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Monsanto Protection Act

Posted by Troy on 31st March 2013 in Political

The all out assault from all fronts continues.  It’s almost impossible to keep up with everything they are doing to us.  Now, they have passed a law that basically exempts a single corporation from the legal process.  This is a result of what Dr. Ben Carson calls the “Fourth Branch of Government,” special interests.  I am already putting my endorsement on Dr. Carson for 2016.  We must end the special interests hold on America.  Also, Americans either need to educated themselves about their candidates and the issues or have the honor NOT TO VOTE.  If we disagree with me on an issue, but you do it from an informed position, fine.  However, if you have NO IDEA WHAT IS GOING ON, voting is not something to be proud of.  Instead, you are only polluting the voting process and perpetuating these corrupt and incompetent movements.

Long Live the Constitution!