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Goodbye, Never Trumpers

Posted by Troy on 27th October 2016 in Current Events, Political

After watching all the mainstream media fawn over Megyn Kelly for her debate against Newt Gingrich, I feel the need to talk about her and Glenn Beck and their ilk.  These are the people who are supposed to appeal to “conservatives.”  Well, siding with Hillary Clinton does not appeal to conservatives.  Let’s presume that Trump is a roll of the dice.  Fine and dandy…but Hillary is loaded dice.  Every roll will come up with fascism and corruption.

Megyn Kelly is demanding twenty million a year for her ratings which are the worst in Fox News’ prime time lineup.  Everyone turns off Fox after O’Reilly and then tunes back in for Hannity at 10 PM.  Honestly, if I was Fox, I’d cut her loose and let her go be the “conservative” pundit of CNN.  Her brand is destroyed.  The same with Glenn Beck.  Go to his website, and there will be 3 negative stories for Trump to every 1 negative story for Hillary.

Do these people think people are going to return to watching them after this election?  Especially if Hillary wins?  No, their careers are shot.  They have made out that Trump supporters are knuckle-dragging, women-hating, racist Nazis.  Here’s a real good measure for you.  I guarantee you that you know one Trump supporter that you respect, that you think really highly of.  You have known this person for years.  Which is more likely: that you have completely misjudged this person and he’s some sort of horrible person or that the media is trying to bully and brainwash you into believing what they want you to believe?

Fire Megyn Kelly and replace her with Kimberly Guilfoyle.  I promise I will be glued to my TV Monday through Friday at 9 PM.  I promise!

Long Live the Constitution!

Super Tuesday Results

Posted by Troy on 6th March 2012 in Current Events, Political

I doubt anyone is surprised at the results today.  I feel that the masses have been compelled to vote for Romney because “He’s the most electable” without any explanation as to why he is the most electable.  I wish that people could see that you cannot carry the general election with “Elect Romney!  He’s electable!”  I haven’t met anyone who supports Romney because they like Romney.  At least the other candidates have something going for them:

Newt has raw intelligence and a great understanding of history.  He is also the best debater out there.  I don’t know of any one who hates Obama that wouldn’t pay to see a debate between Obama and Newt.  His worst problem is the fact that the media hates him and does their best to destroy him.  It’s actually a bit sickening to watch the attacks against Newt (and others such as Palin).  I don’t see how we can believe that the media is supposed to be impartial.  I go into detail that the media was infiltrated by the Left in my novel 2084, and they did that to destroy their enemies and brainwash the youth.

Santorum has a comforting blandness.  Oddly, his faith is his biggest problem.  Why is it that being religious is a problem in America?  Freedom of religion has come to mean freedom from religion.  Here again, I discuss the war on religion in 2084 because religion gives a higher law than that of the government.

Ron Paul is the most steadfastly Constitutional candidate out there.  It is a shame that we strayed from the Constitution in the 1930s.  If we hadn’t, I do not believe we would have all these problems we have now.  We would not have had the debt, the breakdown of the American family, entitlements, and the hatred of America overseas.   Unfortunately, his Constitutionality is his weakness.  By not following the Constitution for so long, we have created so many problems that going instantly back to the Constitution would be like a druggie quitting cold turkey – it might kill him.  Could you imagine if we converted to a gold standard overnight?  His biggest problem is Iran, which was also caused by our unconstitutional foreign policy.  Our only hope is to go back to the Constitution, but it must be done in the same deliberate manner as the Left used to bring us to the brink of Socialism and destruction.

Romney…has the best hair?  I really hope that gas hits over $5.00 a gallon.  He’s gonna need the help, especially when Obama declares war on Iran out of desperation to stay in office for 4 more years.

Long Live the Constitution!