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Obama Promises NSA Reforms, Government Looking at Credit Card Bills, and the Cloud

Posted by Troy on 18th January 2014 in Current Events, Political

Obama has said that he’s going to cut back on the spying of American citizens and allies.  Now, this is where he runs into problems.  You see, polls suggest that his credibility has taken a hit.  Why?  Because his administration has been caught lying several times.  Naturally, when you catch someone lying to you, you are going to believe them less and less.  There’s another reason why I don’t believe him.  It isn’t like the government thought we wouldn’t mind them spying on us.  That’s why they kept it hidden as possible until Snowden alerted everyone.  This just goes back to the old thing where he makes a promise, let’s time lapse, and we forget all about it.  That’s all he wants.  He knew this stuff was going on.  After someone spilled the beans, he branded them a traitor and ordered his arrest, sending Snowden to bloody Russia for asylum for crying out loud.  These are not the acts of someone that finds such spying deplorable.  It took over a year after Snowden for Obama to decide that the NSA spying on us is a bad thing?  I don’t think so.

This is all about meta-data.  If you say, “What’s the harm,” bear in mind that your purchases on credit cards are also meta-data and, in fact, the credit card reform bill that Obama signed into law (the much touted but not really useful law that we are supposed to love him for) gave the government the right to see your credit card meta-data.  In another five to ten years, we will get to revisit the NSA thing again.  Instead of being phone numbers dialed though, it will be where and how much you spent.  Be forewarned.

Also, I would like to give everyone a word of warning about “the cloud.”  All of these phone companies, credit card companies, etc apparently own your data that is on file with them.  You don’t think that the government is going to make the same claims for Google, Microsoft, and other tech firms (which have very close ties to this government and the liberal administration).  You don’t think that your files are going to be subject to one mass search warrant to be pulled at whim?  You think that they are not going to use search parameters to pulls “questionable materials” from the data you have on file?  You don’t think bored employees at these places aren’t going to go through your pictures to see if they can find naked selfies or anything?  The cloud is a trap.  Trust me on that.

Long Live the Constitution!

Governor Chris Christie

Posted by Troy on 29th July 2013 in Current Events, Political

Originally, I think everyone (well…not everyone) liked Chris Christie.  When people opposed his cost saving measures, he would cut them off and wouldn’t allow them to take it to some ridiculous, emotional level that denied the merits of what he was doing.  Everyone cheered this, as I think most people are tired of being lead around by the heart and having us go further and further in debt for it.  However, over time, it turned out that his bombastic attitude did not extend to just the issues.  He isn’t the no-nonsense leader that we have all be waiting for.  Instead, he is an imperial leader who doesn’t like to be questioned.  Of course, who likes to be questioned?  Still, in our system of government, you do not get to have your way and override your opposition just because they disagree with you.  One has to ask, isn’t that a lot like Obama himself?  In fact, Christie supports global warming, cap and tax, gun control measures, and the NSA spying on Americans.  How can we trust him?  I sincerely hope that we, as a country, do not fall for his sales pitch and see him as he really is.

Long Live the Constitution!