remind you, the Orlando terrorist bought his guns legally.  The San Bernardino terrorists had a friend buy theirs.  This is why gun laws are going to be largely ineffective.

I refuse to give up my rights.  Doing so will not make us any safer.  Let them live without armed protection for a while and see how they like it.

Long Live the Constitution!

Orlando Shooting Used to Push Gun Control

Posted by Troy on 12th June 2016 in Current Events, Human Nature, Political

I got to wake up to the news that 20 people were killed last night at a night club.  That turned into 50 killed and 53 wounded.  And of course, I instantly thought “Obviously a Southern white male demanding adherence to the Constitution,” much like any sane person would.  But it actually turned out to be a Muslim terrorist.  Ya know…starting to get annoyed by the word “extremist.”  Just throwing that out there.  Just smacks of PC-ness that is unwarranted at this point in the game.  And, of course, I made a prediction that Obama’s response would be “We have to get rid of guns, people.”  And that’s pretty much what he did.

So, of course, we have to put up with them importing more Muslims into our country (seriously look up the immigration rates since 9/11…illogically, we’ve increased the visas to these countries).  So after these shootings, instead of examining how we look at mosques that we know are espousing extreme view points, we are talking about banning guns.  Shall we forget that the mosques raided after the Paris attacks had a stash of AK-47s and ammo?  Or, as I like to say… “Guns should be illegal so criminals can’t get them…just like drugs.”  You don’t think these animals wouldn’t get guns or explosives or poisons or whatever they want to use to kill us?

Obama asks if we want to be this type of country.  So, that led me to ask…what would it take before I decided that I would be willing to give up my right to keep and bear arms?  I guess the first thing I would have to see is that all of our government officials and buildings give up their own guns and armed security guards and fancy alarm systems and live like the average American.  If they feel safe enough to live like that for ten years…we can talk, but really I wouldn’t go for it even then.

The right to keep and bear arms is the Second Amendment for a reason.  They said “Shall not be infringed” for a reason.  I’m not willing to give up my Constitutional rights just because of these terrorists.

Long Live the Constitution!

Justice Scalia dies

Posted by Troy on 13th February 2016 in Current Events, Political

In Obama’s happiest day ever, Justice Scalia died.  I am very saddened because of two reasons.  The first is that he was the most brilliant Supreme Court Justice.  His opinions were spot on perfect and full of logic and history.  The second is the knowledge that it could be the end of liberty as we know it.  If Obama gets one more appointee on the bench, Gun rights is over…everything is over.  The Communists would have won.  Fortunately, there is precedence which says that no appointee will be appointed in the lame duck year.  We will have to see how this plays out.  This definitely underlines the importance of this election.  If you love liberty, I BEG you to vote.  Clinton or Bernie will destroy freedom in this country.  Mark my words.

Long Live the Constitution!

State of the Union Address 2016

Posted by Troy on 12th January 2016 in Current Events, Political

I wasn’t going to watch it.  I mean, I knew what he was going to say beforehand, but here we go.

I do like the sectional approach he used, using 4 segments.  He also kept it close to an hour, which did make it one of his more bearable addresses.  If you watched it online, you were treated to graphics and pictures on the right-hand side of the screen, which gave it a near “Pop-Up Video” appeal.  Maybe VH1 can sue?  Children under 25, google what I’m talking about.  Now, the take down.

I loved how he started off talking about our commitment to the rule of law.  This guy has no right to ever say that.  He has refused to enforce so many laws and makes laws up on his own, so it seems.  That’s a joke.   He acclaims the reduction of troops in Iraq and Afghanistan as a victory.  Of course, he fails to account for the fact that ISIS (not ISIL, ISIS) was allowed to grow because of his “out at any cost” policy.  We never should have gotten involved, but you have to deal with reality.  We got involved, and we should have left a peace keeping force.  Oh well.  Next he talked about the uninsured rates dropping.  Of course, the vast bulk of those are Medicare and Medicaid inductees.  Past that, it is those with pre-existing conditions.  These are the people that willingly signed up.  This is also why health care rates and insurance costs are continuing to skyrocket despite what he claims.  Ask anyone that buys insurance about their insurance costs.  He talks about the unemployment rate without bothering to mention the labor participation rate, which is lower than it’s ever been.  I also loved how he talked about the choices we make together: i.e., the choices he rams down our throats for our own good.  He says we have cut our deficit by 3/4.  He never bothers to point out that he starts the high mark with the 2009 stimulus.  Our debts continue to climb.  Slowing the rate of increase doesn’t help.  We need to start paying off debt.  He touts graduation rates without bothering to comment how our standards have slid into the gutter.  He wants to make college affordable without understanding that it is government programs which have led to the spike.  Do you think colleges could charge what they charge if not for all the scholarships?  When the state will foot the bill, there is no need for the college to compete on price, after all.  Finally, he thinks that wages are set in the board room.  He doesn’t understand even the most basic premises of a free market economy.  Wages are set by the free market.  You want to raise wages?  Make the economy stronger so that there are not enough jobs to go around.  This is what forces employers to raise wages.  Wages aren’t based on altruism or fairness.  They are based on what you are worth.  How many workers would be willing to be paid in company stock when the company is starting out.  Facebook did that, and it worked, and the workers shared in the profits.  Of course, if Facebook had tanked, they would have been out of luck.  They took a risk.  However, most workers wanna be paid in hard cash.

