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Flash Mobs and London Riots

Posted by Troy on 9th August 2011 in Current Events

Shotguns anyone? 

The mobs in London are being organized just like they were in the “Muslim Spring.”  This supports my idea that all the cute little flash mobs are really just dry runs for when the radicals call for the “revolution.”

Bear in mind: The good people far, far outnumber the bad ones.  In London, they are screwed.  They have no arms to defend themselves.  Go out and buy a twelve gauge shotgun.  A crowd of twenty people can be turned by one person with a Winchester Defender.  Just putting that out there.

Flash Mobs, Greece, Wolf Packing – Coming to a City Near You

Posted by Troy on 28th June 2011 in Current Events

We have seen the effectiveness of Facebooking in the “Muslim Spring.”  I have wondered if these are dry runs.  Now, gangs of youths are using Facebook and other media to mimic flash mobs to show up at a given store and rob it blind.  The kids are calling this “Wolf Packing.”  Finally, I look to Greece and the riots in the street.  Given the Democrats insistence that they don’t have to do anything about spending (let alone the fact that they say that cutting spending at all would be irresponsible), we are headed that way. When it comes time for us to cut “benefits” (legal theft), look for the Left to use Facebook and other ways to organize massive protests and riots to try to overthrow the system.  Go ahead and figure out what you want to do.  Thank God, I live in the country.  You people in the big cities are going to have problems.  I’d arm yourselves if I were you.