He speaks of the power of innovation without understanding what drives innovation.  What drives innovation is the desire for profit.  Nothing more, nothing less.  He thinks that government can throw money at a problem, and people will just make something.  It’s unreal.  I also like how he thinks that all immigrants are innovators.  I mean…that’s just so stupid a comment I don’t know what to even say about it.

Then he goes on a long tirade about how we’re the most powerful nation on Earth.  Yeah…for how long though?  That’s the issue.  Taking your own power for granted is a way to wind up powerless.  And he keeps talking about how he shot Osama.  I mean.  Seriously.  How often is he going to make out that he found him, planned the hit, and took the shot?  He equates foreign assistance as security, which it is not.  We give Pakistan a lot of money.  They still hate us.  We shouldn’t be giving any country any money.  They should stand on their own or fall.  As should all nations.  Make no mistake, making peace with Cuba was the precursor to giving Guantanamo back to Cuba.  He complains that it costs $3.8 million to run it for a year.  That’s the cost of one trip for he and his family to Hawaii.  I’m not ____ing kidding.  Seriously.

Then he comes to the biggest joke of the night.  He talked about politics.  He thinks people should be willing to compromise.  When did he ever compromise.  It was do it his way or he would demonize you.  If that didn’t work, he would slam it through on executive order.  That’s been his MO.  He rips all his rivals and dares to talk about the rancor between the parties?  He wants to reduce the role of money in politics, but he had no problem with his monetary advantage in the elections.  Ask Jeb about the effect of money on politics.  It’s overrated.  You can’t sway people just because you had more ad space.  You have to energize people to vote.  Did it ever occur to anyone that the one that gets the most money may have an edge because more people believe in them or are more excited about them or whatever?  It’s something to think about.  But if you really want to lower the effects of money on politics, return the power to the states.  When you centralize power, you centralize bribery.  It is much more expensive to bribe 50 states than it is 1 national government.  Just saying.  Then he played the race card.  Basically, accept socialism or we devolve into lynchings or Nazism.  He speaks of the duties of the citizens without ever talking about his own duties which he neglects.  Then he says that Americans need to stay active…except the Tea Partiers.  They should stay home and sit down and shut up.

So, basically, everything you were expecting Obama to say.

Long Live the Constitution!

Crocodile Tears of a Clown Prince (Obama Cries)

Posted by Troy on 6th January 2016 in Current Events, Political

Well, the most powerful man in the world (or so they say) wept on TV for all the tens or hundreds of children killed by guns.  Shame he doesn’t show the same interest in the hundreds of thousands that die to abortion each year, but those aren’t really children.  Those are just cells.  In much the same way that an eagle’s eggs are just delicious and not baby birds.

First of all, they are fake tears.  No one cries like that.  He touched his eye and then THAT eye started watering.  That’s called Vicks Vapor Rub.  Old and pathetic.  To seek to move people to reject their own rights because he is emotional.  Amazing.  Does he believe that we actually care what upsets him?  He is like a five-year-old that believes the world awaits at bated breath at their tantrums.

In regards to his new gun “laws” (as passed by executive fiat), what does he hope to accomplish?

The first is expanded background checks.  Sounds great, but what does it really accomplish.  What they want is that anyone, literally anyone, has to get a dealer’s permit and the buyer get a background check for any gun transfer, even among friends.  So what will really happen is that these casual sellers and buyers will ignore these rules.  This will turn otherwise law abiding citizens into criminals.  It is important to note that this rule wouldn’t have stopped ANY of these mass shootings.

The other is that doctors can now ask you if you have a gun.  If they believe you may be a danger to yourself or others, they will notify the authorities.  There’s already examples of states claiming the right of confiscation in these matters.  All it takes is some activist doctors sending all questionable cases to the feds.  The feds take your guns, and just like the no-fly list, good luck getting your name off the list.  So just remember, if the doctor asks if you have guns, the answer is “Hell no!  That’s for psychopaths!”  Do not answer “None of your business,” or anything else.  Any evasive answer will equal “gun owner” and “suspicious.”

Long Live The Constitution!